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Some mild location spoilers and speculation about what companions like


I found the romanceable redhead! For real! The SASSY romanceable redhead!

But hold on, I’ll get there.

So finished up in the comic shop. Found Boston Common, listened to some episodes of the Silver Shroud for fun (Galaxy News Radio was the radio station in 3, call back!), found “Cheers!” (called Prost, you can find the characters there as skeletons) which had a safe I couldn’t open but was good for a chuckle, found the swan pond………… have you found the swan pond? Killed dudes, killed some other dudes, killed a SHITTON of dudes with grenades before I remembered that I, too, have grenades, found the combat zone, killed dudes, met the sassy redhead, recruited her, hit save.

She’s a tough one, so I gave her the Grognak the Barbarian outfit I have that really does have great bonuses, and, well, you like skimpy armor. It’s as fetching as it is ridiculous.


Certainly, as a woman, I like nothing better than skimpy armor. Especially if it’s pink. Chicks dig pink stuff. Apparently.

I didn’t play last night, so I’ve got nothing, but I will complain about something from the weekend, which is that at one point I was fighting a Legendary Mirelurk Hunter, which was a total monster and kept killing me, and I finally got it by using most of my grenades, a good chunk of my mines, vast quantities of healing, and all my heavy ammunition, and then it GLITCHED INTO THE CEILING as it died.

Completely vanished. Nothing to loot. Not even how sometimes there will be a tiny piece of shell or something that you can collect loot from. A legendary monster! I spent vast resources on killing it (which, by the way, I pretty much had to do because it was blocking my exit from this building)! And I got nothing!

It was a bitter reminder of the cruel nature of the post-apocalyptic wasteland. But I certainly wasn’t about to try again.

I’ll have to head back to the downtown area soon to look for bars, comic book shops, and redheads. Plus there’s the Freedom Trail I have to follow. Although I do have to fetch some paint from Hardwaretown for the Wall, and look for some baseball memorabilia…and go back to the Diamond City bars with Piper in case she loosens peoples’ tongues so they’ll give me quests…and finish that ONE LAST THING for U.S.S. Constitution robots…


This outfit is kinda funny. I’ll send you a screenshot. I mean, I did not expect such silliness. But the bonuses are really good. It’s a legendary piece of gear that gives mad bonuses. I haven’t been wearing it cuz I don’t really do melee, but redhead does. Cheeky of Bethesda to give out something so bonusy to get you to equip it one someone only to have it seem to have a build in wonderbra.

At least it’s not pink.

Oh DUDE that disappearing enemy sucks. That almost happened to me. Thing died and glitched into a pile of rubble. But luckily it was a glowing one, and I just made out one little glowing pinkie finger or something, and got my loot (the chameleon chest piece. Score.) But then, loot giveth, and loot taketh away.

The two fetch quests are quick if you fast travel and don’t magpie. Don’t magpie. Except by the baseball one cuz there’s stuff you missed. I haven’t even found the freedom trail. Or gone back to chat with the Brotherhood. Or found Park street (but I’m close!). I must be close to the freedom trail/Park street cuz I’m in Chinatown, which is, like, right there. Still haven’t found the Constitution either. I’ll make sure I’m there with Curie so she likes me.

On that, it’s weird. Preston and Piper went for me like that, and Curie and…the other guy you haven’t met, don’t seem to give a fuck about whatever I do either way. CARE people! Redhead is still too new.

This game does not lack for stuff to do.

Did you talk to Cronin about what baseball “was?” Funny. I tried to tell him otherwise but no.

By the way, Joe Cronin was, in real life, a legendary Red Sox manager back in the day.


If it’s not pink, it’s dead to me.

But yeah, I haven’t been much for melee. My Skyrim character was a tank, and I played Geralt very melee-heavy in the Witcher 3, so I’m switching things up by pretty much shooting everything this time through. Even if it’s two feet away from me! Shotgun time!

I carry a shock baton just on principle, because I feel I should have SOME melee weapon, but I’ve never actually used it. I think the only time I used a melee attack was way back in vault 111, before I’d found a gun yet, when I had to punch some radroaches. Not much for mixing it up, Frances.

You must just not be Curie’s type. She was liking me quite a bit last time I saw her, although I haven’t traveled with her lately.


It’s more a soft-porn cavewoman kind of look. You should give it to Garvey.

Not melee myself, ergo my giving it away. Not my thing. I like my military fatigues. And I have a matching set for my girl.

My spiked baseball bat is there for the molerats. It just makes molerats go away. Whack!

Dude, how does Curie like you? She doesn’t even register me. I took her to a fucking LIBRARY and nothing!


Ooh, you know who would look great in that is Shundler, or whatever his name was–the Nuka-Cola guy. He’s kind of scruffy already: a touch of cave-dweller would WORK for him.

I found the military fatigues, but I’m still wearing my lucky jeans and undershirt. They’re lucky because they give a plus 1 to luck, you see.

I can’t remember what Curie liked, aside from robot/human love and caring for children when we went to the school. Chemistry, maybe? I feel like she liked me making something.


They give a CRAZY bonus though, like +3 to endurance and %15 to melee or something. Why waste?

See, shit, I did that school stuff before I met Curie. Curse me and my trying to find DC! But Piper also liked it so ok. I dunno about chemistry. She didn’t like it when I accidentally took a chem. Maybe cooking? Showing her I can use deft culinary technique to rid things of radiation?


Why waste, indeed. Schifflin will enjoy them, when I take away his gun and give him a bat with nails in it to face the feral hordes.

I do like having someone get into melee while I stand back and shoot. Suits my style.


Except there’s always that one sniper raider WAY UP THERE. Or you’ll be sneaking and companion will be all CHARGE! Curie keeps doing that. Stop it Curie!


Yeah, it’s true, snipers are a constant annoyance, and the melee-happy companions do tend to CHARGE (Codsworth too–robots have no fear). But I say, let them charge: they have to be true to themselves, and anyway, in an ideal world, they can draw sniper fire while I lurk and do my own sniping.


Except Curie has this annoying habit of saying “Oh…hostiles…” missing the whole mine/grenade thing and two seconds later “I have been heet!” and she’s out. And you can’t stimpack her.


Enh, she’ll come around. You can’t Stimpak her? I swear the game invited me to Stimpak Codsworth once, which I found odd–and didn’t try, because I usually prefer to just let them recover on their own. I have about 112 of the darn things, so I COULD spare one for a loyal companion, but…but…they heal and I don’t (without sleep)! I might need it later for myself!


How on EARTH do you have that many? Don’t say you sell stuff. I look for those all over! I have 8. 8!


No, in this game I don’t sell stuff, because I take everything back to my settlements.

I seem to find Stimpaks in pretty much every bathroom first aid kit I see, and I don’t use them that often because I have all this food, so they accumulate. Do you have it on ‘brutal’ difficulty or something, that you never find them? Seriously, I find them a lot. I don’t think I’ve ever bought one.


I find them, but I use them. Usually them and not food, because they heal faster and I’m usually using them in panic in combat. I have enough food for everyone. But do I share my snack cakes? No. Gourds for you!!!!


Maybe you’re fighting things you should be leaving alone, dude. Ha.

I don’t know, I don’t need them that often in combat. I usually do a “help I’m dying I’ll run over here and hide and eat something and come back in 30 seconds when it kicks in” thing. If I can’t get any breathing room I’ll Stimpak, but it really doesn’t come up that often. Obviously, considering my massive stockpile.

I don’t share food either. People can find their own damn food. Is anyone feeding ME? No.

Well, that and no one WANTS my food. I think I’ve become a pretty good cook considering what I’ve got to work with, but somehow no one ever seems to be interested in my bloatfly steak.


The things I should be leaving alone generally kill the hell out of me.

Again…..duck pond? Boston Common? Sheeeeee-it.

Sometimes, though, one just can’t wait for food. Like when one is inside. The food and water just take too damn long to work.

Other people kinda deserve nothing but the gourds. I mean, here’s a bunch of starving people living next to a place that is crammed with, well, cram. And instamash and fancy lads snack cakes etc. I mean, 210 years and NO ONE thought to look in there? No one at all? I mean, there’s a bounty of salisbury steaks just waiting, and here they are scraping out a meager living of tatoes and razorgrain.

They follow us cuz we were the first people in two centuries who had the brains to figure out that looking INSIDE buildings might be a good idea.

Piper does give me gumdrops. Sigh. Piper.


I don’t know what to tell you, man. Food works for me. I mean, not always, I do die, but as a general rule over the course of the game so far, relying mainly on food is working for me.

Maybe I secretly took the “gain more, faster healing from food” perk that no one knows exists.

Damn, it is so true that people these days can’t seem to notice the obvious. “Maybe there’s food in there. Maybe I should look around for things I could use for parts to build other things.”

I sometimes want to scream WHY DOES NO ONE FREAKING LOOT AROUND HERE?!

It seems like a straightforward concept: there’s stuff lying around! Let’s use it! And yet…nothing.

Maybe the radiation has done something to their brains.