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Some mild spoilers for a vault 81 quest (molerat plague, anyone?), and for what happens when you first get to Diamond City


This being in the same place in an open world game (or any game) is fucking weird. But makes blogging easy!

So, like you, finished up with Vault 81, met Curie, cured Austin. No way I wasn’t. Son imagery. And I liked his tour. But the minute I did, Garvey “Loved that” and “Now admires me” and IMMEDIATELY wanted to yap about that WHILE the doctor was talking, so I totally missed where my new room is. Where the hell is my new room?

It was kinda awkward that he was all “I so totally admire you,” and then I was “Yeah….but all you say is about that castle, and now that I have another companion, why don’t you admire me in Sanctuary?”

Though there is a level of like above admire, cuz there’s a trophy (that Mr. O’ already has) for “reaching the maximum like level” or something and this didn’t get me that trophy. Mustn’t lead Preston on, now that I’ve met Morrigan. I mean Piper. More on that….

So after all that, off to….wait for it…. Diamond City! Where I met Yennifer, I mean Piper, met the mayor, failed a persuasion bit, remembered the dress, went to inventory, took off the armor and forgot to put on the dress, found out I look great in lingerie (and did NOT take a screenshot, I want respect), put on the dress, succeeded in a couple of speech checks (though really, no dress should boost the charisma more, just saying), went in, took a screenshot of Mrs. McP’s office from inside Fenway, read Piper’s paper, met Piper, recruited Piper (Curie, I hardly knew ye), took Lidia’s picture, I mean Piper’s, hit save.

(None of this is spoiler as you do it right away.)

The Piper pic was purely for you, and not at all as an addition to the library of screenshots of good looking game women that I totally don’t have.

Diamond City is going to take some time to explore. Wow. This game does go big, doesn’t it?

Which is why the graphics police need to hush. Ok, sure. The detail on clothes isn’t up to TW3. Or the sunsets. But man, the details in the game world are great. It feels real.

Did you see Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome? (You didn’t think we’d get through this game without talking on Mad Max, did you?) Cuz I’ll steer discussion based on that.

Ok, that’s a good place to start.

So much easier to blog when we play.


Oh man, Garvey loved curing Austin? I suppose he would. He’s into selfless things like that. He didn’t like when I asked Danse for money in exchange for helping the Brotherhood with their long-range transmitter thing. (No way to win there: he didn’t really like me helping Danse at all, but also disliked me being mercenary about it.) I didn’t have him with me when I cured Austin, so I didn’t get the benefit of his great admiration. Siiiiiiiiigh.

I mean, my husband’s only been dead about a week from my perspective, so I really shouldn’t be thinking about other guys, but Garvey seems nice. And right now, in the spike armor and sunglasses I gave him, he looks pretty fine.

I agree, you couldn’t NOT try to help Austin. A sick kid! What if somewhere my kid is sick? I would hope someone would help him. Plus I’m kind of a do-gooder anyway.

I don’t know where our room in the vault is either. I think it was Curie who was talking when the supervisor told me where it was. I guess we’ll just have to wander around looking into every room until we find it. I was so excited that Curie was now available as a companion, and that I could therefore make her carry some of my loot, that I was trying to talk to her when the supervisor showed up.

I didn’t make it to Diamond City, so you’re ahead of me. I poked around the vault a bit more, got a new hairstyle, talked to Tina DeLuka and her junkie brother, tried to persuade her to come work for me but failed (I can do orange persuasions, but apparently not red, and hadn’t thought to put on my nice dress and hat), and then saw a notice that my Hangman’s Alley settlement had a new person and needed another bed and some more food and water, so I ran off to deal with that.

But now that I’m forewarned there are persuasion opportunities in Diamond City, you can bet I’ll be dressing up nicely before I talk to anyone there. I guess really it’s a pretty good to dress up nicely whenever you’re entering any kind of non-battlefield-type space, because you never know, but it’s a hassle to put all your gear back on (as we’ve discussed), so I tend to just walk around in my armor wherever I go.


See, I just pooched out of saying anything to the Brotherhood guy, and just took his cool rifle.

You didn’t miss much. I mean, Garvey wanted to chat RIGHT THEN and kept being persistent about it. I kept looking away and he was all “Are we done? Can’t we talk more?” and I was all “DUDE! There are people TALKING here!” MAN is he pushy.

This game does tend to talk over itself, doesn’t it?

Also, dude, how did you get him into those clothes in that screencap? And, more importantly, WHY?

I’m pretty much playing Jessica as “If I can’t help my kid, I’m helping other kids.” Makes sense.

But we’re going to regret not keeping at least half of that medicine.

Hangman’s Alley? Haven’t gotten that one yet. So who’s ahead of whom?

Well, if you’ve done the hardware store, it’s a straight mutant free shot to DC, where you will immediately meet Lidia/Morrigan/Yen/Piper. She’s awesome. You’ll love her.

I forgot about the dress. DC seems a pretty chill place, much talking. Granted, I’m barely in the door, but no shooting yet. Yet. This game it’s always yet. And plot abounds. Actual, narrative plot. You’ll love it. 

But I’m starting to fret that I’m missing quests. Did Codsworth (who I have not run with yet) give you any?


You just have to give him the clothes, and then click to his inventory, select them and hit triangle. It should put them on him. I didn’t leave him in the clothes I screencapped for very long–basically just long enough to laugh hysterically. But as to why, I was trying to find something he could wear under armor. There are limited clothing items that will go under armor, you know! His Minuteman coat is right out.

Long johns work…harnesses…tattered rags…I didn’t try a suit, although that might have looked pretty sharp. The armor you get off raiders is so damn ugly. I’m wearing it because it’s better than no armor, but it just doesn’t have style.

We ARE probably going to regret not keeping half the cure. Or maybe not: maybe if we’d only given Austin half, he’d have died, and THEN we’d feel bad. I figured (metagaming, of course), that if I get this molerat sickness, I’ll figure out another way to cure it. I’m the PC! It’s not as if I’m going to die from a molerat virus! Although it could wind up being as obnoxious as vampirism was in Oblivion, which was pretty annoying, so yeah, that decision could definitely still come back to haunt us even if it doesn’t result in our death.

Hangman’s Alley was a quest Garvey gave me, one time when I was back in Sanctuary. Go talk to him next time you’re there, he’ll probably mention “a great spot for a settlement once it’s cleared of raiders.” (Unless he’s still harping on the castle and Godzilla.) I’m a little dubious about his notion of a ‘great spot for a settlement’ considering it’s called Hangman’s Alley and is a block away from a massive super mutant enclave, but he’s been around here longer than I have, so whatever. I guess maybe the super mutants keep the bloat flies under control or something. It’s also very near Diamond City, so it’ll be an easy stroll over there.

Codsworth is pretty handy in a fight (flamethrower and buzz saw arms!), but hasn’t given me any quests so far. I know what you mean, though. As soon as you start to accumulate a good number of companions, you start to worry that you’re not spending enough time with some of them, that some of them have awesome stuff to tell you that you’re missing out on, etc. And we know we’re right to be worried, because I know I missed a ton of companion stuff in FONV! Stressful. I suppose I should just make a habit of traveling with a different person every time I play. Give everyone a turn on the active roster. And remember to ask for their thoughts! I don’t always remember that.


How come when I took everything from him he wasn’t all naked? Thank heaven. Not that I’d do that to Piper. No.

Vault suits? I’m still rocking my vault suit, when not in a dress. Why can’t I wear the dress under armor? Too leggy, I guess. And I have this great mechanic jumpsuit that adds two to intelligence and is SO helpful hacking, but it’s all you can wear if you wear it. Sigh.

On that, in Vault 81, did you have to have expert hacking to get by that last door there? Cuz I didn’t, and ran around looking everywhere for a work around, and got sad until I noticed I had one unspent perk which I put into expert hacking so I could do it. That would have SUCKED if I hadn’t had that.

Damn, I hope that molerat plague doesn’t come back to haunt us. Though… there was one bit where the woman in there was “testing” a new fruit strain and I, all trusting, ate the thing. Nothing happened. Well, nothing has happened YET. Knowing what I know…. sigh.

Garvey WAS giving me ideas for settlements. I got Ten Pines bluff, and Oberland Station, and he mentioned the bit by Walden that I had already discovered, and there’s one out in like Somerville or something that I haven’t been to. Maybe that’s Hangman’s alley. But after I got that trophy and he gave me the castle bit he stopped with the settlements and is harping on that, that, and only that.

And I missed twelve boatloads of side quests in FONV, which sucks cuz they were the best part. It’s like getting full at a buffet only THEN to see the person with a plate of dessert cuz the dessert was over THERE. I am getting rather certain that that is a risk in this one. I mean, did Curie prattle on about finding scholars at the university? I mean, maybe that’s nothing, maybe not, but scholars and a robot may well be a cool quest. But then…. we’ll talk when you meet Piper. Much like Morrigan, she is more than a pretty face.


I think if you take all their clothes and give them nothing, they just put on their default clothes again (“ah ha! I have infinite extra pairs of these long johns!”), but if you take all their clothes and then put armor on them, with nothing under it, and their default clothes do not go under armor (see: Garvey), they will in fact stand around in armor (which doesn’t always cover much) and their underwear.

Garvey did that briefly, but I think it made us both uncomfortable. We’re not that well acquainted yet. That’s why I put him in the vacation shirt and shorts I sent you.

Also, I think you can wear arm pieces with the dress, but not legs? For some reason?

I didn’t get to test a new fruit strain! I must have missed that woman.

I don’t have expert hacking, so if there’s a door that required it, I didn’t go through it. There was the door that you had to open with a terminal, if that’s the one you mean, but I used a password on it that I found on someone’s desk in one of the other rooms. Expert hacking would have been better since I would have gained XP, but…I only just added expert lock-picking. My skills are lagging because I was so caught up in becoming charismatic.

Yeah, Ten Pines, Oberland, those are familiar…Garvey never said anything to me about the Sunshine Co-Op or whatever near Walden, even though I can plainly see it’s a perfect set-up for a settlement, but maybe he will once I storm the castle with him.



“Uh…Frances? I get that you don’t want me torn apart by mole rats….but….uh….this isn’t really my THING, y’know?”

I can certainly see how that would pretty much make him look like something out of a gay bar in a junkyard. You either rock that look or you don’t, really.

She was in the room with all the crops. She was all “Hey…could you taste this? It’s new.” So I did. Cuz, you know, fresh mutfruit. And nothing happened. I was all “It’s good!” and she said thanks, and no XP, no nothing. Weird.

No immediate consequence scares me.

I missed the password for that door, but that is the one I meant. I knew there must be something cuz there’s no way they put a door that absolutely requires a specific perk that close to the end of anything. But I couldn’t find it. I looked, I did.

For me with the co-op, we found it, killed all the ghouls, couldn’t figure out what to do with the robot, left, and, like, two days later he was all “hey I heard of this place….” and I was “Uh….you mean that place we JUST WERE?”

Thunderdome. Have you seen it?


Gay bar in a junkyard: that was exactly the look. It seemed…not quite right for striking fear into the hearts of raiders. I mean, good look! But…not quite the one for that particular job.

Right, Thunderdome. Tina Turner? Master/Blaster? I think I saw it about 100 years ago. I remember basically nothing about it, however, so I’m afraid I will not be able to engage in any thoughtful analysis. You go right ahead, though!

I specifically went back to the co-op with Garvey, after I’d killed all the ghouls with Codsworth, hoping he might say “oh, hey, nice spot for a settlement,” but he didn’t say a word. He just wants credit for the idea, that’s all. Can’t bear to think that anyone ELSE might be able to spot a good site for a settlement. He’ll mention it later as if it just occurred to him, and I’ll roll my eyes and say “wow, good one man! I never would have thought to build a settlement in a place with existing structures, a workshop, land for planting, and no ghoul infestation!”

We all need our little ego boosts. I’ll let it slide.


Nope. Well, perhaps Republican raiders. HA!

Anyway, some of those raiders are rocking that look. Maybe if you wear that, they put down their weapons and want to party.

Some modder, somewhere, is making that happen.

Nothing too thoughtful about Thunderdome: Just that it seems the “teeming post nuke town” thing is something of a trope. Not that I have a problem with it, but it’s something FO has been trying to do for a while now. I don’t mean Vegas (or Reno from back in the day), but the ramshackle town from nothing thing. FO3 had one such place, the first place you find upon leaving the vault, called Megaton. When we get to DC (or YOU do), we’ll talk on the trope.

That’s so annoying! You get somewhere, and it HAS a workshop, but you stand there going “is this thing on?” until a quest. I want to say “Look, dudes, I promise I’ll go kill those raiders, I need the XP, but in the meantime why don’t you let me build you some turrets? I can ditch these heavy assed fans and you get to, you know, kill some of those raiders. Win win!” But no. Perhaps that’s why they’re just out there eating tatoes.

We do need our ego boosts. That we do. Poor NPCs. They kill some dudes and do THEY get the XP? No. The ding dings solely for Jessica. Who then makes him dress in that get up. And cook dinner.

Life’s so unfair.


It’s true, some of the raiders are pretty much dressed like that themselves, so I would like the party option. “We didn’t realize you’re one of us! Come have some beer and jet!”

Remember how you could dress up as various factions in FONV? I once strolled right up to a Caesar’s Legion camp dressed in their gear. Good times.

Teeming post-nuke towns…well, I suppose they could be based on teeming mining camp towns, or something, where certain similarities are going to apply. But yeah, I haven’t been there yet, so I’ll say nothing.


Beer and jet and grape mentats! They’re so much better grape flavored.

I forgot about dressing up in faction gear. I say, let’s do it.

Never made sense of it though. “Hey, why’s that guy wearing Bob’s shirt? And by the way, where IS Bob? Oh well, he must’ve sold it and moved. No way this heavily armed dude with nineteen fans killed him, right?”


“No dude carrying that many fans could possibly have killed Bob. This loser here is obviously a harmless, junk-obsessed peddler. To whom Bob very kindly gave his shirt before he moved away without a word even though he’s supposed to be on watch tonight.”


They are not an intelligent bunch, the raiders.

I mean, jet IS made from Brahmin poop.