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Minor spoiler for Doors Slamming Shut


So just did a couple more contracts. Doors slamming shut (an elemental) and a Leshan out by some logger hut. I still feel bad killing leshans. And there isn’t much to them once you learn that you just igni, run, repeat.

But you know how we were all “Yeah, man, you never die anymore, it’s easy now?”

Three times against the elemental.

And if I hadn’t done the rather cowardly thing where I whacked it a few times, then ran out the door that was too small for it to get through to eat a 27 course meal before going back in, would’ve been more.

Two 27 course meals.

Whatchu been up to?


Yeah, I may have also run out through the too-small door to heal up a bit before going back in against that elemental. Which I also felt kind of bad about killing since it wasn’t ITS fault it was trapped in the foundations.

But it didn’t try to speak to me, so down it goes.

Really, this whole game is about the importance of communication in society. We value those with whom we can communicate, and ruthlessly mow down those whose language is alien or incomprehensible to us. This even carries over to the people with whom we COULD communicate but don’t, like randits (who could talk but instead just attack), or those with whom we can technically communicate but with whom we share no common MORAL language, like witch hunters (who are just a bunch of jerks).

I finished ‘Unfinished Swan’ (which seems wrong somehow). A fun little game, and very safe for kids. Now I’m going to to get on that expansion, once we get it downloaded and installed. Took too long to start it last night.


It was trying to get out. Geralt even said it was close. Matter of time.

And how do you know it didn’t talk? It said “urg arg.” Maybe it was speaking water hag.

Communication. I like it. I do. I need me some themes. So far, these contracts are lacking. I’ll do another one tonight or something, then forge ahead with main story tomorrow when Mrs. McP’s in class.

You are committed to that expansion, aren’t you?


Of course! I need more witchery goodness! I need to try to succeed in romance with a new love! I can’t let this go.

Plus, it’s already been purchased. Waste of good money not to play it. I don’t hold with wasting good money.


Makes sense. Carry on.