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Very minor spoilers about vault 81 in Fallout 4. Some mild general spoilers for Fallout: New Vegas. So many memories!


I nosed around vault 81 for a while. I’m in the hole in the wall now.

So I forget: how big a part did vaults play in new Vegas? What do you know about them? Cuz they were big in three and my memories are blurring together.


I’m in the hole in the wall too! Fending off molerats and collecting too much/too heavy loot.

Vaults existed in FONV, and there were a few side quests about them, like the one where you had to go into that vault that was all overgrown with plants and look for…whatever. And then there was the one that was flooded and you had to hunt around under the radioactive water, and the one that was super tragic, where the hopeful inhabitants had cheerfully opened it up and then immediately been slaughtered by FONV’s version of raiders.

So they were there, but they didn’t play a significant role in the main story. They were more just around, since the PC hadn’t come from one in that game and wasn’t any more interested in them than in any other structure that needed to be explored and looted.


This being in the same place as you is weird. We NEVER do this. Something is off with the universe.

Ah. Ok. So you don’t have the vault history I do. We’ll talk. Later. Cuz I know stuff you don’t know. I think.

Hoping to binge play tonight. Maybe Diamond City. Though probably not.


Yeah, I don’t have extensive vault background given FONV’s lack of special interest in them. You can fill me in on important plot points. I didn’t play last night, but it will be my turn at the console tonight, so maybe we will both be exploring the hole in the wall AT THE SAME TIME.

Possibly the universe will collapse.


Well, it’s part of the lore that Vault Tec wasn’t just in the business of building vaults. Each vault was designed to be some sort of psychological or medical experiment. (This isn’t really a spoiler, given what Vault 111 was.) Each was different. In FO3, there’s a LOT of vaults, each one more sadistic/awful than the last. It’s unclear if the founder of Vault Tec was just a psychopath, or if he was working for some other heretofore undetermined power that be. So, if you’re a seasoned player, every time you enter a new vault there’s a sense of “ok….what don’t I know about the awfulness of this place?”

(There’s always been a lot of “Is science good?” stuff in these games.)


I did get that each vault is a different science experiment–I think you stumble on that in the early text somewhere, maybe on one of the terminals before we even got out of vault 111.

Ours was ‘unexpected cryosuspension,’ and I guess 81 is ‘responses to viral outbreaks’…interesting experiments, you know, only horrifically unethical. But I guess if you have the money and the bomb-proof shelter you can do what you want. Is Vault Tec totally defunct, or have we ever heard that it still exists in some form? Maybe still trying to collect data from its experiments or something?


It’s unclear. In three you meet someone in the excellent side quest Tranquility Lane who may or may not be the founder of vault Tec who is torturing people by making them live in a twisted suburban black and white hell. But she’s a seven year old girl avatar, so who knows?

You’re a kid in that one, too. Best side quest I’ve ever played.

So maybe the founder is under Washington. Or not.

And there’s something about the relationship between Vault Tec and Rob Co, but I forget what that is.


Ah yes, RobCo. Maker of every terminal ever. Internet says RobCo developed the Pip-Boy for Vault Tec, and also reminds me that the founder, Robert House, basically ran New Vegas. Oh yeah…that guy. So if he could be a shriveled wreck kept alive for 200 years by technology, no reason the founder of Vault Tec couldn’t be too!


Oh right that guy. I killed that guy. And I stranded the possible founder of Vault Tec alone in suburbia. I’m nasty.

Terminals, pip boys and protectrons. Don’t forget them.


I…didn’t kill him, but locked him in a box forever? Is that right? No, maybe I did kill him, because locking him in a box forever seemed too cruel. I can’t go back and look at what I said about it on the blog, because we didn’t start until after. But there’s always the email…

OK, I said:

Then went back to talk to Mr. House, who ordered me to get rid of the Brotherhood…so I killed Mr. House instead, because I like them a little more than him even though I don’t support their “keep all the tech for ourselves” goals. I felt kind of dirty afterwards, though. House is such a helpless wreck down in his little pod. Plus it seemed a shame to destroy such a long-standing institution, you know? Mr. House, whatever his numerous flaws, MADE New Vegas. Gotta give him props for that. And then shoot him repeatedly in the chest.

So at the time I was THINKING about him being locked in a box (since that was his state of existence), but that didn’t actually factor into my decision. I just liked the Brotherhood better (probably because of Veronica), which is interesting since right now I don’t really like them at all.

Protectrons! When I get the chance, I like to activate them, but set them in “medical responder” mode so I don’t have to fight them. At first I hoped they’d heal me that way, but now it just amuses me slightly.


You save the old emails? What are you, a librarian?

I do the medical thing too! Don’t like to fight robots who are just doing their job.

See? Told you the brotherhood was complex.


I have vast files of old emails. Because you never know. At one point we were talking about retroactively blogging the stuff we talked about before we started the actual blog, but…that’s never going to happen. It’s like games we’ll never play: games we played but will never blog. Even though we were clearly just as witty then as we are now, so the world is missing out on millions of words of insightful analysis.

Yeah, I remember liking Veronica and by extension being generally in favor of her organization (because she’s cool, so she must hang with cool people), and then having that complicated when we actually visited their stronghold, and going a bit off the Brotherhood because, well, the “keep all technology for ourselves” thing. Also at one point a bunch of them tried to kill me for some reason I’m not sure I was clear on even at the time, and which I certainly don’t recall now. I could dig into the old emails, but, meh. The search feature is not very good.

If I get the chance, I also like to deactivate turrets but leave them functional. You never know when I might want to come back and take over that building and turn on the turret to hassle my enemies! Plus, as you say, robots just doing their job.


Yeah, cuz Veronica was getting too “out there,” so they tried to stop her and bring her home and bad things happened. She wound up quitting or being an outcast or something lonely in my game. Saddened me. She was cool.

They are a complicated lot. I mean, in three, they basically saved Washington by making the Potomac pure and getting water to everyone, which was a pretty cool thing to do. But then….they are kinda a selfish militaristic bunch.


And robots are rather charming. They have a rather bubbly personality.

Talk nicely and live, people. And robots.


Yeah, no one is really all awesome. The Brotherhood is good and bad, the New California Republic in NV was good and bad, Mr. House was effective and somewhat useful and bad…Caesar’s Legions were just bad, though. Not a lot of shading on those guys.


Nope. That was the only game in which they appeared. Much argument as to whether they’re even canon.

NCR was cool cuz you help found them in one, then they get all grey.


Caesar’s Legions had a cool name and some fun outfits. That’s about all they had going for them. And I’m very forgiving (I slept with Benny, after he shot me in the head and left me in a shallow grave, and didn’t even try to kill him!), but for me, that just wasn’t enough.

I mean, first time you hear of them it’s coming into a burned town decorated with dying crucifixion victims (that you can neither save nor put out of their misery), and honestly, it’s just hard to overlook that. And the game never really even tried to make a case for them…it wasn’t like there was a moment of “well, they do crucify random townsfolk, but also they run a no-kill animal shelter and believe in sharing technology with the masses (or those members of the masses that they don’t crucify)!”

Just bad, those fellows. I guess when you think about it, they were just raiders with fancier clothes and a catchier name. They’re here to kill and hassle people and to give you someone to unrepentantly shoot on sight…no complications needed.


I still can’t believe you slept with Benny. Can’t believe it.

On that, I have a feeling that romance, or at least sex, will come up in this game, and I find myself playing a straight woman. That was sort of decided for me. I’ve never played a straight woman. Hmm.

I’m certainly not into Preston.

Maybe she’ll just pine in celibacy for her late husband.


I sort of couldn’t believe it myself, but it was like a dare that kept on escalating, and I kept on refusing to back down. Sure, I’ll flirt with Benny! Sure, I’ll flirt with Benny some more! Sure, I’ll get into bed with Benny! Don’t think I won’t!

And that’s how you end up having sex with sleazy people who once tried to kill you. Let that be a lesson to all the youngsters out there who still have time to make better choices.

Come to think of it, ‘black widow’ is really what got me into that. Because a dialogue option with limited availability is one I can’t resist trying! And I’ve already selected that perk again. Oh boy. What repellent person am I going to be unable to resist seducing this time?


Just don’t let it be a ghoul. Or Preston.

You should have more choice. You’re far more attractive than you usually are in games. Do better than Blackwall!

Just don’t tell two people you love them.


Preston’s not repellent! And not nearly moody enough to be the subject of an escalating dare from the game to me. A feral ghoul, that’s more like it.

Ghoul: Aaaaarrrrr!!! [tries to eat me]
Me: Maybe if I shoot off its limbs and make it wear a face-covering helmet, we could still snuggle.

But no, that would never happen, because it doesn’t involve flirtatious Black Widow dialogue. Go to hell, feral ghouls! If you can’t banter, or at least verbally express your angst, you revolt me.