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No real spoilers


Just FYI, you can romance a ghoul. But don’t break Curie’s heart. Or processor.


As long as they’re not feral, I’ve got nothing against ghouls. I might have a lot in common with them, actually, since they survived the bomb, right? So they might remember the world I remember!

Although they’ve been conscious for the 200 years since, so the memories will be a lot less sharp.

“Hey, remember that little diner across from the post office where you could get those great croissants? I’d go there every Tuesday after my grocery shopping!”

“Um…not really? I haven’t really been back to that neighborhood in two centuries, so…”


Dude, Harold the ghoul, who was in the first three, wound up being one of the most upsetting characters in games. Seeing his progression from funny in one to suicidal in three…..yikes.

You can tell a lot of stories with ghouls.

Still would rather sleep with Curie, though.


Yeah, I…um…I mean, it’s a bit of a challenge to imagine the logistics of making out with Garrus or Thane, but at least they have faces and, you know, recognizable body parts.

I…I don’t know how one would romantically approach a Mr. Handy-style robot. I could Google it, because undoubtedly someone has some ideas…but I choose not to, for surely that way madness lies.

Ours will be a relationship of the mind.


Never, EVER google anything in any game with a vibrant modding community. Because not only does someone have ideas, someone has modded it so you can.

And, just, no.


No. Not going there. I’m sure there are graphic images! Creative interpretations! A vast wealth of human ingenuity on display!

I can live without it.


There were nude mods up the day after this game came out.

I miss PC gaming.


And somehow I don’t.


Ah c’mon. Preston in just the rakish hat. Curie without her paint.


Yeeeeeah…I’ll leave it to my own fevered imagination. Don’t need someone else cheapening the fantasy with their own obviously inferior take on it, you know.


So true. We are artists, us.

I’ll just think of Morrigan…I mean Piper…in that press cap. Cute.

Hey, I went for the redhead in TW3. Have to make up for lost time.

I wonder who the romancable redhead’s gonna be. There is always one, isn’t there?