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Some fairly major spoilers about the quest with the bartender from the Dugout at Diamond City, and the aftermath thereof


Cleaned out a fish plant, got a magazine, found the start of the freedom trail (the robot amused me) and found something worth talking about: The Boylston Club. Did you find that? It’s near the common, and we should talk about it.

And then I got to PARK STREET! And immediately was informed a settlement was under attack so I left Park street and did a fight. But then I went back to PARK STREET! And killed a bazillion gangsters and I think there’s a vault and I saved and went to bed.

And got to the point that redhead is talking to me about life. No quest yet, though.

The Boylston Club had themes.


Bad news is, I went back to Diamond City and I CAN’T FIND PIPER. Last place I saw here was in her house/office, where I THOUGHT I told her to come with me, but apparently I actually said “never let me see your face again, lady,” because she didn’t wind up following me, and now she’s not at home either. Or anywhere around Diamond City that I can find.

Siiiiiiigh. I have the worst luck with companions. I was out with the dog later, and you know how sometimes you mean to talk to them to trade or whatever, but you accidentally get into the “go over there” mode? Well, I got STUCK in that mode, so I had to keep telling the dog to move to get him to come with me! Otherwise, he just stood there. I kept trying to click out of it, or get to the conversation options so I could hit “follow” but it wasn’t working.

Companions have very mixed feelings about me. They SAY they like me and want to spend time with me, but something about me just makes them want to wander off and hide.

Mr. O’ said (minor spoiler) that there’s a major quest later where you have to talk to Piper, so presumably at that point she’ll HAVE to show up in her office/house (I hope: otherwise, that quest is screwed for me). I don’t really know what to do but wait for that, and I suppose check in at her house whenever I’m in town in case she shows up. Keep an eye out for her in other settlements, I suppose, although I’m pretty sure I didn’t send her to some other settlement because that’s kind of an obvious decision screen that would have been hard to do accidentally, but honestly, who the hell knows given my history with companions?

Anyway, after delivering the green paint and baseball memorabilia and failing to find Piper, I was approached by the aggrieved husband from the Dugout Bar, who asked me to make the bartender leave his wife alone. I said sure, because why not + money, and went to talk to the bartender, who said fine, he’d leave the woman alone, and then convinced me to help him backstab some chem-dealing colleagues. I’m feeling a LITTLE dubious about this turn towards the criminal, but I can’t resist a quest!

Then I went with the bartender…did you do that bit?

Wound up near Back Street Apparel, cleared that out. Was in the neighborhood of Trinity Tower, so went over there and killed some super mutants. Worked my way up to I think the second-to-last floor, but by then it was 10 o’clock and I just couldn’t stay up to finish it.

So that’s where I am. In Trinity Tower, with the dog.


Dude, you are just getting careless. How do you LOSE people? Dogs, ok. Dogs be dogs. But dude.

Ok, if that happens that you get stuck in Command mode, hit circle. Circle toggles you right out of that mode. Then go back and hit command, and talk, and follow. Done.

Cumbersome, but that’s how it is.

And look around a lot. When I almost lost Piper, I pretty much twirl around from time to time to make sure whoever is supposed to be there is there. Especially before you fast travel.

Maybe you need to wear more sequins. Or maybe the words that you like to dress them in drag gets around. For the record, when you meet redhead, you’ll know that the cavewoman thing is completely her thing.

Yeah, that would be bad if she’s in some random settlement. One of the good things about having a “Talk to Preston” objective in a quest is that the little square will pop up where he is. This is helpful. Someone should make a find companions patch.

I did do that bartender bit, so we can talk. That is, if you didn’t do the Boylston Club, which has themes to spare.

Indeed, I mopped up the very end bit of that bit last night.

He was a very nasty dude, it turned out. I kinda thought he was just really a lecherous dude, but no. Nasty. I gotta say, the rather casual way he just shot that poor ghoul lady after she talked was a bit of a shock, a “Hey….uh…..what?” moment. I wasn’t keen on that. But hey, I needed the caps.

I’m kinda curious, given the overall themes we have discussed about what it means to belong/be American, how ghouls are gonna figure. They MUST have a bigger role than just popping up from time to time. There’s gotta be some themey stuff. Indeed, I found myself wondering if his rather casual violence there was because she was a ghoul. I mean, the dude could have been violent earlier, to the human husband, etc., but wasn’t all that bad. But ghouls? Disposable without a thought. Let’s keep an eye on that.

Trinity Tower is about to get difficult. Fair warning.

But also themey. Very.

Don’t romance the dog.


I don’t know, she just got lost somehow! I’m as confused as you are! I must have offended her in some way. She didn’t like the message of hope in my interview as much as Codsworth did.

I have not done Boylston. But…I have also not seen the bartender again since I got in the gunfight with his (former) colleagues, so he hasn’t yet shot Trish the ghoul. Was this right after the battle for you? Because he was nowhere in sight at that point for me. (I not only lose REAL companions, I lose random people I’m traveling with for single quest purposes!) I just killed all the gangsters except Trish, talked to Trish, convinced her to tell me where the lab was, and then told her to go, and she ran off.

Then I still didn’t see the bartender anywhere, so I went into the apparel store to check it out and collect some loot, and then wandered over to Trinity Towers from there. I guess I’ll go back and see if he’s back in his bar next time I’m in Diamond City. I kind of figured he’d run off and left me to face the fight on my own, and that this was scummy but not too surprising. I semi-expect he’ll try to kill me at some point…he was awfully specific about not leaving any witnesses, and who’s a better witness than me?

Bring it, dude. That’s all I’ll say.

Do I have to talk the bartender with me to the lab, and THEN he shoots Trish? Uncool.

I will not romance the dog. That’s a line too far even for me. I mean, unless he starts talking and is all moody and angsty about his tragic past, and ideally grows an exoskeleton. I promise nothing in that case.


Well, at least you have some romantic limits.

But dude! Find. The. Cutie.

Boylston Club is quick. No monsters or nothing. Right by the Common.

And yeah, it was right after the battle. Weird. Maybe your bartender got killed in the battle. That can happen with NPCs, I think. No, I talked to Trish, convinced her about the lab, like you, then bartender just all casual goes “Thanks, Trish” and BAM! shotgun to the face. She did not run off. She died. Then bartender was all “Well, they’ll come after me if I don’t fake my death, so this is it. No more DC for me, so let’s split the spoils, you can have the lab, see ya later.” And that was that. I went to the lab by myself the other night.

Buuuuut….wait. I take it back. It wasn’t it.

The lab ended the quest, it did. But the last time I was in DC, a bounty hunter was there eating noodles, looking for bartender. She “casually” asked me about him. And I don’t think she bought my answer. So maybe it isn’t over.

Hmm. Different outcome. Odd. We shall see.

After you wrap Trinity Towers, you’re pretty close to the common, the comic store, and, thus, the combat zone and the Boylston Club. Lots there.


Hm…maybe the bartender did die in the fight. I didn’t see his body, but I wasn’t really looking for it, so it could have fallen in a corner or something. Interesting.

As far as I know, Trish is still alive, but we’ll see if she turns up again. Interesting about the bounty hunter turning up! I don’t know if my bartender is dead, or planning to fake his death (or IS faking his death, starting with letting me think he might be dead), or what. I’ll let you know what happens.

I am near the Common. Should check out some stuff around there. Gotta run back to a settlement to dump some loot first, though. Plus, one of them always needs something. They’re like children! Like the child I’m not actively looking for right this minute because I’m fighting super mutants in Trinity Tower, in fact.

Gotta exercise those parental instincts somehow.