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Some spoilers for Covenant location/plot


Played not a thing. I will say kings quest is a must play if only cuz it gets how games are their own thing better than anything I’ve played since the last of us. Really.


I played some. I found Covenant–creepy, indeed. I had Nick Valentine with me, and he didn’t have any opinion about my answers to the questions. No opinion is better than an unfavorable one! Then I talked to Honest John, poked around a bit, found out that the Covenant was totally lying about that caravan, but for some reason didn’t have the option to go tell him that and let HIM find the compound, no, now it’s MY job to ‘find the location of the secret compound’ or whatever. So that’s totally on my to-do list whenever I stumble across a creepy-looking compound.

Then I decided to clear something off my quest list, so I went to help the Greygarden robots with their water issue. That turned into a multi-hour drama filled with super mutants and mirelurks, but I did it! And went back and talked to the robots, and they paid me, and that’s the end of the quest, right?

Wrong. Now I have to go talk to Preston Garvey for some reason, although why he cares about these robots I don’t know. He probably wants me to talk them into letting some people settle there. Anyway he, of course, is off waiting for me to help him storm the castle. So I guess maybe that’s the next thing I should try to do.


Oh good! The compound is the best part. And it’s close. Right on the other side of the river, in a pipe. Mystic Pines. It should show up as a quest marker. No searching. I ditched Curie for that bit and took Piper. Figured there’d be romantic locks to pick. Go do. We shall talk.

Ah that. Yeah, I got that quest really early, as I was trucking towards DC before I went magpie. (Did you meet the gameshow robot? I loved that). So I checked, got all sorts of killed, figured I’d come back later and later hasn’t happened yet. Good to know it’s long.

Nah, do Covenant. We should be sorta kinda close. Plus that shit is far, far away…..

On companions, I have totally lost my dog. He should be in Sanctuary, but I can’t find him. I even built him a dog house. Nothing. Ungrateful mutt.


Ha–yeah, I figured the compound was probably nearby, but I didn’t have a quest marker for it, so I was like “I’ll come wander around here later. I want to go do something where I know where I’m going.”

I also was thoroughly killed by the super mutants at the water processing station the first time I tried it, so I had put off going back for quite a while. This time I’d picked up some random power armor I found on a train, so I was using that. It helped–they were still pretty nasty even after several levels. One turned out to be a suicider, but due to my strategy of hurling grenades at them from afar, I luckily killed him early and only found out when I saw the nuke on his body.

I lost my dog too! I was carrying some dog armor and a spiked color around for him, and I looked all over Sanctuary but couldn’t find him anywhere. Then I went to the Red Rocket where I first found him, in case he’d wandered back there, but nothing. Then he turned up because I needed him as part of the “find-the-PI-follow-the-Shaun-clues” quest line, but when he was done he vanished again.


That’s so odd. I had the other problem: Find the supersecret compound that’s right here under this square that’s 72 feet away…right there. Which I sorta like cuz I don’t have time to wander about bethesda games, but on the other hand, it sort of takes away the fun of searching out something that’s supposed to be….you know… secret. I mean, here’s Covenant having all this hush hush don’t talk hide the secrets and the game just sorta plops a marker on it, undermining stuff. Maybe it was cuz I had found that mystic pines already, but I dunno.

Ah yes, power armor. Mine is so nice and painted. I always forget about it anyway.

Yeah, that was the first place I found a suicider. That was a surprise. I also think all I had was the pile of garbage armor, so that was a spectacular death animation.

Oh shit if I need the dog and he DOESN’T show up I’m gonna be so pissed. I went online and there is a general sense he’s hard to find in Sanctuary as he sort of runs around and sanctuary is big. I’ll try again to find him when I’m back. The online stuff said to send him someplace else, as he’s easier to find.

Do the covenant bits.


I never remember my power armor. I definitely wouldn’t have had it on for that fight if I hadn’t found a set standing around. It was useful, though! I should probably remember to take it when I go storm the castle. I have a feeling that’s going to be something big.

The dog should show up when you need him for this part. It wasn’t even a matter of having to go get him, it was more like “oh, hey, the dog could help with this” and then bing, the dog is there. I guess I just whistled or noisily opened a can of dog food or something. It should be that convenient every time I want a specific companion!

Next time I find him and then dismiss him, I’ll send him somewhere besides Sanctuary. Maybe Hangman’s Alley. There’s only so far to go in Hangman’s Alley.


Oh I’m SO taking power armor to the castle. And extra cores. And I’ll make sure it’s painted. I still want to see the paint job that increases charisma.

Hey, on that, can you use boosts to get a stat above 10? Cuz that would be awesome. But I don’t know if you can.

I find Tenpines bluff to be rather cozy. And empty. Nowhere to hide, dogmeat.


I’ve been operating under the assumption that you can effectively increase stats past 10 with items and so forth, although I haven’t checked. I’ve got this whole charisma outfit that gets me to I think 12…it would be annoying if I’ve been wasting my effort with that attractive glasses-and-formal-hat combo.

Ooh, yeah, Tenpines is good for not having a lot of places to hide. Rather barren, that place. Although I sent Curie to Abernathy farm and then found her sort of hanging out outside the fenceline, so maybe the dog would roam the surrounding area and still get lost. Worth a shot, though!


You almost lost your robot love interest?

Abernathy Farm is irksome. Once, somehow, Preston got trapped on the other side of the fence and I had to fast travel cuz I couldn’t find out how to liberate him. That place is nuts.


Abernathy farm is weird. I got lost on the roof once. Plus I filled the whole back room with mattresses, and now you can hardly walk in it. The layout of my settlements is…eclectic. Hey, I gave them beds. Not my problem if they can’t think of a better way to arrange them than just throwing them on the floor.


Ten pines dude. It’s even easier since I scrapped the little house with a tub and toilet. I see them all “um…yeah…these tatoes are great and love the turret, but that toilet was kinda nice, too……”


Ha! That’s awesome. I left Tenpines their toilet (so far), but I haven’t bothered to build them anything except turrets and guard towers, so they’ve just got this tiny room full of beds.


The toilet had to go. Valuable ceramic you know.

I gotta get a few ranks in gun nut or something to upgrade the turrets. Power armor to protect.


Oh, man, ceramic. Yeah, the other day I needed ceramic to build a turret or something, and there was none anywhere on the site. I stole some coffee cups from the Covenant. They can find more.


Yeah fuck them anyway. Did you take the lemonade?

And ok….on the test, when asked what position you’d play in baseball, what did you say?


Took the lemonade. Drank it later. Nothing seemed to happen.

I wanted to say ‘soccer,’ but I figured they might get offended because…lingering memories of the Red Sox? So I said pitcher. The guy said something like “wait, seriously? Never mind: next question.”

Is pitcher wrong? I’m suddenly filled with self-doubt.

Also, I didn’t literally steal the cups, they were in the ‘welcome’ room where apparently everything was free for the taking. I did actually steal a key to the mayor’s office, AND a note talking about the missing caravan, but for some reason that wasn’t enough to get me the “you have successfully investigated” note…I had to go talk to the lady in the store. (I buttered her up with my massive charisma, of course…I love charisma.)

So I’m all set to sneak back and unlock the mayor’s office sometime.


I did the same thing.

I’m glad you did cuz I forgot the response. Keep that in mind, though.

On the sox, did you talk to the guy in dc selling bats? Awesome.


I was in Diamond City at night so everything was closed except for the robots. I’ll have to check out the market when I go back in daylight. To talk to Piper and stuff, which I still haven’t done.


Dude! Dude!!!!


Go. The fuck. To dc. So much to do. Cool themes stuff.

And Piper, beyond cuteness, is a great character. Like, what’s she doing in a Bethesda game?

The dude selling bats.


Enh, you know…I’ve been so busy trying to FIND MY LOST SON and stuff.

That and looting. Honestly, maybe 85% looting.


Oh the son will be fine. It’s a video game. Ciri waited, did she not?