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No particular spoilers for anything recognizable


Well, that sure sucked.

Binge played and did very little. I built some settlement stuff (doing what Garvey tells you and having it be questy is very good for the XP), then did super duper mart for the melons, and then decided to truck off to the next quest marker, which is killing dudes for some settlement in an apparel shop in Boston. On the way, got into some fights and found a hospital….. and, as I was damaged…..

So it was full of raiders! And loot! And some creepy story stuff! But it was a MAZE. A fucking maze. Got lost a bunch, and I then…. then I got to the end…the end where right behind that door would be the story payoff….the loot payoff….freedom…..

And Garvey goes “What’s that?” and I say “Wha?” and he says “DEATHCLAW! GIVE IT EVERYTHING YOU’VE GOT!” Well, everything I’ve got basically amounted to a not too annoying paper cut. Several times. And is there a way to sneak around the thing? Why no.

So I had to backtrack all the way the fuck BACK through the fucking maze. Which took me forever.

Then I just rather huffily found the apparel store and called it a day.

So…. close……


Yeah, playing but getting little done sounds about like my evening. It’s so easy to wander around and do a lot of stuff that keeps you busy but, at the end of the day, doesn’t advance any particular story.

Deathclaw. Shudder. I had power armor on last time I saw one, and it still took me multiple tries (and eventually hiding in a bus shelter so it couldn’t quite get a good grip on me) to kill it.

I’ll be on the lookout for the apparel store. As soon as I get done with the Corvega plant. Which will be in approximately 15 game sessions at this rate. I DO like doing settlement stuff when Garvey tells me to, though–you’re right, the XP is well worth it.


A fucking deathclaw. After a big load of not too too tough raiders. There was nothing in there that said “Uh, before you go through this immense, confusing maze of a hospital, you might want to be prepared for something big, like, not gonna SAY deathclaw…..but deathclaw.” I HATE it when quests or whatever do that. I liked the witcher way. The red skull. The tip that “Hey, man, the first couple of steps, kill a wolf, see some clues, sure, easy, but dude, trust me, this ends hard.”

I could have USED THAT SHIT last night, Bethesda.

I did finally connect the recruitment beacon. I got MAD XP and two dudes showed up. And the broadcast was really well voice acted. I’ll let you discover that. Worth a listen.

Oh and I found Walden Pond! And that audio tour made me laugh out loud cuz the real place is SO like that. “Please buy our books and trinkets about a life without books or trinkets!”

Someone who made this game has been to that gift shop and has been waiting to make that social comment for YEARS.


Sharp social commentary! It’s the best. I think I may have looted a trinket, too, although I can’t remember if I actually found anything worth taking there or not.

Yeah, the level-coding for entire quests was a nice touch in the Witcher. This is more just “wander around, tackle whatever you find, and if you get horribly killed I guess it was too tough for you.” Which, no argument, definitely gets the point across, but it takes more time.


Yeah, but game, dude, don’t let me start something I can’t even hope to finish. Especially when getting OUT is such a chore.

I didn’t take much, as it had a locked door I couldn’t do cuz I’m not expert. That’s two now, and a terminal I’ve found. I gotta remember all this. But I won’t. Oh, three, if I count the one in Vault 111.



Oh, man, I don’t even want to think about all the locked doors and safes and suitcases I’m going to have to go back to later (and never will, because I won’t remember where any of them are).


Dude I found one on the very edge of a bridge, away from a raider camp, hidden, in one of those “not on the map” places. It’s expert. There’s gotta be something truly awesome in there.

Or not. Watch, I’ll think about it for months, go back, and it’ll be a stimpack.


You will! It will haunt you, and then turn out to be a nice set of Raider Leather, which you outgrew 20 levels ago. Or possibly some bobby pins. Sometimes they throw a few bobby pins into things with locks, as if to say “in case you broke a bunch getting in here, have these!”


That’s always a nice touch.

I always get the image of a raider who’s having the same reaction as I have when I lock the keys in the car.

“Now where did I put that bobby pin……..shit.”



“Damn it, Fred, did you lock all the bobby pins in the safe again?”