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Spoilers for pretty much nothing except possibly potion recipes


Decided that the best way to forget heartbreak would be to throw Geralt into his work. So last night, cleared out nekker valley (remember when that was hard?) to get a heart so I could upgrade White Raiford’s decoction (which I absolutely adore) then did byways (FINALLY! and got a trophy for it, well deserved) and the missing caravan with the royal wyvern.

Didn’t really get a lot of themeage yet, but some similarities, so maybe once I get into the main story of what I’m now thinking of as act 4 more.

I’m probably gonna try to get in the haunted house doors slamming shut contract tonight, then we shall see. I do need some XP someday.


Yeah, throwing self into work seems like the best course of action. And yeah, White Raffard’s is the best thing ever. The only thing that kept me alive while fighting archgriffins 7 levels above me!

Toward the end I was back to pretty much only eating food and drinking water for healing when not on a big quest-related action, just because I could, but for the big stuff White Raffard’s was key. And Superior White Raffard’s! It only gets better.


Enhanced is pretty good. But I still only have two at a time. I want more! More dammit!

Buttons also talked much on Ekimara decoction, which regenerates vitality when you do damage to an enemy, which sounds pretty awesome. I just got that yesterday (see the thing in byways). Perhaps I’ll try it out.

But yeah. Food’s for walking. Potions are for battle.

In the last game, couldn’t use potions in battle. At all.


Well, you did say combat in the last game was incredibly hard and fatal. Guess they toned that down. “Hey, let’s let ’em heal in combat…that’ll make people happy.”

Yes. Yes it will.

The ekimara decoction is nice. Although I used the wraith one (I think? how soon we forget) most often: the one that automatically casts a quen on you if you take a lot of damage. It was nice for getting up a quick shield behind which I could gulp some potions and food. Towards the end you have so many of them, it’s hard to remember what they all do, and I wound up never using most of them.

Like the one that makes your mount never panic? Uh…thanks anyway. Or the one that increases something or other “while it’s cloudy.” Like I’m going to remember to think, when it’s raining, “oh, hey, better chug that foglet decoction now in case I want to improve my whatever!”

I wanted to use the potions and decoctions smartly, but in practice there were a few I’d use, or else I’d use whatever was recommended for the specific monster I was fighting, and other than that they just accumulated in my inventory and were mostly ignored. I was always excited to get the recipes and brew them, but after that? Meh. Thankfully they don’t weigh anything!


Oh lordy… I have 20 or so and I’ve never used one. That whole 100% toxicity thing. I like being able to potion it up. Even without that, I almost had to do the whole ice giant bit a second time cuz after I killed it, I was toxic and LOW on health and had to very quickly open the inventory and drink white honey. I barely made it. Remember when we were all “Why would you need white honey?” I answer “So I only had to kill the ice giant once.”

The unpanicked mount one is either nekker warrior or wyvern, cuz those were the last two I got and I just got it.


It also make you wonder how they work…. I mean…. how does the horse know?

Some, even after two games of this series, I STILL have no idea what they do. Maybe they’re awesome, but I’ll never know. Full Moon? Moribar Forest? Petri’s Philter? Got me.

I also never use Samum. But at least I know what it does.


I used Samum to destroy monster nests…until I destroyed them all, and never used it again. Well, OK, when I ran out of other bombs I tried it a few times in hopes of blinding foes, but it never seemed to do much.

I think the mount one is nekker warrior. That sounds right. It must make you emit powerful sedatives in your sweat, or something, to calm the horse. “Easy there, Roach…” [rubs sweaty hand on horse’s nose].


I got the ‘increased tolerance to toxicity’ attributes, so I could layer two decoctions and a potion at once by the end, but yeah, high toxicity is no joke. And there were a couple of times when I too had to be like “chug white honey to erase the decoctions so I can have some enchanced swallow and not die!” Turns out they put it in there for a reason.

But indeed, many of them are rather random. Literally, since there’s one that enhances a random sign, I think. And…OK? I mean…great if you want a random sign to be more powerful, but…how often does that really come up? I count never so far, but whatever. Maybe somebody loves it.

Although probably nobody ever uses half of them, and they just have so many because people like finding recipes (true!), and they can’t make anything powerful enough to unbalance the game, so they just make up weird little effects that they know no one will care about, just to add a little excitement to the occasional loot cache.


Sweaty hand on horse’s nose…I was very unlikely to use that in the first place, but you clinched it right there. Wish you could sell them.

Ooo! Increased tolerance is a thing? Ok, gotta get that. I have a bunch of points to spend….

That ‘enhancing’ one is weird. It enhances a random sign….at dusk. Because.

I also think that some people go nuts for bonuses. There’s a trophy (I won a couple last night, so I browsed) for “Have ALL FIVE place of power bonuses active at the SAME TIME.” (Caps mine) What? I’ve never had more than one. I don’t remember which one is where. But then, someone must be so into stats….

They want to add excitement to loot caches, or to bankrupt me. Though I don’t buy those recipes. And I passed on six or seven from that last one to save money. No Superior petri’s philter for me. Ah, well.


Yeah, totally get that! I maxed it out. I forget what column it’s in, but it’s handy for letting you imbibe lots of stuff.

I bought every single recipe I ever found, because I had enormous piles of money falling out of my pockets all the time. I still didn’t use half of them.

And Mr. O’ totally got that “every sign enhancement at once” trophy. I mean, the Places of Power stay marked on the map, and many of them have fast travel signposts, so it’s basically just a matter of dashing around to a whole bunch of them within 20 minutes or whatever. Better him than me, that’s all I say.


What? They most certainly do not. I just found one the other day, that was on a ledge that even Roach couldn’t run on, that you had to jump a chasm to cross. There was that one on top of the damn mountain where the hym was….


That’s some serious trophy hunting right there.

But I have the gwent ones. Ha.


I said MANY of them do. Or, you know, at least in the general area. But yeah, some of them certainly do not. I vividly remember that one out on the mountain behind the house where the hym was. Good times, almost falling to my death there…


I DID fall to my death there. Well, coming back.

Now I know why you never see trophies come up. Mr. O’s hogging them.

I got the one for lighting dragon’s dream explosions with flaming enemies last night. Boom.

And I did it in nekker valley. Satisfying.


Yeah, he definitely hogged them all. Except for finishing on Blood and Broken Bones, damn it! I earned that one.


Yeah, that’s so much better.

Unless he did it on Death March. Did he? No way he did.


No. He was thinking about it, because you have to for platinum, but I don’t know if he’ll get around to replaying it.