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Some minimal spoilers and general chatter


I played, but didn’t do much. I’m edging towards the ‘kill raiders in the Corvega plant’ mission, and wound up in Charlestown. I killed a Legendary Raider, with much assistance from Codsworth (he’ll get right into melee, which is great, since I can then hang back and shoot at people). Got what I think was called a Dandy Chest Piece from him, although I don’t know what it does, because I then spent the rest of the evening getting killed by something, reloading and running off to avoid that thing and getting killed by something else…repeat. I found the U.S.S. Constitution!–but before I could check it out I was killed by a mine. It was too close to bedtime to try again.

So yeah, didn’t really accomplish much.

Oh, and that ‘Butcher Pete’ song is REALLY disturbing.


Ok, so when you die and die and die and die, that’s the game saying “Dude, go ELSEWHERE cuz you’re not supposed to be HERE yet.” Just because you can go everywhere doesn’t mean you should. Especially as this game has themes and story and stuff, unlike Skyrim.

Like say the BROTHERHOOD. Just sayin’.

Butcher Pete is awesome. And progressive! “But when they went to pay his bail/they found him chopping on his cellmate.” Seriously, a gay sex reference in the 40s? Way to go, Roy Brown.

He looooooves that meat!

In FO3, I heard that song on the radio while standing in a cannibal family’s butcher shop. Ah, good times.

In other radio things, have you heard yourself be mentioned on the radio yet? Cuz we gotta talk on that.

Me, I tried totally unsuccessfully to find the storm shelter. I found a yellow house with a tree up against it, and ran all around under and through it, but nada. Then Garvey was all “Hey, if we clear this site of hostiles, maybe we could build a settlement there” so I was all “Dude we JUST DID! Had the hippie robot? Remember?” Nothing. So I go, and it turns out that the way you attract new folks isn’t with tatoes, it’s with “recruitment beacons.”

How these beacons recruit good guys and not bad guys, I can’t say, cuz I build one, then needed a generator, and was ONE DAMN GEAR SHORT! Jessica can repair a suit of power armor she’s never even heard of with a box of Abraxo cleaner, but can she make a GEAR? No. So I got pissed, and decided to slouch off towards the quest I have marked (bunch of raiders in a clothes shop on Newbury street, on the way to Diamond City), and decided to take Kotaku’s advice and walk it instead of fast traveling, and, what do you know? You DO find some cool shit! If you are willing to look out for graffiti and fires and stuff.

So I found these raiders that were all encamped up on that elevated highway, and fought them, and it was a good, well designed two level fight with an elevator, got to use the sniper laser rifle I got from the BROTHERHOOD (hint hint) and there was mad loot and a cool screenshot I sent you.

And….here’s the thing….totally unmarked on the map. No icon, no ding, no indication it was there until you tripped over it. So maybe we should walk more.

All right, going to accomplish something. Household tasks go faster if you’re humming “he’s hacking he’s whacking he’s packing……”


Dude, I’m TRYING to go elsewhere. Hence the “everytime I get killed, I run off…until I hit something else that kills me.” I’m not intentionally going back into fights that are overpowered for me, I just can’t seem to find a way out of freaking Charlestown. (How many times have those words been uttered?)

And I’m trying to walk more, you know, instead of just fast-traveling (plus I can’t fast-travel to the Corvega plant anyway because I haven’t discovered it yet).

Recruitment beacons! Interesting. I think I built one of those, actually, because I was messing around with the workshop and thought ‘what’s this? I’ll make one.’ But I built it in Sanctuary, where I already have people settled, so it probably doesn’t do much. Unless there’s an advantage to attracting more people to an existing settlement, which there may be. I think there were only five of those guys, right? Although I had to build six beds to keep them happy.

They could probably use a few more hands around the place, but next time I’m there maybe I’ll take the beacon apart and build it in Feelgood Park or whatever that hippie robot place is called. Mr. O’ is already working on setting up trade caravans between his settlements and stuff. It’s serious business.


Maybe we can change the rules here: I say that fast traveling is a ok if a) you’re out of like, everything and/or b) you’ve stumbled into a place that is obviously a place of death and no themes and it’s time to go elsewhere.

Or your blogmate is sick of you NOT FINDING THE THEMES!

I digress.

AH, you took the “I’ll just build whateverthefuck.” I stuck with things I understood, like, machine gun turret. Take that, raiders.

Oh, right, you can take shit apart. Maybe THAT’S how I’ll find a gear. But you know what? I don’t have copper. Cuz I build a damn generator in sanctuary, then I couldn’t connect the damn spotlight.

Mr. O’ likes this aspect to the game….why?


Well, he also likes Minecraft. So he likes building things in general. And some people are into resource management games. It’s…a thing, I guess. I dunno. I’ve barely gotten to it.

Although from a sort of theme-y standpoint, I do like the idea of you being able to actually do something useful in this irradiated future.

Helping people makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Plus, then I can exploit their talents and resources for my own benefit.


Well, that just summed up every game we’ve ever played. And most of our outside game lives as well.

When Kotaku reviewed it, they always say “Type of Game” and called this one “Post Apocalyptic Inventory Management.” Which is sorta true….

I’ve sort of become the strange wasteland Santa Claus. Instead of taking cookies and leaving presents, I take ammo and stimpacks and leave dirty denim dresses.

Dude, seriouslike, will you PUH-LEEEEZ do the Brotherhood bit? Please? With sprinkles?


That’s true, that basically sums up every game we play.
“Help me!”
“Here’s a reward!”
“OK. And if I come back later, you’ll buy all my stupid heavy loot, right?”

One is rarely faced with the less rewarding option to do the right thing and help people who then don’t give you anything. I mean, even when we help ragged peasants, they scrape together some sort of reward. Maybe turning down the reward should be an option more often than it is, and should mean more than it usually seems to.

Sometimes you could do it in TW3 (and I’ve already seen “I didn’t do it for the money” as a conversation option in FO4), but you never got the sense that the game particularly noticed. Although it may have had some background impact on how likely people were to say nice things about you, as opposed to spitting at you as you passed.

And then again, I suppose complaining about not being RECOGNIZED for doing a good deed is just another form of complaining about not being REWARDED for doing a good deed. In-game, recognition is a reward. (Out of game too, of course. I mean, it’s a nice gesture to donate a few million dollars to the arts, and who doesn’t like to have a wing of the museum named after them as a result?) Obviously, as born paragons we should be doing good deeds purely for the satisfaction of knowing that we’ve done them.

But that would be a weird game. I mean, games at base are all about getting some reward (points or whatever) for some action. Expecting you to perform actions that don’t have any noticeable result is kind of counter to the whole idea. More an interesting social experiment than a game, at that point.


With the occasional
“Help me!”
“Why? I already have too much loot.”
“Cuz I’ll sleep with you!”
“Where’d you say those monsters were?”

Thing is, we never take the “not for the money” option, so how would we know? We’d never know, would we?

I’d be perfectly happy playing a game that did not recognize my every deed. It would be interesting!

And probably very easy to platinum……


Hey, speak for yourself. I turned down the reward pretty much every time the option came up in TW3, and once already in FO4.

I keep waiting for someone to acknowledge my selflessness. Possibly with a wing at a museum named after me.


How come I haggled, you didn’t, and you wound up with like 24 times the gold as I did?

Life’s unfair.


I haggled, sometimes. When I got quests directly from people instead of just stumbling across them in the middle and going back to whomever to say “oh, hey, I killed your monster.” I keep telling you, it’s all about collecting and selling vast quantities of cheap weaponry. There’s a bottomless market for that stuff in a war-torn, monster-infested world.

But in this game, I’m not going to care as much about loot! I swear! We’ll both wind up with an equally pathetic accumulation of caps.


I just spent a whole mess of caps on fusion cores. The horror of running out of power armor juice in the middle of something….that was a horror I need never have again.


Very good. That’s a practical use of riches.

That and bobby pins, if anyone sells bobby pins.