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Some mild spoilers about Covenant and the Boston Public Library


As I look to put the cap on a week where I have a total of about 16 hours of sleep….

I promise, PROMISE I am trucking to Park Street. Even without the traffic, it’s slow. I’m on Newbury Street.

Last night, I grabbed Curie cuz I had discovered the Public Library (nicely rendered) and thought she’d like it. So I explored it, there was action, great loot, etc. (Magazines! Bobbleheads!) Did she like anything? No. She quipped. But no like. So then I kept on trucking and discovered a place called Hubris Comics. Have you found Hubris Comics? Cuz there’s obviously something about Hubris Comics I am not privy to, as I killed a shit ton of ghouls, found some stuff that MUST be quest related, and, specifically, related to a quest I do not yet have.

Nice little riff on Newbury Comics, game.

And called it a day.

I am moving in the right direction, really, I promise. Copley square down to Arlington Street? That’s towards Park street. I’m sure there won’t be ANYTHING at all in the public garden or the common. Not a thing. I’ll just stroll through there, then quest.



You’re making progress at about the same blazing speed I am, so I will not chastise you for not being at Park Street yet. It’s a busy area!

I found the Boston Public Library, but was already heavily laden with loot (because I’d previously found and explored the CIT Rotunda), so I chose not to explore it right then. Must go back. Have not found Hubris Comics, though.

What did I do? I swung back by Covenant to see if I could find Honest Dan, but discovered that everyone in Covenant is now extremely hostile since I killed all those people at their compound (they cut me no slack at all for NOT killing Dr. Chambers! Ingrates). As soon as I got in view, people were shooting at me and running at me with knives and stuff. Rather than kill everyone in the town, I just left. I mean, their synth-finding/torturing/killing program is bad, but I’m not sure I think everyone in town deserves to die. Some of them may not fully understand the details, right?

Although leaving them alive to continuing said finding/torturing/killing program is basically making myself an accessory to their actions, so I guess synth blood is on my hands now (assuming they can still carry on with all their compound guards dead)…but regardless, I wasn’t prepared to make that call just then. I may go back and kill them all later.

So basically, Covenant is now my mortal enemy, but they didn’t chase after me when I left, so I’m ignoring them for the time being. Then I went to find Old Man Stockton, who paid me 300 caps. I asked him if Amelia actually was a synth, just out of curiosity, and he said “she’s my daughter, and that’s all that’s important”…so he didn’t deny it. But either way, I’m not down with the above mentioned Covenant program, so I would have freed her even if I’d known for sure she was a synth, and it doesn’t really matter. As far as I’m concerned, synths should be judged on their individual actions, like humans, although there is that whole matter of the Institute possibly controlling them and infiltrating communities and so forth, so I do understand why people have concerns.

As you said yesterday, there are interesting shades here of “the terrorists dwell among us, undetected, secretly plotting and answering to scary unknown masters.” Also the echoes of pod person/replicant/humanoid cylon fears in other stories, of course.

Old Man Stockton was at Bunker Hill, which is a thriving and well defended settlement with a marketplace that’s probably thriving if I hadn’t been there in the middle of the night. I have a knack for showing up at markets when everyone’s asleep. I had to wake up Old Man Stockton to get my money, but he wasn’t grumpy or anything.

And I listened to the holotapes, thank you very much. Interesting about the insistence on ‘catcher,’ all right. What’s that about? We’ll certainly know to prick up our ears if we ever hear anyone talking about it, though.


My snail like progress is not for lack of playing. That little morsel was a good hour and a half (and no, I did not spend half of that trying on dresses with piper). My clock (which seems to actually work in this game) has me at about 35 hours. That’s a lot! I’m trying, man!

It’s not heavy loot at the BPL. Mostly ammo and books and stuff. It being a library.

As a librarian, you must be thrilled that a game rewards you for returning overdue library books. But think of the fines! Overdue for 200 years.

I did the same thing with Covenant! I fast traveled there (mostly because it was nearest to my then goal of Malden) and boom. Plus, I worry cuz the dude who gave me the test, for a while, wouldn’t die. I’d “kill” him and he’d do that sit down for a while, healing thing that important NPCs do. After about three of these of him healing then NOT talking, Piper killed him. For real. Then I left.

Weird. And ungrateful.

Re, pod people, etc., yup. People certainly think the Institute are terrorists.

Interesting that you get that reaction “SHE’S my daughter.” See, Honest Dan ended that quest for me. (Let’s remember, humanity and American are my working metaphor here) See, she was pleading with me, “release me, I’m not a synth, etc.” and I asked Dan what he thought, he being, you know, not frozen for 200 years. He says “She certainly believes she’s human, and that’s good enough for me.” Which is different. Your quest, the dude is all “I don’t care whether she’s human or thinks she is or is trying to kill us, she’s my daughter and I love her.” My quest, it was from HER perspective. “SHE believes SHE is human, or at least behind the human side or whatever.” Which is subtle, but different.

But about the holotapes, see? That needed voice.

What was thoroughly interesting was that the subject kept saying “catcher.” It was apparent that he was going to be tortured for saying it, yet, over and over, catcher. As if he couldn’t say anything else.

I certainly wonder what would have happened had we said catcher on the test. That was a choice.


Oh, I know. I’ve been playing too. And still progress is slow, because…magpie. Big places to explore. Valuable loot to collect. I don’t blame either one of us.

I returned some overdue books at a different location, and I guess it must just have declared all fine waived after 150 years or something, because there was no mention of it. I exchanged some tokens for random items I figured I could use in crafting, like toothpaste, and then Mr. O’ said that the BPL book return actually has something good in it, so I will save up any future overdue book credits.

The problem is, I can’t remember where I left the overdue books I’d picked up and dumped somewhere earlier, so I may never get any more credits. Sniffle.

It would have been interesting if one of us had said ‘catcher’ (why didn’t we?). Next time we play…HA! I think I’m even less likely to play this game again than I am to play the Witcher 3 again. And that’s very unlikely.


Plus Boston you can’t NOT magpie. There’s a new location every three feet. And you discover it, and, what, you’re NOT going to go in? I don’t think so.

BPL does have a good book return prize, and I was SO happy I didn’t get a toy car. There’s a lesson there for the kids, isn’t there? Don’t jump at the toy car.

There’s plenty more overdue books. There’s even some on the floor of the library. Someone was THIS CLOSE to returning them. I mean, I get it. If you hear the missiles are coming, you’re probably going to rush to try to get those books back, aren’t you?

Cuz you’re a librarian.


That is a valuable lesson. Save your book return tokens! Don’t just spend them all on the first toy you see!

Boston is hard not to magpie. “I’ll just go look at that place, just so it’s on my map…well, maybe I’ll step inside, just to see what’s there…well, now I’m caught up in a firefight with a bunch of synths and super mutants, I guess I might as well see how that plays out…”


Pretty much. It happens even if you don’t want it to. You’re just strolling, then DING. Or you get shot at, so you try to run/find cover and DING. I found two places just running away from a Legendary Mr. Gutsy (that was one tough mofo).

I’m TRYING to get where I’m supposed to go!

In game excuse: Jessica is obviously very fashionable. Was probably well off prewar (she WAS a lawyer). She’s just GOT to poke her head into places on Newbury street. Makes perfect sense.


Yes, I’m very frequently on my way to somewhere, then run into something that wants to kill me, so TRYING to save time I try to find a way around the thing instead of getting into a big fight, and then I run into something I need to explore instead.

In-game excuse: Frances is a magpie. I’m just playing my character.


My excuse is better.

Role. Playing. Playing a role. She needs that ammo.

Actually, she does. Ammo seems scarce in a way it wasn’t in other fallouts. I’m running with Curie now, and that helps. When you give a cool gun to someone, they just suck the ammo. Yes, yes, yes, not for the default, but Piper’s is a 10mm. Gave her a cool rifle and a combat shotgun, which made her badass but MAN did it suck down the ammo.


I am so playing a role! It’s the role of someone who is simultaneously fascinated and horrified by how much the world has changed from what she remembers, and can’t resist checking out various aspects of it. And also, someone who has become starkly aware that there are a lot of things that want to kill her here, and who therefore is extremely interested in accurately working out little details of the landscape like where the gangs of murderous super mutants live. Exploration is an extremely personal interest of hers!

Ammo IS scarce. I am pretty constantly running out of it, or having only one type left and being reduced to using a totally inappropriate weapon as a result (usually I have .38…or is it .308? whichever one I currently have 700 of, and none of anything else). And yes, I’ve noticed that with companions. It’s kind of at the point that I just want to let them keep using their default so they’ll always have endless ammunition, but there are so many much better guns they could be using!

Settlers, too. I was trying to arm the settlers with some of the decent-but-I-have-better guns I’d find, but they just run out of ammunition if it’s not the same as whatever their default used, and I’m NOT about to spend my time shuttling various types of ammunition to settlements, so I’ve given up on that. Sorry guys…I was going to give you a nice armory to fight off these raiders and super mutants and blood bugs, but I can’t afford to keep you in ammo, so just use whatever you came here with. Oh, a splintery board? Well, good luck with that.


Man, how long did it take you to think of THAT justification?

Nicely done.

Curie is surprisingly badass with her default thing. She’s saving me a ton.

I love me the laser thingy I got from the Brotherhood, but MAN that ammo is rare. And expensive. Also, the minigun (which saved my ASS last night) chews through ammo and how. You’re like, “Hey! I have 900 rounds! Bring it!” and then you realize that’s like three seconds.

Wait, you can arm the settlers? Shit. I just figured out how to get the new ones to grow corn. Well, turrets. They’re…guns.

Though guess what? You BUILD the magazine rack! And it looks great. And spins.


I came up with that in about 3 minutes. I’m good! Rationalization is a key skill, and will serve me well in the post-apocalypse.

Curie IS badass with her defaults! I need to travel with her some more. Nick is great, but I need to hang with my other people too.

You can arm the settlers, but as I said, unless it’s something that uses the same ammo their default did, they’re probably just going to be whining for bullets in 10 minutes.