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Minor spoilers for when you talk to the emperor and then get to Kaer Morhen


I played last night! Went to get Uma, got waylaid by Imperials, didn’t tell the Emperor that I wasn’t bringing Ciri to him and took the 2000 crowns (I can always go back on my word, I hope), then off to Kaer Morhen where I really WAS going to talk to Yen but got distracted by Lambert and did his thing with the circle and the trolls and shit. Then I went to do an annoying treasure hunt for wolf gear, couldn’t find a second crystal, said fuck it why am I doing this and went back to look for Eskil.

That’s not bad.


Methinks the last act here in the love story is family. Lambert wound up being more interesting than I thought he would be. His anger at giving up his own life for his father’s in understandable. It’s interesting that he feels this real bond to the people he did the trials with (wasn’t his revenge quest about someone killing them? And he certainly is mad about those that died in the cave trials) but HATES witchers. An interesting start to “what is family? Who do I love? Why?”

On that, a line of dialog you missed:
Vessimir: “Yen started rearranging as soon as she got here. Even threw a bed off the balcony.”
Geralt: “That was a nice bed. Solid oak.”
Vessimir: “I know! I heard it was comfortable, too. I mean, Triss always said….” [Long pause, cut to Geralt giving a look] “Oh…..OH!”
Geralt: “Yeah.”
Vessimir: “So that’s it.”
Geralt: “Either that or she really doesn’t like oak furniture.”



Yeah, I heard that line. It was amusing. I like to imagine Yennefer DOES actually just hate oak furniture, because…ugh. Oak, man, am I right? You can even see the bed on the ground if you wander by there. It’s sooooooo oaky and tacky. Ha.

See, I just told the emperor I wasn’t going to bring Ciri back. I said something like “I’ll find her, but she can go where she wants.” Because…she can, I certainly wasn’t about to drag her somewhere she didn’t want to go, and anyway the last thing I needed at that point was money. I felt a little bad for the emperor, actually, in that I sympathize with a parent’s desire to find a child, but then, he’s never been much of a parent, and now…well, she’s a grown up. She can do what she wants. If that involves going back to Nilfgaard, I’ll go with her, and if not, I won’t press the issue.

But now you’re at Kaer Morhen, nice! You didn’t kill those trolls, right? Never kill trolls! Unless you have to. I always feel irritable and trapped when I have to kill trolls. Like, damn it, let me just get out of here, I don’t bear these creatures any ill will!

I thought the crystal/wolf gear bit was actually kind of interesting. Lots of tragedy. There’s a lot of unfortunate history around Kaer Morhen, Lambert’s unhappiness just the beginning.


Really? I thought that was a “she did that cuz you dissed her” line. I thought she’d all ‘I cherish your bed always.’

Hmm. I decided I didn’t want to make waves, which is how I’ve been treating the emperor all along. I have no intention of forcing Ciri to do anything, but I haven’t sneered at the emperor yet. Geralt has a history in sucking up to kings. Until he gets framed for their murders, that is.

Of course I didn’t kill the trolls! I love trolls! And if you negotiate, you get to hear more troll dialog.

Ok, see, I’d LOVE to do the tragic local story, but I could not find the second crystal. I climbed, I looked, I couldn’t even get to the yellow circle. Eventually, I wound up accidentally sliding all the way the fuck down the hill, and the dotted line told me to walk all the way to hell and gone to get back, and I said “Well, fuck that.” Where’s the second crystal?


Nah, that was just standard dialogue. Yen’s not going to cherish a bed you slept in with Triss! Even if you say you love her. She wants a brand new bed. One unsullied by the touch of any other woman.

My Geralt apparently has a history of insulting kings, given that I refused to bow the first time I met the emperor. He’s not the boss of me, man! And at this point, I just didn’t feel like lying to him, or promising something I had no intention of delivering.

Admit it, you just needed the money. It’s OK. We don’t all have my genius for accumulating randit weapons and then selling them at a small profit until eventually our worth is greater than the Shire.

The second crystal…OK, one of them is right in front of you stuck in the wall, right? The other one I think is up. Climb up the scaffolding and look around. But I swear I did that, couldn’t find it, went back down the tower to poke around, and came back and looked up on the scaffolding again and it was there, so…even if you looked there already, look again. It was a little weird.

Or don’t bother if you hate it. I mean, it’s interesting for a witcher gear quest, and there’s some history of the region, but there’s not a huge big story there or anything.


Ah. Maybe if you hadn’t told Triss you loved her the bed would’ve survived.

If she’s trashing beds that Geralt has dallied in, there’ll be no more beds in Velen.

Ah, see, I remember my days as an accused regicide (cuz I played 2). Be nice to the kings, man! Roche is watching.

But I think that 2 grand put me over 10K for the first time. I think. I feel so important.

Dude, I went up and down and up and down and around and up and down that tower like it was a cardio workout from hell. I don’t know WHAT I’m not seeing. But yes, I got the one right behind me there. It’s the second one I just can’t find.

Now I want to just cuz I’m mad.


Maybe…it’s an interesting question whether she would have been upset if I’d broken it off with Triss previously. Maybe in that case the bed would have been like a trophy.

“You may have slept with her here before, but you’re sleeping with me tonight! This bed is MY territory now!”

Although I don’t think she’s recently talked to Triss at this point, so I feel like she doesn’t know what you did or didn’t do until Triss shows up again (spoiler: Triss shows up again) and they get a chance to catch up and plot Geralt’s downfall. Probably she just hates oak furniture.


You women scare me, you do. Very territorial.

But, see, I thought the whole bed thing was cuz I broke up with her, which made sense whether or not she sees Triss, as that’s more about her. I sure hope they don’t plot my downfall. They did to you cuz you’re a cad and a rascal. Yen may plot Triss’ downfall, but hey, whatchu gonna do? At least Keira isn’t here.

Whoo hoo! More Triss!


Hey, I just said ‘maybe.’ I’m not speaking for all women, or even this particular fictional woman, since it was pure speculation. As for territorial behavior, men getting in fistfights because some other guy talked to “my” woman, or killing her and the kids when she leaves him, would suggest it’s not a gender-specific trait.

On that note, it’s interesting that Geralt has to make this choice (or not) between different women, but we never see the women making any choice between him and someone else. There’s no other guy that they’re juggling…at least, as far as Geralt knows. I guess they could each have a few extra guys on the side and we just never hear about it.

And then in the end, if you pledge love to both Triss and Yen, they choose each other over Geralt, which, honestly, is kind of sweet: friendship is more important than romance with an unreliable, drowner-brain-smelling weirdo! Plus, they probably both have those extra guys we don’t know about waiting in the wings. No loss, really.

I’m interested to see what their relationship looks like when you’ve chosen one of them. Are they still friends? Play faster! Ha.


Yeah, you’re right, I do that all the time. Anyone so much as looks at Mrs. McP, I kick his ass. No one’s doing that to my girl. No siree Bob.

We do hear that Yen was involved with Craig en Craite, or I did because I actually HEARD that dialog between Geralt and Cerys on the way back to the village (that was the “I never chose comfort and quiet” bit I already mocked you about). Women with others came up much more in 2. Indeed, it’s implied that Triss had affairs with both the king of Temeria AND Radovid’s father. And “as far as Geralt knows,” I think that’s the case. I mean, they make themselves hot for reasons, and that’s more than just getting Geralt’s attention.

And that’s cool that she and Triss are friends, but is it really friendship or mutual dislike of Geralt? One never really knows with the Lodge if they’re friends or just people with similar goals and enemies. Indeed, had we known more of Phillipa, you’d know that, lordy lordy, they do NOT all like each other. (Kinda bummed there wasn’t more of her in this one, by the way. I thought she was set up in 2 to be a big player in 3. Good character. Wonder why she fell by the wayside. Or did she? She comes up later, doesn’t she?)

I’m tryin’ to play, man, I’m trying! Am I making any progress or is the end still 241 hours away?


Of course you do! As you should.

But even if you didn’t, it’s a cultural thing–if it happened in a video game we wouldn’t be like “where the hell did that come from?” Possessiveness around one’s romantic partner is kind of a familiar concept, and known among both men and women.

Phillipa does come back. A bit. And yeah, you do get the sense that the Lodge are not all people who are the best of friends…but honestly, why would we expect them to be? They’re a political organization, really. You don’t have to be the best of friends with everyone in your organization in order to work with them.

You’re making progress! Getting to Caer Morhen is a big step. But there are still a large number of additional steps, I’m afraid. I won’t lie, there’s a lot left to do.


Man this game is LOOOOONG. Nuts. I have no earthly idea how Mr. O’ finished so fast. No idea.

We’re gonna play Fallout 4 until we ARE in the home, aren’t we?


It is. Very long. Every time it got to a point that I’d think “this must be almost over” it would throw a few more quests on.

I bet FO4 will be a snap, though. Like, zip, boom, done. Bethesda’s known for that.



Still not sick of it. Hope it never gets to that.

I’m sure Fallout will be five, six hours tops.


Yeah, that’s the thing: every time they threw on more quests I was half thinking “really, more?” and half thinking “yes, all right!”

And even the “really, more?” was because I wanted to see how the story ended, rather than because I was just tired of the game.


The ‘really more’ for me is “now I’ll never catch up.”


Well, I’m not getting any farther ahead now, so someday you will. Except the expansion is out now…so scratch that.


Yeah, but that’s all you. I don’t have time to expand this. Enjoy.


All right, then…I’ll spoil it wildly in lengthy commentaries! Once I actually get around to playing it. Which is on the schedule for a solid ‘eventually.’