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No real spoilers…vague mention of locations and whether you can romance certain characters


Only played a little. Basically, nosed around Diamond City and got the lay of Piper…I mean the land.

Quests abound.

If you haven’t been to DC yet, I say no more.

Except I did do a little wiking and found out that a) you can romance everyone at once and no one cares and you really should cuz perks and b) you can join multiple factions, at least until the end.

So, just in case we need more to do, there’s more to do.

The game. It’s large.


I played a bit, but didn’t make it to Diamond City. I started walking in that general direction, because of not fast traveling everywhere, and came across an unmarked house with a chemistry lab in it, so I made myself some drugs, as one does, and then I got sidetracked by a landmark that turned out to be a Federal Ration Stockpile or something, so I had to kill a bunch of people in an attempt to get some federal rations. It totally looks like a good spot for a settlement, except that I can’t find a workbench, but I’ll poke around some more later and maybe there’s one.

Romance everyone at once, eh? Well all right then. I mean, my husband’s body is only cold on account of I left him in a freezer pod, but hey, I’m up for some romance. Shaun’s gonna need a new daddy or several. And some additional mommies.

“Hi son! I’m glad I finally found you! I probably would have gotten here sooner, but I was busy collecting a vast array of extra parent figures for you. I mean, I haven’t been around to raise you, so I don’t know what approach is best, and I wanted to cover all the bases.”


Oh, is that stockpile over in the west there? I found that. It’s very near the bit where I took that screenshot of sequined Jessica overlooking the world. I killed dudes, went downstairs, heard other dudes talking, decided it might be a quest later and took off. Did it have a big fence and lots and lots of turrets? And an underground place?

Wait, if you were at Vault 81, and now you’re there, you are going completely the wrong way.

And hey, man. I’m merely keeping RPG options open. And who knows, there might be a plot twist! Plus, you know games. If you really want the back story of characters, which sorta make the game, they have to be all into you. Save their lives 400 times? Maybe they’ll chat. A little. But 400 lives saved and no sex? 82% of the story never gets told. And I like narrative, I do.

So sorry memory of dear departed spouse. Narrative to analyze.

And really, Piper’s cool. And we did have a bit of lingerie moment. Did she HAVE to strip down to put on that raider right arm? Why no. She must be so into me. (It was an accident. It was.)

You’re so gonna end up with the French robot. You CAN end up with the French robot, you know.


Yeah, it’s pretty far back. I’m not sure if that’s exactly the place you found, I haven’t explored it thoroughly so I don’t know if it has an underground section, but there WERE several turrets (Curie kicks ass on turrets!), and I just found a door that I decided not to go through last night in case there was a lot there. It could well go to an underground place.

I wasn’t walking from the vault, though, I was walking from one of my settlements where I’d gone to set up a beacon. Because there’s way more things to discover that way, and way more potential to get sidetracked for days!

I’m just giving you a chance to relish being ahead. Maybe I’ll do Garvey’s mission and storm the castle before Diamond City.

I…kind of want to end up with Curie. She’s very nice! And smart! And after a battle last night, she offered me a Stimpak! There are worse foundations for a long-term relationship.

I did notice that you can always ask everyone what they think about your relationship with them. Which in real life is not a question I’ve ever asked anyone, but in the post-apocalypse things are clearly different.


Yup. That’s the one. It’s near to the place with the hippie robot, yes? Raiders on an elevator between?

Curie kicks ass on turrets? Hey, maybe I’ll go for her! She’s got that Leliana voice, after all.

There are indeed worse foundations for a relationship. Several strong marriages have been all about exchanges of needles.

Piper gave me a nuka cola. It’s love.

I always took that relationship thing as less “So are you willing to flirt yet?” and more “Hey, we still cool? I mean, yeah, I kinda ran like mighty hell while those mutants kinda killed you, but we’re cool, right?” Cuz that second one for SURE comes up in the post-apocalypse.


Oh yeah, that relationship check comes up a lot.

“So, I could have given you a Stimpak when you collapsed back there in the middle of that gunfight, but instead I just ran off and left you to recover on your own and make your way back to me through the crowd of raiders I was too afraid to stick around and fight, and then the first thing I did when you arrived was load you up with 25 desk fans I collected while I was poking around waiting for you to overcome your crippling pain all by yourself, but you’re not mad, right? We’re still good?”

Forgiveness is very important. I got into the middle of a firefight between some super mutants and a guy with a ‘traveling bar’ last night, and for a while everyone was hostile because my robot shot him, but once the mutants were dead I tried the “put away your gun” trick to show that I only wanted to kill THEM, not him, and damned if he didn’t immediately stop shooting and greet me with “hello, friend!”

Um…hello to you too. I mean, I’m happy you forgave me that easily, but also a little surprised. Still, I’m glad I didn’t kill such a nice guy. Besides, I might need his traveling bar later. You never know.


A traveling bar? Shit! We gotta get those now! I’m not waiting for the post-apocalypse!