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Extremely minor spoilers, vague references to quests about Covenant and looking for Shaun


So what did I do? I finished up Covenant, which was pretty great, certainly the meatiest side quest in terms of theme thus far, by far. Then I got Curie’s quest that you got (assuming it’s her “if I only had a brain” bit), but I have no idea where to go to do that, so I dumped her back in Sanctuary, picked Piper back up, and tried to wend my way down to the castle and went magpie and now I’m in Malden.

I’m also starting to see an overlying theme. I told you that with Bethesda, it’s not always obvious until later, and I think Covenant was that later. Find it. It’s out by Mystic Pines.



I continued trying to find a guy who might have had Shaun, and we tracked him to a building, and then inside that building there are a couple of doors “chained from the other side,” which is obviously code for “find another way in,” so I spent a good 45 minutes going around and around the building inside and out, shooting things and trying to find another way into the area behind the chained doors, but with no luck.

Then I wandered off to see if I could find a tunnel leading back into that building, or something, and found a place STUFFED with good loot and guarded only by a few turrets, so I was looting away peacefully, and hey, there’s a tunnel, let’s check that out, saunter saunter, OHMYGOD DEATHCLAW, GIANT DEATHCLAW, RUN FOR YOUR LIVES die.

So that’s what I did. Very little in the way of themes other than “it is hard to find your missing kid” and “giant deathclaws are terrifying.”

I don’t know if the tunnel goes anywhere useful or not–probably not.


Ah, dammit. Find that way in so you can help me when I inevitably have the same problem.

“Might have had” implies this next step ain’t nowhere near the endgame, right? You’re not feeling endgamey are you?

Fucking deathclaws.

The tunnel probably goes to loot. Or legendary glowing ones. Or deathclaws.

I stay away from tunnels. By far, BY FAR the worst part of FO3 was the damn subway tunnels. I won’t go into Bethesda subway tunnels any more. Like the deep roads without Morrigan.

I have a feeling that first Concord deathclaw was there to tell you how awesome power armor is. “Hey! You can kill these in that! Out of that? HA!” I keep thinking this game really wants me to use power armor. So many times I’ve been getting my ass kicked, and there’s a power armor station halfway through the halls of ass kickage saying “Dude, you DON’T have your power armor? Why? Dumb.”

Those armor stations are starting to feel much like supply crates were in DAI. You see one, and it’s a clear, clear sign that something’s up ahead that really, really sucks.

I got themes. Go to Covenant. Great themes, no deathclaws. First time I’ve had that “Ah HA! THIS is one of those ‘found moments’ like in FO3.” That’s a good thing.

But you know what else sucks? And has seemed to be the thing in Malden? Especially on the Malden Medford line? Mutant Suiciders. Have you met these gentlemen yet?


Oh lord no. Endgame? I don’t even feel like I’ve reached the middle. As a clue, the little graphic for this quest is a figure chasing a baby carriage, which then rolls away. It’s as good as telling me “you’re not actually going to find Shaun on this quest, FYI.”

I have not met mutant suiciders. They sound charming! I’ve met more synths, but that’s about it lately.

Sigh. I know. The game encourages power armor. But I don’t care about power armor! I’m not going to wear it just tromping around, and then by the time I get into the middle of something it’s become ridiculous to imagine that I might just dash off, grab it, and hurry back to find the battle still in progress. I suppose we could always frame it as an “I ran off and came back later to start another fight when I was better armored,” but…I usually can’t be bothered. If I’m running away from a random fight I might as well just stay gone until I happen to wander back that way, that’s what I figure. That gang of super mutants isn’t going anywhere. I’ll go check out this other thing and come back to them later.

Now if I’m running away from a quest-related fight, sure, it makes sense to come back and pursue that quest with better supplies, but that hasn’t really happened yet.


Sorta what I figured. But I remember the short assed Skyrim story……

Suiciders are mutants that rush towards you holding a mininuke like a football. Boom. The first few times it happens it is rather disconcerting. Cuz they get too close, it’s over.

I know, I don’t like exploring in power armor either. Plus, I don’t WANT the game to be super easy. Indeed, there’s, like, three levels above normal, which I imagine is there to compensate for the basassery of Power armor. This makes no sense. “Hey, let’s give the player something so fucking overpowered they have to turn the game up three levels.” What? How about you leave it out and make normal, you know, normal?

Though you did make me consider bringing the suit when I go do the PI bit…..


Oh, suiciders sound GREAT! I’ve picked up a couple of mini-nukes, maybe I should try that. Except for the suicide part. I guess the dying would kind of prevent you from pursuing quests and what not. Ooh, maybe I should make my companion do it! They’re really hard to kill, they might even survive it.


I figured out that if you shoot them in the arm enough, the thing’ll go off, which, if executed correctly, is great for crowd control.

But risky. VERY risky.


Ah! Good tip.

Note to self: shoot at arms. FROM A DISTANCE.


Yeah. I was a BIT late on one last night.

Aaaaaaaand….load screen.


At least it loads in under 10 minutes. I don’t miss that about the Witcher. Although it did give me a chance to read a bit in between reloads.


I dunno, man. If you’re outside in the Commonwealth it can slow itself way down.

Try to die inside.


I die a little inside every time my attempts at flirtation are rebuffed by a cute robot. Does that count?


I don’t know what your problem is. I had another heart to heart with Piper last night, and flirted, WITHOUT the dress on and she was all into it. She gets so flustered. Cute.


I AM going to flirt successfully, damn it! I am! As soon as I talk to someone where it’s an option. Nick Valentine isn’t sure about me yet. When I asked about our relationship, he said something like “some people are just out for themselves, and some really want to do good in the world. I’m not sure which one you are yet.”

I want to do good in the world, man! I do! I’m so good over here! Settlements! Helping people! I suspect I need to blatantly help someone right in front of him to get some approval.

“Here, POOR SAD PERSON, accept this SELFLESS AID. Hey, Nick, do we have any more SELFLESS AID for this POOR SAD PERSON?”


See, Piper likes that, and she likes you being sarcastic to people she doesn’t like (of which there are many) and she likes it when you pick locks, which is my THING man. So it’s easy to get her into you, and how.

What’s odd is that she hasn’t tripped a quest yet. Garvey and Curie have, and they won’t even flirt. I’m not sure Curie even likes me.

Stick with the robot.

Is that “find her a brain” one the one you were mentioning? About it making more sense that you can smooch?


Oh, yeah, that was the one. Because, I mean, if she gets downloaded into a human body, one could totally smooch her human face. It’s honestly a little disappointing that they might not just play it totally straight and say yeah, you can have a romantic relationship with this hovering, 3-armed metal sphere…but it’s easier to imagine how some sort of physical attraction could come into play if you’re looking at something that’s roughly the same species.


Tell that to your Shepard.

But there is a thing called a RoboBrain in FO. What’s better? How she is now, or a brain in a jar on top of a big fat robot?


Hmm…good question. Does the robot with the brain jar have a face?



Sexy kinda.


Ooooh, hawt! I’m pinning THAT above my desk right now!

Yeah, if Curie turns out looking like that, it would be…probably equally difficult to truly conceptualize a physical relationship with her, as it would be if she stayed a floating sphere. Maybe our love is mainly a thing of the mind.

We love each other’s SOULS, man. Physical passion is for less spiritually fulfilling relationships. Strolling hand-in-blowtorch through the wasteland is all the contact we require.


I’m starting to see why you binged on sorceresses in TW3. You just aren’t getting any anywhere else.


Don’t forget Benny!

Oh…that kind of just strengthens the argument.

Although I believe you slept with precisely as many sorceresses as I did in TW3…you just got away with it.


Benny. Dude… Just…dude.

At least go for Preston. He looks fetching in heels.


I regret nothing!