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Some mild spoilers for clothing and who can be a companion


Well, I decided to run with redhead for a while (holy SHIT she is badassed) so instead of going to park street decided to mop up one of the diamond city quests you didn’t get yet cuz I thought it was close, and forgot that east Boston is on the other side of the harbor there, and had to trek over the old bridge which took longer than I thought, then there were fights, and fights and all. Didn’t play long, but there was a lot of boom boom. I did run into guys from two factions that I hadn’t heard of (mostly) before and they were very heavily armed.

Redhead also likes lockpicking. I’m so in. She also likes wine. I kinda like her.

Guess I’ll get the threesome of shame. Ah, well.


Redheads ARE like that. Badass, lock-picking, wine…sounds about right. At least the wine part.

I only played for a bit. Tended to a couple more settlements, picked up the dog (check the doghouse in Sanctuary…it’s behind a blue –I swear that’s the right color this time!–house to the right of the workshop area, and that’s where he was for me). Went to Hardwaretown for paint for the Wall. I’d already been there chasing off raiders for one of the settlements, but there were a few more raiders since then, which was OK because they’d restocked some of the various supplies around the place. Then, since I’m also close to the baseball memorabilia quest area, I might as well do that too before I go back to Diamond City to find Piper. Set off that way, found the Mass Pike, made a bit of progress cross country, but then it was bedtime.


Yeah…… you’re a librarian. Though I do know you well enough to know the wine part is very accurate.

Man, fucking dog. I even BUILT him a fucking doghouse right by where you spawn to when you fast travel but NOOOOO. I will look for the dog.

Yeah, get everything you need for those fetchy bits before going back to DC.

And when you’re over in that part of the world, find a radio tower. When you find radio towers, you get radio signals that ALWAYS lead to neat little side bits and there’s a good one out that way.

Why’d you get the dog? Do you need the dog? What if I need the dog?


Badass, lock-picking, wine…librarian…but I repeat myself.

You don’t need the dog. I only got him because I was in Sanctuary all by myself and wanted someone to come haul loot for me, and I found the dog before I found Codsworth. Plus, I mean, I hadn’t seen him in a while! I missed his furry face! He definitely has that “Enemies? CHARGE!!!!!” thing going on, though. I was debating whether to just sneak by a couple of raiders, and then he attacked and decided for me. Not the stealthiest of the companions, that’s for sure.

I tried to get the Nuka-Cola dude to come with me, but he wouldn’t respond. No companion conversation options or anything. I guess “want to come work for me?” doesn’t mean “be a companion,” it just means “go to one of my settlements.” It was still probably a step up for him, from shuddering in chem withdrawal and begging for cola on the DC streets. Here, he’s got honest labor and all the gourds he can eat!


No, not stealthy. Well, he is a dog.

And it’s really heartbreaking when he gets hurt and whimpers. I do not like that.

And yeah, those dudes you can recruit are like “free gourd tending dudes.” Not companion type dudes.

After I get to Park Street (IF I get to Park street) I’m going to go do the BoS quests mostly cuz I want to see how Piper reacts to them. I had Garvey with me, hadn’t met Piper, and I think that might be interesting.

It has nothing WHATSOEVER to do with the fact that maybe she should try on the barbarian outfit.


I need to get back to the BoS quests…not the biggest fan of the organization, but they probably have some interesting stories. Plus, from a character standpoint, it makes sense to get in and try to figure out what they’re about from the inside, so to speak. For good or ill, they seem to be here, so it behooves interested citizens of the Commonwealth to try to determine what that means. And with my settlement-building and recruitment tendencies, I obviously have an interest in the future of the Commonwealth, so this is potentially a big deal for me. What does the presence of the Brotherhood of Steel mean for my settlers? As a leader, on whom my people depend for important desk fan deliveries and assignment of gourd-tending duties, I need to know.


Well, there’s also the fact that we were sorta herded that way and ignored it. I mean, they were right there on the way to DC. We met the minutemen, then the BoS, then, had we behaved, Piper. So really, I think the narrative WANTS us to do those quests. And we like narrative. Really, we do. Usually.

See, if you’re a FO veteran, your concerns are actually valid. See, it was interesting in FONV that the Brotherhood and the NCR didn’t exactly get along. At least to me. Why? Well, way back when in FO1, your character (probably) helps out a sleepy little settlement called shady sands. Shady Sands is, basically, a settlement in FO4, raising grain, repelling raiders, pumping water, etc. The Brotherhood is apathetic, but as it grows into the NCR over the course of 2 and FONV, they get more and more up in each other’s business, becoming less friendly (The NCR does not appear in FO3, nor do any references to it). So, if your FO4 settlements are gonna thrive, it stands to reason that the Brotherhood may not like that. Best to find out.


We USUALLY like narrative. Honestly, I was mostly leery of being locked into siding with one faction over another, like in Skyrim, which was why I gave Danse a vague answer and then bolted. It was early in the game, and I couldn’t tell yet whether things were going to break along strict Brotherhood/something else lines right away, so I hesitated to commit. But now, having learned a bit more about the situation in the Commonwealth, I’m ready to go back and at least pretend to be a loyal friend of the Brotherhood, the better to figure out what they want here.

Who knows? Flawed as they are, they might turn out to be the better side in some major conflict later on. Maybe our only hope against the Institute or something of the like. I’d best try to find out as much as I can in the meantime.


I feel exactly the same way. Cuz I wikied that whole “Am I committing” thing. I did. Sorry.

But I really must find Valentine. Especially as I now know this puts us nowhere near the endgame.

Which is kinda hard to believe. I mean, I got the “Discover 100 locations” trophy last night. 100! And are we near the endgame? I don’t think so. Are we? You’re ahead of me.

I don’t know a thing about the institute except Piper doesn’t like them. Like REEEEEALY doesn’t like them. And she’s cute. I mean, cool.


NOBODY likes the Institute. Or knows anything about them. They’re the mysterious boogie man of this whole game. Which is why there’s got to be some good story there!

I’m quite sure I’m nowhere near the endgame. I don’t think even Mr. O’, who has spent approximately four times as long in the game as me (four days and something, as opposed to my one day and something), is anywhere near the endgame. We’re in no danger of accidentally running into the conclusion to the story at this point. Go find Nick! We can discuss the Shaun-related info that results!

Without in any way approaching the endgame.


Yes, but at least three and a half of his days have been trying to get that picture centered just right on that wall he build on that place where that other house used to be…..

I bet his beds aren’t just jumbled around. He’s a perfectionist. The settlement thing must be simultaneously causing him great joy and great stress.


It’s true, a good portion of his time IS spent on settlements. And no, he doesn’t like to just toss beds anyhow (and you can bet his guard posts are all facing the right direction). If there’s a special bonus for well-managed settlements during some final battle, he’s totally going to get it, and we’re totally going to be screwed. Oh well.

So far he seems to be having way more fun with it than he is stressed by it, though, so…different strokes, I guess. Some people just like settlement management. As we’ve discussed, he does also enjoy Minecraft.


Indeed. To each their own.

But in my defense, I can’t set up supply lines until Garvey does….something or something… and he’s still stuck way the fuck down where he is waiting. And wait he shall. I have other interesting companions. And I’m guessing that Valentine will a) become yet another and b) be interesting. Right?

We are so screwed. At least with Mass Effect, when I lost, like, Jack and Mordin at my first go around, I could redo, like, half an hour (and I did. Sue me). This? Not replaying two damn days. Hope it’s Garvey that gets it and not Piper.

Ok…. so….. we gotta compare notes. How many companions do you have? And who? I know you have Dog, Curie, Garvey and Piper. Which means I have two you don’t (and I haven’t met Valentine.) So how much code do I/we have to talk in?


I have Dog, Codsworth, Curie, Garvey, Nick Valentine (yes he will become another companion, and yes interesting), and Piper. Although I haven’t traveled with Piper at all yet. I think Nick’s the only one you haven’t met yet?

We are pretty screwed, because yeah, no way I’m replaying two solid days. (I also re-did an hour or so of ME2 to save people: no judgment here.) If someone dies in this game…sorry, whomever. I’ll miss you. Probably.

Yeah, Mr. O’ is very into supply lines, which I also haven’t set up yet. Says it makes it easier to do…something or other. I think he originally thought it would allow you to use materials stored in any workshop from any settlement?–but that it doesn’t actually do that, but still lets you send resources from one place to another.

I’m sure I’ll get there eventually, once Garvey does something or something, which he probably won’t do until we storm the castle with him. Which is totally on my to-do list, Garvey! I swear! I’ll be right there! Just gotta find a baseball card for some random dude I just met. Don’t take it as a reflection on our friendship that this somehow takes priority over a mission which you’ve clearly indicated is very important to you!


I haven’t met Nick, I have all of your other companions, the redhead in the awesome outfit whose screenshot I sent you, and the guy I picked up finishing Trinity Towers, about whom I will say nothing except finish Trinity Towers.

In FO2, companions could die. I lost all of them except one. Even my dog. Poor dog. Better not lose Piper.

Ah man the benefit I WANT is sharing resources. THAT would be handy. I’m sure I’ll get to it. Someday.

Hey, it’s Garvey’s own fault I’m not helping him. If you want someone to do something, you probably don’t want to couch it in terms of “Very strong water monster that my WHOLE FUCKING paramilitary group can’t beat.” That is not a good way to encourage cooperation. You have to soft sell the actual difficulty of the task until it is too late not to do the task.


All right, all right, I gotta go back to Trinity Towers, AND go find Piper, AND scout around until I meet a redhead. After I find an autographed baseball card.

Ha–very true about Garvey. He should have gone with another angle.

“There’s this place we used to own, but then, um, something happened, I dunno, we all just got tired of gourds or something and moved on, and maybe a little monster or two moved in after we left or something so we might have to fight a bit…it’s all a little hazy with time and insignificance, honestly, but the point is I was thinking it would be a good spot to take back for the movement!”

At this point we’re used to his “this would be a good spot for a settlement!” announcements, so we would have bought it immediately. “Oh sure, let’s go right now!”

But no, he had to talk about how Godzilla came out of the deep and destroyed the entire population or whatever. NOT making this sound appealing, man.


Exactly! He could have been all “Hey, no super mutant suiciders!” which is probably true, and we’d have been fine. Always better to say “Hey, there isn’t the very nasty things you’re used to” than to say “There’s stuff that’s FAR worse than the very nasty things you’re used to.”

This is why Garvey isn’t leading things himself. Bad personal skills. No wonder we’d rather screw a robot.

All he should have said was “Dude, I know a spot with MAD loot and XP,” and we would’ve put it number one on the list.

“They have those bobbleheads you like for some reason…..” We’d kill godzilla twice for that.


For bobbleheads? At least twice!

“Garvey. You’re a good dude. Just …don’t try a career in advertising.”


Or modelling.

I do like that when you put him in the dress, he had the sense to also wear the heels. The heels kind of make that outfit. And you have to give credit to anyone who can sprint through the underbrush away from a mirelurk while holding a shotgun……in heels.



Heels? Dress? I only put him in a Hawaiian shirt. Well, and an armor/underwear combo.


Dude he had heels. Go check your screenshots.


Eeeeeeeeenh…those are sensible flats, not heels. I stand by that. Although I admit that I misremembered the design of the top. I remembered the outfit was called ‘vacation wear’ or something about vacations, so my brain applied a Hawaiian print (because duh!–says my brain), and in fact it was a much less colorful blue-shirt-and-yellow-shorts set. My bad.