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Spoilers for that quest…with the slaughtered village (Honorton)…that turns out to be…you know…


Ok, so last night just did a nice, normal, simple little sidequest. Didn’t want any heavy themes. No sir. So I did “The Beast of Honorton.” You know. The one with the other witcher. Who killed everyone. Except the girl who reminded him of his sister. With about 92 murky moral choices that kept me up at night. That one. Something light.

Fuck this game sometimes.

So I’ll just give it over to you first today: What did you do with all that?


Yeah, that whole thing was a bad scene. I let the guy go, though.

I mean, I don’t hold with slaughtering an entire village. No way. I don’t. And yet, they had tried to cheat him and kill him, so it wasn’t entirely unprovoked, even though his reaction was definitely beyond reasonable retaliation. I mean, killing a few of them in self-defense as he escaped, sure. It happens. They were basically randits at that point, and I’ve lost count of the randits I’ve killed in self-defense. Or because they annoyed me with their pathetic attacks. Whichever.

I would even have felt he was owed the option to rob the whole town blind on his way out…although it’s also fair to note that there’s a good chance the villagers genuinely were too poor to pay him, and only hired him under the false pretenses of having money because they were desperate to be rid of the monster. When you have to get rid of a monster and monster-slaying is a business, you have to hire the monster slayer even if, in the end, you don’t actually have the money.

But there are so few witchers left! Possibly because everyone hates us because we slaughter entire villages. Regardless, I just couldn’t bring myself to kill him.

So I told him to move along, or whatever, and took the girl to her last remaining relative, and gave the woman some money so she could actually feed the kid.

Then I went and found the witcher’s lair and took his loot, which was not particularly interesting, but I certainly didn’t think HE deserved to keep it.


No shit? As soon as I did that whole “Not my place to judge you” I thought “Ah ha! Another way Femmy and I are playing it differently.” I must say I am surprised.

It was unreasonably retaliation on his part. Women and children, man? Hmm.

But he did say it wasn’t the cheating, that happens (Why yes, yes it does) but the fact they tried to KILL him, which I do believe cuz barn/blood was consistent with his claim. Makes sense.

And I empathized.

Ok, so we both let him go, but here’s the thing: Did you tell her a witcher did it? Cuz I did. I took a long time deciding that one, though. I figured, if I tell her, bad PR. If I don’t tell her, well, another reason people hate witchers. Tough one.

Now, he told her “Only food. If I come back and find you drinking…..” did you go back? Cuz that’s the sort of crap this game does. Go back, find the kid starved and the shelves packed with Temerian Rye. I don’t want to go back.

I did, too. But did you look at the trophies? Cuz I did. And wasn’t going to lose that much sleep, until I looked at the damn trophies. And, just like that, the last thing before the “FWAA! quest completed” is the thing that makes me lose sleep.

Why did I look at the trophies?


No, I haven’t been back. Maybe now that I’ve got the expansion! Or not.

See, Mr. O’ fought him and killed him. Apparently he’s the one among us who ACTUALLY has a problem with slaughtering entire villages. You and I are opposed to it in principle, sure, but when it comes right down to it…I mean, unfortunate things happen, bad behavior on both sides, we’ve all done things while in a berserker rage that we later regret, right? Etc.

Mr. O’ should be the one blogging. But he’s too busy with work or staying up all night playing or whatever.

I think I didn’t say it was a witcher. Avoiding the bad PR, you know. It could have been any sort of bloodthirsty monster! Heaven knows there are enough of them out there.

“Did I look at the trophies.” Ha. Why do you even bother to ask these questions? I think the only time I’ve ever looked at trophies was to bask in the glow of platinum when we got it in Skyrim. And that’s why I can still sleep at night.


Best not to go back. The less you know in the game, the happier you are.

Mr. O’s doing it right, he is. His baron lived, his horse thing didn’t go all nuts…. he probably somehow banged them both in the threesome scene. Magic touch, he’s got.

But yeah. If you actually play games you have no time to blog about them.

Not THOSE trophies. The trophies the cat witcher had in his loot lair…..the heads…..you didn’t, did you?


Oooooohhh…I see. THOSE trophies? I guess I must not have. Either that or I was in a hurry and I was like “yeah yeah, heads, whatever, who among us doesn’t keep a few of those around to brighten up the underground lair?”

Were they HUMAN heads? Ew. Well, thanks for ruining my rest too.

So once again we spared someone because they talked to us (essentially), and once again it came back to bite us, and this time the monster was one of our own!


No, see, it was ambiguous. Wonderfully so. He has these three mounted monster heads. Geralt checks them says, “Hmm….alghoul…waterhag….nekker….wonder why he didn’t turn these in for payment. Maybe those villagers cheated him, too?” Boom. The end. Just leaves it there. And he even phrases it as a question. So you never know. Did cat guy do this before? More than once? Or not? We’ve seen mounted heads other places. Just a question, boom. Quest completed. You never know if you spared a witcher who shares your frustrations or a repeat killer. You never know if he was a monster or not.

This game, man.


Oh, yeah, I do remember that. I think I chose to think something like “OK, Geralt, and how many nekkers, water hags and alghouls have YOU killed just because they were in your way, and you didn’t have a contract to turn them in for?” and to ignore the question.

Sure, mounting heads isn’t my thing, but if it were, Geralt could collect his share of trophies from random monsters he’s met along the way, no contract involved.

But obviously I didn’t want to grapple with the potential guilt if this IS just some guy who gets his kicks from slaughtering entire villages of people who don’t pay him, since I brushed over that potential interpretation.

Although really, to argue my position, even if we assume that the trophies DO represent other people who cheated him, it’s going a bit far on limited evidence to also assume that he killed everyone in all of the villages involved. Maybe he just walked off in a huff with the trophies all those other times, and only snapped and killed everyone this time because they locked him in a barn and plotted to kill him. As you say, it’s very ambiguous.

I mean, I’m not arguing that he COULDN’T have done this before, but I think it’s vague enough that we needn’t be wracked with guilt about it. Any more than we already were, I mean, given the whole “slaughtered an entire village” thing, which we’ve already established we both strongly disapprove of in principle.


You mean you brushed over the interpretation that Geralt wondered out loud?

This is why you sleep better than I do. But yes, one interpretation is that he’s just a proud witcher. And one isn’t.

Which is so cool.

Very ambiguous, though. Maybe he just wanted 5% more XP from non humans. Ha.

This game and its guilt trips. At least for us. Mr. O’s world turned out covered in wine and roses.


Sometimes I’m not in the mood to grapple, OK?

Mr. O’ still wound up getting caught by the Threesome of Punishment, so it wasn’t all flowers and sunshine. Other than that I guess he did all right, unless he killed the cat witcher (which he did) and the cat witcher in fact ISN’T a repeat murderer. Although I suppose even if this is the first time he’s done that, he doesn’t NOT deserve to die.

Perhaps the safest course, really, would have been to kill him. We don’t know his past exploits for sure, but his recent ones are bad enough. Oh well. I let him go.

Speaking of letting people go, did you ever find that random guy you can stumble across, who’s been tied up on the water’s edge and left for the drowners? I let him go. Guess what happened.


Uh….not yet. Now I’ll kill him. Safer.


Well, he didn’t turn out to be a witcher who’s responsible for the deaths of multiple villages, so there’s that. But yeah, you could really just leave him for the drowners. Although you’ll feel bad about it.