Minor spoilers about the Brotherhood of Steel


So after a half hour of magpie that accomplished absolutely nothing except wasting a ton of ammo, I went to the BoS! And…um…joined…I guess. They think I have, anyway, but I reserve the right to tell them to fuck off and keep the bronze “join the brotherhood” trophy. I don’t like them.

And the two dudes told me to get them something in Malden, and then the big dude told me to come with him, and we went on a vertibird, and then a blimp, and met Maxon, and now Danse wants to give me a tour.

Maxson is a name that rings bells. Indeed, Maxsons have been the bosses of the BoS for a long, long time. Like, centuries. You don’t meet any of the Maxsons, if I recall correctly, in other games. He’s mentioned in terminals, at least that’s how I remember it. He’s almost legendary. It’s unclear in the prior games if it’s, like, his kids, or a title, or if it’s like the Dread Pirate Robert and people keep taking over and being the next Maxson.

Or he’s a synth. Just sayin’. Would be a cool twist.

I don’t LIKE these guys. Curie’s ambivalent, too.


Have fun with the Brotherhood! Maxon was not a familiar name for me, so we either didn’t meet him in FONV, or I just don’t have a good memory. Him being a synth would be pretty great.

Ooooh, maybe I’M a synth and don’t even know it. Rather than being frozen and then thawed, I was actually killed and replaced with a synth! It could happen. Although I’m not sure what the point would be, but…the Institute works in mysterious ways.

Yeah, those two people in the Cambridge police station will give you endless quests if you want them. Like Garvey and his settlement rescues. I take them, and then go do other things, and then eventually stumble across whatever location I needed to be in and complete them accidentally. At least that’s what happened last time.


I don’t remember if we heard of him or not. He was never “met” in the games, just mentioned. Had to read terminals and all that.

You know something I don’t? Cuz that would be….

You didn’t see anything when you wikied, did you?

Ah, crap, I was afraid of that–more endless quests. And watch, it’ll be like five before they get to one I’ve already DONE, and I’ll be all “Dudes, you could have asked me for this like two months ago, you losers.”

I also don’t know why I’m all “Can I have power armor? Can I? Can I please?” I mean, why? So I can park it next to the other three suits I have?

Dudes. Theirs isn’t even painted.


Relax, I’m just speculating wildly. I don’t know anything about anything that would make me think I’m a synth, other than the same things you know…the Institute is involved in Shaun’s disappearance, they left me alive (or, if I’m a synth, “alive”), they sometimes replace people with synths, and no one knows anything about their motivations.

“Hey, make with the power armor! I’m in a hurry to store it next to the other power armor I never wear.” I have…at least 5 sets right now. No, 6. Possibly 7. I don’t remember which settlements I left all of them in.

But I went back to Graygarden last night to drop off some stuff and there were two settlers walking around in power armor I left there. Good on them. Someone might as well use it.

I think I left the Brotherhood set on the Prydwen, though. I figured it would be as safe there as anywhere in the Commonwealth, and that way if I fail to defend my settlements and some raiders run off with all my other sets, I’ll still have a backup, for the one or two times I actually want it. Also, I totally painted it right away. Danse likes it when you tinker with the armor, and doesn’t even mind when you repaint it.

I was in Malden last night, checking out the middle school. Full of raiders.


Ok. Don’t spoil it for yourself.

What if everyone’s a synth BUT us? What if it’s all a dream?

On that dream bit, have you gotten a loading screen that’s a picture of a pod or something and text that just says “free your mind?” What’s that? Is that something you’ve seen or is that ominous foreshadowing?

I kinda want to give power armor to all my companions, then introduce Danse to them. They can be all “‘sup? Where’s your paint job?” and make him feel bad. Take him down a peg.

But really, it isn’t flattering to Piper or Cait, so forget it. Maybe Garvey can have it. If he ever comes back.


THAT’S IT!!! Everyone is a synth but us, AND it’s all a dream!

I think the “free your mind” screen is a memory pod. Don’t worry about it. It’s a major plot point, but it’s in Goodneighbor, where you will never see it.


If we get the “It’s all a dream” ending I will lose my shit. No cop outs, Bethesda!

Ah. Figures. Cuz we’re trying to get some dude’s memory back. Right.

Did you find the donuts in Malden? DONUTS! There’s no way you can do a game in Boston without donuts.

I need to go back there. I did kinda scoot in and out looking for a hat, and now the BoS wants me to go out there to get….whatever it is they want me to get (I never really listen. They should just say “That thing under the quest marker” and be done with it).


Yes! “The thing under the quest marker. Get it.” That’s all I need to know!

I think actually in this case it’s a ‘haptic drive,’ but the only reason I know that is because I just found it for her last night. I also found the donuts! Which was obviously far more exciting, although the haptic drive involved more caps and XP.

Now I want donuts.


Speaking of quest markers, I STILL haven’t gotten a quest that would necessitate me getting stuff related to the Silver Shroud. I’ve been carrying that shit around for weeks.

Man, I never read that shit explaining what the blah-blah is. I just suspend disbelief that a Boston lawyer (such as myself) would hear someone say “Hey, get us a haptic zebvoid power emulation catalyst” and be all “Sure!” without saying “Uh….the fuck?”

Slocum’s buzzbites! And an ice cold nuka cola.

I love that I can make donuts. They don’t provide much by way of a boost, but DONUTS!


Ah…the Silver Shroud quest is in Goodneighbor. Stash the stuff somewhere until you feel like going there. It’ll keep.

Yeah, I have to assume that they program a precise description of the item into my Pip-Boy, because otherwise I would never recognize any of this stuff. Although my character DOES know how to build a generator from scraps, so apparently a law school education covered a much broader range of subjects in their time.

“Well, today I have Constitutional Law, then Homesteading, then Basic Electronics and Defense Technology…”

Mmm, Buzzbites.