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No spoilers


Played a little, and by played a little I mean died a lot.

I think this game is harder than other fallouts. Maybe it’s me getting used to the controller, but there have been some bits that just plain kick my ass.

That being said, remember yesterday when I said I was underarmored? I figured that would come back to haunt me sooner or later, and it turned out to be sooner. I gotta tinker. I don’t think I tinkered enough early on.

At least the load screens are quicker than in The Witcher 3.

As for you, seriously. Go do Concord. Trust me.


The controller does take some getting used to, doesn’t it? I swear in Skyrim ‘sneak’ was the OTHER side, so I keep hitting the wrong one. And it’s obviously not TW3, so all those habits, which have served me so well for lo these 700 hours, have to be unlearned.

Note to self: armor.

I’ll go to Concord, or the Concord area, if only to try to find and scrap your house. But yesterday was Mr. O’s day. He was looking at the map trying to figure out roughly where our house would be, so if I can, I’ll eventually try to find and scrap that too. It was built in 1900, so assuming the timelines were the same until after WWII, it could TOTALLY be there according to the game’s logic. Unless someone in FO-verse tore it down and replaced it with something else…or it was inside the blast radius…or any one of a number of scenarios. But the important thing is, it COULD be.

When was YOUR house built?


Yeah, that’s always an issue with switching from game to game. I swear, Key/Mouse controls had more consistency. Space bar=jump (except fucking Mass Effect.) Here, who knows! Maybe X! Maybe Triangle! Whatever!

And dude, armor is key. I was lulled into a sense of false security, so I was like “Pfft! I’m fine no I’m not.”

Oh stop. You’ll go to Concord cuz you HAVE to. That and it has THEMES, dude. This area is steeped in themes.

By the way, without spoiling, I have heard that Malden Middle School is a rather important location. Haven’t found it yet. But it’s there.

My house was 1970. And it’s a ranch. Just like Jessica’s.

I’ll save you a spot in the vault.


Hm…Malden doesn’t have a middle school in this reality (YET), but I’m glad somewhere in my neck of the woods will get some recognition. I’ll plan to establish the best damn settlement in the world there. Assuming it’s not already ruled by angry middle schoolers, which it probably is.


Wait, what? Where are Malden kids gonna go for grades 6-8?

I’d rather deal with bloatflies than middleschoolers.


They’re K through 8, dude. And then the high school, obviously. Integration!

I mean, plus side, you get settled into one bus route and you’re good basically forever. Simple. Minus side, I don’t know, I suppose you have your kindergartners buying cigarettes and booze from the 8th graders, but, you know, they’re going to find it somewhere regardless. There’s only so much that can be done, so my rule of thumb is to just give up immediately.


That’s probably wise. I mean, my kids are watching fallout and they’re ok. Right? RIIIIGHT?


Your kids are totally fine. Fallout is no problem whatsoever. If anything, they’ll pick up useful skills, like basic shelter construction and various ways to cook giant bugs. That could come in handy at any moment.

Give up immediately. My parenting motto.


That and a vast depth of knowledge of 1950s music. Useful.

I’m impressed. Only took you one kid to get there. We tried for a good two years into the second one.