No spoilers, except for my lack of ‘looking stuff up’ cred


OK, for something different I’m downloading Grim Fandango, so instead of rehashing a game, I can site specific examples as to why you are wrong about something.


Ha! You do that. Tell me all about how much fun I’m missing out on because I lack the patience to spend 3 minutes in real time walking across a freaking bridge. I’m sure it’s a lot! I won’t even argue with you! I’ll just be like, “Yep. Sounds great. And I still totally don’t have the patience for that.”

Give Manny a sprint mode, and we’ll talk. Because look, if I’m going to put 300 hours into a game–and I think it’s clear that I am–it’s not going to be one where 250 of those hours are spent walking with a stately, measured pace from one place to another. No, it’s going to be one where 250 of those hours are spent running frantically from one place to another with loads of desk fans. PRIORITIES.


Subtleties. You new gamers. Never with the subtleties. All about graphics and sex scenes and whatnot.


Yup. The subtleties of constantly moving as if you’re ‘encumbered’ in a game with limited carrying capacity. Really makes you stop and think about…the play of light on the walls…and how really key the fine angles of steering are…and how the way g…r…a…d…u…a…l…l…y approaching the far side of a room rather than just moving up to it all casual can allow you to truly appreciate the fine detail of the pixels…and just how incredibly annoying it is to be encumbered.

You realize I will DUMP LOOT rather than put up with slow movement. That’s how important this issue is to me.

But I wish you joy of it, my friend. Have fun with those subtleties.


Ok now you know you’re full of it. You never dump loot. Ever. You’d sooner kiss someone normal.


Dude. I will dump loot rather than crawl around at a snail’s pace. Granted, sometimes I dump enough to fast-travel, drop off the rest of the loot at a settlement, and come back for it, but not always. There are piles of loot scattered here and there that I dropped AND LEFT BEHIND FOREVER because I didn’t want to have to move slowly.

I hope this will sufficiently impress upon you the absolutely critical nature of rapid movement, because as you rightly point out, dumping loot does not come naturally to me.

I even boosted my strength until I could take the Strong Back perk (+25 pounds carry weight)! But of course the loot expands to fill the carrying capacity available, and so I will soon have to take the next levels in that perk, until I’ve dedicated 5 level boosts purely to carrying my loot. And even then I’ll get overloaded, because the desk fans are neverending.

And yet even given this obvious fanatical devotion to loot, I will leave it behind in a deathclaw den to which I never plan to return before I will slog my way across the map with the measured plod of an encumbered character.