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Minor spoilers for the U.S.S. Constitution plot (mainly that it involves robots–sorry!)


I’ll start! I went back to the U.S.S. Constitution, sided with the robots, did their thing for them, and then in classic Skyrim fashion was immediately told “OK, now can you do this other thing?” Did it. “OK, now can you do this one last other thing?”

FINE. But first I’m going to Diamond City.

Went to Diamond City in the daytime when folk were awake, talked to people, picked up some fetch quests, forgot to dress up and lost my negotiation for a bigger fee, then put on my nice clothes and demanded more money from the next guy. Talked to Piper, gave her the interview…told her the truth (everyone somehow already knows I was in a vault, so whatever, maybe if they know I’m looking for my son someone will come forward with a clue, right?). Emphasized hope and not giving up and Codsworth liked that.

Agreed to travel with Piper, and, inspired by my own story and by Piper’s personal interest in kidnapped people, went off to follow up on the Shaun lead that I previously gave up on in frustration because of doors chained from the other side. Found out I must have accidentally told Piper to stay there?…or something?…because as usual when big stuff goes down, I turned out to be alone. But I was too impatient to go back for her or anyone else–this place was half cleared out when I gave up last time, it’ll be fine! I’ll just look around a bit!

I still don’t know if I was ever on the other side of those chained doors, but I found the elevator I’d missed last time, and went down to the next level. Lots of fighting. Added a note to the “if you’re in the middle of a linear mission and you find a bunch of medical supplies, something bad is ahead,” which goes “if you’re in the middle of a linear mission and you find a Fat Man and a couple of mini-nukes, you might want to take them along.”

Finished that exciting adventure (spoiler!–didn’t find Shaun), and then just wound down with some settlement maintenance last night, because settlements are all full of cranky, demanding people always whining about how they don’t have food or water or beds or whatever.

So yeah, that was my weekend.


AH MAN THAT? I HATE that. C’mon, game, you’ve been so unSkyrim. No mountains or anything.

Finally Diamond City.

I did the same when I told Piper my story. I wanted her to like me. It’s cool how you answer stuff changes things.

She, too, did not seem to care much that you are 200 years old. Nor, strangely, do others once they read it. Why is everyone taking this in stride?

YOU LOST PIPER? Where is your Piper? It’s bad enough we lost the dog. The dog is not a cutie with a backstory! Find your Piper, dammit!

Piper’s never left ME. I gotta play. I miss Piper.

Oh, shit the Fat Man rule IS worse than the cupply cache. We can probably add a rider to our rule that you can tell how bad shit’s gonna be based on the ammo crate before the shit. 10mm rounds? Pfft. Nothing. Fusion cells? Hmm. Better save. Mini Nukes?


I envy your weekend very, very much. I got nothin.’


I don’t know, she seemed kind of interested–not specifically in my chronological age, but she asked “so you actually saw the world before the bomb?!” or something, indicating that she had noted my origins and recognized what it meant that I’d been frozen. She didn’t specifically say “wow, you’re ancient!” or anything, but she might just have been being polite. Not that politeness is what brash, intrepid reporters are known for.

I know, I don’t know how I keep losing companions. I’ll be thinking we’re good, and then notice that hey, there’s no one here to carry my loot! Not that it mattered…we would have been overloaded with that Fat Man anyway. Damn thing weighs about a ton. But I don’t so much mind moving slowly when I’m sneaking down hallways trying to be stealthy. Fits the mood, really.

I’ll go back to Diamond City…I probably left her there.

Did you meet that guy, Sheffler or Shufflin, or something? Sitting on the ground in Diamond City muttering about how he needed a Nuka Cola? He works for me, now. Another person to try to sometimes spend time with.

It’s a whole different dynamic, but you know, sometimes I miss BioWare’s larger parties just because you don’t have to pick the ONE person you’re going to travel with.


Yeah, Piper was interested, but she DIDN’T say “C’mon, you on jet or something?” which is what I would have said. Nope. She just wanted the story.

C’mon, man. You gotta find her. She has story.

Yeah, I met that guy. I like that he was all “Hey! I will now work for you forever cuz cola!” Maybe he hopes there’ll be more. Wait until he finds out it’s nothing but gourds.

There is the downside of having to pick only one person, but then, I DO like that you can sorta focus on one dude for a while. There isn’t all this “Now I have to talk to everyone in Skyhold to see if anything’s up” stuff. If something’s up, the person you’re with will tell you.

Hey, at least we HAVE characters. Better than Skyrim.


True, but people are used to weird stuff coming out of vaults. “You were frozen for 200 years, eh? Yeah, OK, that sounds like something Vault Tec would do.”

I mean, WE don’t put much of anything past Vault Tec at this point, so why would these people who actually live among the results of their twisted social experiments?

Yeah, that Schuster guy’s in for a rude awakening if he thinks I’m going to keep giving him cola. I don’t pay any of the rest of them anything–even a cola is too much! I’ll give you one if I think there might be XP in it for me, but it’s not going to be a regular thing. Here, have an irradiated melon.


Are people used to weird stuff from vaults? I mean, Vault 81 didn’t seem to know they were being experimented on, so people wouldn’t think “Ah, right! THEY were weird!” No one came out of Vault 111. Your character, who was born in a vault, didn’t know in 3…. I don’t think it’s common knowledge that Vault Tec was up to things.

A big part of Vault Tec’s thing was that people weren’t supposed to know that they were experimented on.

And hey, my gourds are perfectly rad free. As is the water. And really, if you have water and gourds, you should be all set. It IS the wasteland. And I build real beds, not that sleeping bag shit. Granted, they’re just sorta piled up haphazardly, because who can be bothered? But still. Beds.

Of course, I DID put a little private bed for Piper and me in my old house. Weird? I dunno. Too soon?


Hm…Piper calling you “Blue” and saying that even though you (or at least I) weren’t wearing the vault suit, your “fish out of water” expression was a giveaway of your origins made me assume she, and by extension the larger society, was familiar with weirdos who’d emerged from vaults and told various strange stories. I figured they’d have heard enough to make them casual about some new bizarre tale.

And given how easy it is to find information about the experiments on their terminals, I sort of assumed that vault dwellers would have figured out that part over the years…although I suppose just because I can hack into the terminals doesn’t mean anyone else has ever figured out their genius security system.

But you’ve played more Fallout than I have, so you’re probably right.

Ha–my beds are SO piled up haphazardly. I basically just turn structures into barracks. “So you need 6 beds? Here they are, all over the floor wherever they’d fit. If they don’t fit, I’ll build a tiny shed in the yard and fill IT with beds. Y’all can fight over who gets to sleep in the leaky shed versus the half-collapsed pre-war structure.”

What kind of annoys me is that you can’t FIX pre-war structures. Sometimes it’ll be like there’s a basically complete house except the roof is gone: why can’t I just put a new roof on it? But it won’t seem to let me attach my constructed ‘roof’ segments to a wall I didn’t build. And you know the first thing people would be doing in this situation is trying to repair existing buildings. It’s just common sense. Why start from scratch if you have four functional walls? They even still have nice wallpaper on them! Just put a damn roof on top!

What’s ESPECIALLY annoying is the times when there’s an existing building that you can neither repair nor scrap. It’s just got to sit there, full of holes, bringing down property values in my carefully planned community. (Hahahahahahaha! My communities are so carefully planned, sometimes the guard posts aren’t even facing the right direction. “You need defense? Here, keep watch over your fellow residents from this post. You never know when one of them might try something.”)


Well, remember, in Vault 81 those terminals were hidden and only the jet head found them.

Also, even in our vault, the experiments weren’t supposed to last that long, and most of the people actually running them are long gone.

I mean, things might have changed in 10 years. Ya never know. But it hasn’t been the case in other FO games that anyone, including vault dwellers, know jack about Vault Tec. And when you add that the person most able to spill the beans, that is, your FO3 character, dies, well….

So true! Let the settlers handle their own issues. After all, we are also supplying you with gourds.

I never noticed that you can’t fix the existing structures. So true.

Oh shit the guard posts are directional?

I can’t believe I have to assign someone. I mean, if a raider comes by, what, they’re just going to say “You know? I COULD go up there and man that machine gun, but Jessica told me to farm this gourd, and farm this gourd I will.”

I mean, I admire their dedication, but dudes…..


I suppose that’s true, the terminals with the experiment info on them were in the hidden wing in 81, which was the Overseer’s section or whatever. I guess I just encountered them in 111 so soon after I started playing that I got it in my head that the information was readily available, even though I think they were in the overseer’s apartment there too.

Yeah, it does seem odd that you have to specifically tell someone to be on guard and someone else to work on food…I don’t know these people! I don’t know their strengths! There should be a “tell the settlers to work out a chore rotation on their own” option.

“Look, everyone: I can’t always be around, and I don’t want to be your boss. You’re the ones who live here! I want this to be a self-governing community, both because you’re grown adults who can figure this out, and because I really can’t be bothered.”

I don’t know if it actually matters in terms of their defense value, but yeah, the guard posts have a side that’s technically supposed to be facing out. Obviously, this is not the side that’s automatically facing out when you construct the damn things, so I think about half of mine are set up the wrong way. Because who pays attention to that?

Um…besides weirdos like Mr. O’ who notice details and actually THINK about the organization of their settlements.


In fallout one, the overseer had massive guns hidden in his chair that pretty much shredded you if you asked too many questions. Probably the same deal.

The “be adults” option needs to happen.

As for Mr. O’, just as most of my Witcher 3 time was gwent, his Fallout 4 time is gourds.


Gwent, gourds, uncontrollable looting…we all have our weaknesses. It’s a sign of the vast scope of games that they can hook us all so well.


I’m serious that gourds are like the only stuff I ever have. And mutfruit. Sparse eating.

I hope no one ate my missing dog. Got tired of gourds.


I had some corn. Planted it all at Blood Bug Terrace last night, though. I think I harvested it at Graygarden…I need to go there, harvest some of their food, and plant it at other settlements. Graygarden has a LOT of food. Their food production is kind of out of control, and they don’t even eat. I’m not sure what they do with it. But, you know robots…if growing food is what they do, that’s what they’re going to do.

I want to set up a beacon there and get some humans to staff the guard posts, but I was out of copper or something the last time I was there. So many components…


I had that problem. No copper.

Did you listen to your radio message? It’s rather themey. Very. Next time you’re near a beacon tune it in.

I still hope these settlements aren’t important in the endgame.


My…radio message? I guess not?

I followed a couple of distress signals that were just beeps (got caught up in super mutant battles, happily one of them had a missile launcher I was able to snag and use against the others). I heard the DJ talking about how Sanctuary had been founded, how the presumed-extinct Minutemen were involved, and how Nick Valentine is looking for someone (clearly Shaun, although he didn’t specify).

Nothing else themey of late that I recall.


No no. The message you personally send out from the recruitment beacon to get more dudes.


Oh!–no, I think I caught a few seconds of it once, but was looking for something else. Now I always mean to and then I forget about it until I get the ‘recruiting signal has been lost’ note, and then think “oh well, next time.”


Listen to the whole thing. It’s very interesting re themes. We’ll talk later.