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No particular spoilers


Been playing Mad Max; it’s… fine? Does everything decently well, but nothing really is standing out for me.

Following up on some of the posts:

Potions and Decoctions:
I generally never used any of them except for thunderbolt and the rare Ekimmara. I never used White Raf; I relied on the food items.

At the end of my time with the Witcher, I used a good chunk of my money purchasing ingredients for potions I was missing, and a lot on some of the alcohols necessary as well, until I had created every potion and decoction except for Succubus and Doppler. BTW; if you find a merchant who sells, for example, only one cherry cordial, purchase it, back out of the buy screen to the conversation screen, and then select buy/sell again. During the fade to black the merchant will have gotten another cherry cordial out of the back and you can buy it again. Do this a number of times and you’ll have all the cherry cordial you need.

Kid doesn’t want to be king:
I had issues with the Werewolf in the garden as well, although I did manage to complete it before returning to the garden with Yen. The lever for the water gate worked fine for me.
I, as well, did Cerys and the master armorer almost back to back. And foreshadowing can come from anywhere.

Actually, I don’t really have anything to add here, aside from I agree with not really wanting to see Ciri nude. I did, however, choose the conversation option that indicated she preferred the company of women… and nothing ever seemed to come of that. Which I thought was odd considering the stunted semi-romance she had with… the dead dude Yen resurrected temporarily.

I as well told Yen I didn’t love her and thought that the sitting together for a while was a nice touch. Time together to mourn the past and reconcile one’s choices for the future. I did it because I had Geralt tell Triss he loved her in Novigrad and I didn’t want to chase two threads. I figured Geralt makes choices all the time, for better or for worse, and he wouldn’t waffle on this one so I chose. And after Yen did… something… to Geralt at Kaer Morhen, I said ‘fuck Yen’; she did something that confirmed my choice of Triss.

As for why we care… playing games is a shared experience. Whether you’re in MP sharing it with other people, or in SP sharing it with, well, the game, it’s still a shared experience because multiple people have it regardless of MP or SP. We’re sharing our experience with the Witcher, after all. And what is the human experience other than sharing it with other people. The game was deft enough to draw us in with what feels like meaningful characters, choices, and interactions and therefore creates an even better shared experience compared to something more simplistic like pac-man or similar.

That’s about all I got for now. I’m looking forward to talking a little about the end with you two.


Ah, you never killed a succubus or doppler either, eh? We’re too softhearted to be potion completionists! But yeah, food items were my main HP replenishment just wandering about. I’d use potions for big fights, but I kind of liked the idea of eating and drinking as one goes about the normal course of business. Felt ‘real,’ you know. Plus, there were so many entertaining kinds of food and drink, it was sort of fun just to work through them, even if it didn’t really make much difference in practical terms.

I did start selling off beer, because aside from that one adventure with Keira early on, I never got desperate enough to start chugging beer for healing. And at non-healing times, the effects were just kind of annoying.


Except for the shanties.


Well, yes. The shanties and the drunken calls to sorceresses were effects that made every drop of booze worthwhile.