No particular spoilers: notes about the importance of radio stations


I miss PC gaming. “The Teletubbies Opening, in GTA V.”

You gonna play some Fallout or not? Cuz we have to get back to this. Play, dammit!!!!

Though I did notice something from our brief foray into FO4: Every time we play a game (at the same time) you inevitably have a line to the extent of “I think it’s taking me longer to warm up to it than you.” Seriously. It’s a pattern. You take a while to really embrace a game. Why so cynical, femmy?


I will play, I will, but…kid, bedtime, blah.

Mr. O’s loving it! If we could only get him to blog. He’ll talk about his settlements. He’s really into building settlements.

But what can I say, I’m a cynic. Games have to win me over–I don’t just fall in love at first sight.

Also, in this case and with the Witcher, you were ALREADY in love with previous versions, so you’re kind of starting from a more positive point.

Me, I’d never witchered before and only played New Vegas for Fallout, and New Vegas was…enh. Fine, we had some good times, I was happy to hang out, but I never did totally LOVE it.

I’m trying to think of something that I loved but you didn’t, but…well, OK, there’s Assassin’s Creed, but the ones I really loved (2 and Brotherhood), you never played, so it’s hard to compare.

I loved DAO before you did, although mostly because I played it first. If we’d been playing simultaneously, you might have been all “Wow, this is great!” while I was still “I don’t know…I haven’t figured out how to walk without bumping into walls yet…not sure how I feel about this ‘video game’ thing.” Given that it was the first game I ever played. I did love it pretty damn fast, though. Man, I loved that game.

It was like,
Mr. O’: Hey, I bought a PS3, want to play this game?
Me: [Skeptically] I guess I’ll give it a try…[20 minutes later] I must play this all night forever.

Also ME2, which was basically the same thing in space. LOVED instantly.

I think in some ways all games in my life thereafter are being measured against DAO’s bar: Do I want to play it all night forever after 20 minutes? If not, I’m withholding judgement.


Dude, my kids have seen so much of this game Butch Jr. has insisted on filling up his music thingy with the Andrews sisters and Danny Kaye. Play with the kid. Or at least with the kid nearby. Hasn’t fucked Baby McP up yet.

Settlements are pretty zen. I’m not sure what the point is quite yet, but building them is rather addictive even if you don’t know why. You’ll get there soon.

It is true that my gaming past has set me up to fall in love sooner. Witcher, yes, Fallout for sure (FONV was good but not as good as the numbered ones by a damn sight), and I probably would have fallen for DAO before you had we played together cuz I knew Bioware from Baldurs Gate.

Judging by DAO’s bar isn’t exactly fair. High bar, that.

Who told you to play?? Did Mr. O’ say “hey you’d dig this” or were you just bored one night?


Mr. O’ decided to buy the PS3, I think partly because we weren’t playing tabletop games anymore (because somehow all our friends never had any time because of children or something, cough cough), and I was like “meh, whatever, aren’t video games for antisocial weirdos or something? but if that’s what you want to do…” and he said “we could both enjoy it–I got this game you might like, it’s supposed to be sort of like D&D,” and I said, “I guess I’ll TRY it…”

And here we are.

Sadly without the awesomeness of Teletubbie GTA 5, but we do OK.


Games ARE for anti social weirdos! The truth hurts.

The sheer amount of free time people have astounds me. People have already done other shit like recreating the theme from Arthur (which was creepy as hell).

And DAMN the mods that are already out for FO4. Some useful (they just did one that let’s you see what you’re actually going to say instead of just “sarcastic” or something. Geralt could have used that, too), some rather dedicated (some guy made the dog HIS dog. Damn) and then the nude ones. Plural.


It’s true, in retrospect “video games are for antisocial weirdos” was really my own way of hinting to myself that I should start playing immediately.


Indeed. I mean, we are asocial to the point where we have been friends nearly two decades, we live within ten miles of each other, and we just can’t be bothered to actually see each other.

Cuz that would interfere with games.


Hey, we see each other…once a year? That’s plenty sociable. I don’t know what sort of freakish human-contact-needing mutant would feel the need to push things any more than that. Assuming tabletop role playing games aren’t involved.


Indeed. Good friends? Once a year. Family? Preferably less.

So a spoiler free tip (that you’re not gonna like): Fallout games of late have radio stations. Remember Big Iron? Of course you do. Well, you’ve probably figured out that there’s Diamond City Radio, and it has catchy tunes and an amusing DJ.

Well, I also found out last night it has some plot points.

So you have to not only listen, but pay attention.

I know it’s hard for you, but I’m here, and I support you.


Oh, dude, I don’t like that, because I haven’t even figured out how to turn the radio on. I go to ‘radio’ on the pip boy, and it’s just…nothing. I can’t seem to tune it. TELL ME HOW TO TUNE MY RADIO! So that I can miss important plot points on purpose instead of by accident.


At this point, you probably have two stations, Diamond City and Classical. Just click on one like you’re equipping a gun. Boom. Tunes. And plot.

And keep an eye on the upper left there, cuz sometimes you’ll pick up, then lose, a signal depending on if you’re close. Plot and even quests there, too.

Speaking of which, there’s an annoyance that stuff pops up in the upper left that you need to see, like “acquired whatever” or “so and so liked that,” but that’s also where trophies pop up, and there’ve been a couple of times when a trophy has covered up something. Bad planning, that.


Happily for me, Mr. O’ plays ahead of me and gets all the trophies, so this will never be a problem.

All right, I’ll give the radio a try. And then continually think “wait, what was that on the radio? should I have heard that?”


There’s an entire quest line early on that starts with you picking up a signal you have to actively turn to to get the quest.

You’ve been warned.