No real spoilers



Went into a building and killed shit before ending with a terminal with a quest related password for a quest I don’t have.

Then started trucking towards the ghoul problem that I’ve been trucking towards for two weeks.

Found a bombed out house and a BoS holotape. Started a new quest.

Then found a radio tower that gave me a couple of signals. One was “Separated Family.” Ooo! So off I went. Found a little town with mutants. All good, cuz I have this new rifle. Picked off a couple mutants. Felt good. Quicksaved (this will be relevant in a bit) and then the missiles and mininukes came in and instant death.

This is where the quicksave becomes relevant.

Cuz where did I respawn?

In the path of the missiles and mini nukes.

So, after much practice, I have gotten good at sprinting.

Then I found an armory, and killed a bunch of ghouls and called it a day.

Some thoughts:

You know what sucks? Bad respawn points.

Also, legendary radscorpion hunters. They suck a lot.

And what really sucks? Trying to talk to your hottie reporter friend and accidentally hitting “stay here” without realizing you hit it until you are dying a lot at a respawn point far, far away and having to go find her.

Those things suck.


That sounds roughly as productive as my evening!

If you recall, when last we left our hero (me) I had just been slaughtered by a giant deathclaw. I tried going down that tunnel a few more times, but could make no progress whatsoever…it wasn’t even one of those “I can see it from a distance, so I’ll stealth up and at least get a sneak attack bonus on my first shot,” it was more one of the “strolling along and the thing falls from the ceiling directly on top of you, no time to even set down a mine first.”

So it slaughtered me handily a few more times before I decided to just go back the way I came. Only while I wasn’t looking, that quiet place I’d been cheerfully looting had filled up with a bunch of synths who wanted to kill me, so I had to fight my way out. I don’t know where they came from or why they wanted me dead, but it took the rest of the evening to deal with them all. Better than a giant deathclaw, though! I finally got outside, where no one is immediately trying to kill me, and called it a night.


Ah man I HATE that!

Remember raider guilt? Well, that happened in this underground bit that, it turned out, was connected to a place I had already “cleared.” So the end of it was right by said place, so I was like “Oh, great, I’m out.” So out I went, only to be immediately ambushed by four raiders, one of whom was in fucking power armor. So, not wanting any part of that shit, turned right around and went back underground, figuring I’d go out the way I came in, and the fucker in power armor FOLLOWED me.

Sprinting. Sprinting is good.


Oh, hey, hey, that’s not cool, raiders. You don’t FOLLOW the PC.

Sprinting is good. And why it’s important not to get too loaded up with loot.


That happened with the legendary radscorpion, too. I went in a building, and he was right there, in the lobby, just chilling. So I was all “Oh…sorry dude…didn’t know you were here…..” and left but no, no. He decided to follow me to try to kill me. And he did.

Sorry a legendary radscorpion HUNTER.