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Vague references to distress signals and locations; minor spoilers on what specific companions like


I ain’t got much. Played but a little. Shot up some of Malden, found a distress signal that’s creepy, found another “Eddie Winter” thing. Have you found one of those yet?

Mostly, I played a bunch of the new King’s Quest game that is free this month with the kids. It’s good. A nice little story book puzzler. O’Jr. would like it.

We COULD talk about how it compares to Sierra games of old (I haven’t played a Sierra game since about 1988) like Manhunter (which was SO fucking surreal) but you were raised in a cave or something so we can’t.

What you got?


Didn’t play, got nothin.’ Got no “Eddie Winter.” I got a weird distress signal from Trinity Tower a while ago, and went to check it out, but was driven away by super mutants. Just as I was driven away from the Silver Shroud location. Super mutants! They’re everywhere!

I’ll go back…someday…


“Eddie Winter” tapes seem to focus around a gangster named “Eddie Winter” (See what they did there?) with a think Boston accent. They are found in police stations. There should have been one there in Cambridge with the brotherhood there.

I got that signal from trinity tower and can’t be bothered.

No, this is creepier. It’s just a beep, and the “strength” of it is shown, like 14.88%, 16.9% as you get closer or farther away. It’s weird. And it seems to be in some lab or something.

Malden. Fucked up place.

What for you no play?


Kid no sleep until 9:15, I no play. Or…he may have been asleep by 9:00, I’m not sure, since I think I also dozed off. Anyway, he wasn’t asleep in time to leave me much leeway, let’s just say that. Fingers crossed tonight is better.

And yeah, Malden is a wreck. Oh, you mean in the game? Hahaha.

Oh right, I did check the police station terminal in Cambridge. Eddie Winter. Does sound vaguely familiar. I haven’t seen anything since then, though.


Dude I was asleep at nine too.


And it’s all very well to fall asleep at 9:00 if you get to play first! Even if it’s only to shoot up Malden a little.

Also, I’m kind of afraid to go back and face that giant deathclaw. Probably I’ll just quietly finish looting that place and then slink out the way I came in, hoping not to disturb it. Discretion, valor, etc.

A random thought I had is that considering how easy it is to get rid of addiction in the Commonwealth, I’m surprised it merits such disapproval. I mean, you get addicted, you take a shot of addictrol, you’re not addicted anymore. No muss no fuss. There’s essentially no negative consequence as long as you’re prepared. Why WOULDN’T you take advantage of ability-boosting drugs? It’s an irrational stigma, is what it is, and I for one am going to start popping drugs like candy.


Hey, we have to be slaves to those we’re romancing. No WAY Curie likes chems.

I can’t tell about Piper. I took some Med-X and she was all “Whoa…that’s a strong one” but it didn’t say she liked or disliked it.

But you’re right: addictrol is a cop out. It would have completely undermined half of FO2, which centered in no small part on the drug trade and keeping people addicted.


I’m not sure about Nick Valentine and drugs either. I took some psychojet and he said “why do you want to use that junk?” or something, but he didn’t actively disapprove. So he’s not into it, and he notices it, but he won’t let it affect his opinion of me, I guess. Hey, that’s good enough! More drugs!

He also totally didn’t care when I made a whole bunch of them at a chem station.

Other random note: I love the way these NPCs will wander off and sit down while you’re poking around looting or tinkering or whatever. “I can see you’re going to be busy for a while, so I’ll just sit and have some coffee.” In previous games they’d just sort of hover nearby, sometimes getting in your way, as if they couldn’t take their eyes off you. It was too much pressure, man!

I took a nap, and when I woke up Nick was just sitting in a chair nearby, smoking a cigarette, gazing into the distance. It’s a nice way to give the impression of them having thoughts of their own and keeping themselves occupied while you’re doing the looting they never seem to understand or help with.


He’s just noting. I mean, we don’t share. Maybe he’s pissed.

“Bitch hogs ALL the grape mentats.”

No one seems to care when you make them, though. Piper does like when I cook.

Piper will wander off and interview people. She’ll even say “Hey, I gotta go do something,” and she’ll find ANOTHER NPC and ask questions. One led to a quest. That’s cool.

And, of course, made me panic that I’m missing OTHER quests.



I haven’t seen my companions display quite that level of independence. I think Curie wandered off to look at something once, making scientific measurements or something. But yeah, that’s cool.

And potentially panic-inducing. “I haven’t been paying that much attention to my companion! What if he/she discovered something cool and quest-related and I missed it?”


Yeah. Especially on the quests. Which I don’t get. I have like 17 that I haven’t touched. Why do I want more?

Once, Piper said “Hey, take a look at this,” and I could not, for the life of me, figure out what the hell she was talking about. She was standing there, looking, not moving, at…..what? Something. And I must’ve run around this pile of rubble for ten minutes not finding it.

Watch. It was awesome.

I think tonight, before Dave gets home (Nana’s taking him to fencing! Hooray! Not me!) I’ll just go pick those two expert locks. I mean, besides the loot, Piper just DIGS it.


Nice. I can see you, all suave: “Hey, watch this…” [pick pick pick, ding] “Pretty cool, right?”

I only just got to master locks. Needed it for part of a quest, and conveniently had just gained a level and not yet selected a perk. (Or maybe I could have found a key somewhere or another way in, but locks give XP, so hell with looking for other options.)


Picking gives XP AND gets you laid. BOOM!


No one especially appreciates lockpicking yet in my group. Nick likes hacking terminals! I’m up to master on that too. Long words.


Hey remember my plan to go back and unlock some shit? Well, I did the one on the bridge and…..drugs. And a stimpack. And a fucking SHITLOAD of prewar money, so that’s good. No weapons, though. Sigh.

Walden Pond remains locked.


Even though I just did it, I still feel the need to upgrade my hacking and picking. You can really never be too good at that.


Prewar money is the one thing keeping me from total bankruptcy.

I tried to build a radio tower in Sanctuary. I have about nine billion of every resource….and one copper. ONE. Fucking ONE!

Fuck settlements.


I keep using prewar money for ‘cloth’ and making stuff.

I was short on copper too! Stupid copper.


Then how are you going to get really rich?

Selling it is the way. They pay big caps for that.

I also just stumbled on some interraider drama that made me feel really guilty for killing these raiders. Cool stuff.


Not that I care as long as they give me caps, but WHY do they want pre-war money? I’ve always wondered. They probably use it for cloth. It’s really, really good cloth.

Raider drama? Guilt? Ooh, sounds meaty. Someday…