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Minor spoilers about that BoS quest involving distress signals


I ain’t got much. I did play, really I did. Mostly tried to get to know Danse, did get to know him a bit, and I don’t like him very much. I can see how he’s your type, as he is the closest thing to a brooding, overly emotional schmuck with an exo-skeleton you’re going to get. But still.

I magpied a bit, FINALLY cleared out that satellite array that’s been mocking me for weeks only to find that no, no that ISN’T the end of that quest. The end to that quest is WAY THE FUCK UP THERE. Which was annoying, because the only reason I was DOING that was to cross it off the quest list.

I have also totally given up trying to figure out how the stats of settlements work. Ask Mr. O’. Cuz I wanted to beef up happiness, just for fun, and I figured well, maybe if they have a lot of food. So I planted food, thinking “Ok, I’ll assign more people when I get more people,” so imagine my surprise when all the food just counted. Boom. Food. No people tending it or nothing.

I don’t get it. And I’m not sure I care.

So now I’m back in sanctuary because after the not quest ending bit I had to unload. I have a ton of quests that are way south, this thing for Danse that’s way north and in the corner and three biggies: I can either a) go meet the railroad guy and figure out what they’re all about, b) go to Good neighbor or c) FINALLY take care of Garvey.

What to do, what to do?


Oh yeah, that satellite array. Yup. “Now go find some more of these signals!” OK…fine…

I played as well, and also mostly just kind of magpied around. Did a quest for MacCready, and then got the objective “continue traveling with MacCready.” OK…fine…for how long? A month? 10 years? Five quests? Until we run into some specific thing he’s waiting to see? Unclear. But I’ll go with it for the time being. Even though I have plenty of other companions I could be traveling with!

Was the “sympathy for raiders” thing you mentioned years ago related to one group that kidnapped the sister of another group, and then was holding her for food-ransom? I got that bit, and it was a little heart-wrenching. Awww…raider wants to be with family! Raiders have hearts! I will still destroy them all.

I’ve had that happen with food…I think maybe one person assigned to food can take care of a lot of plants, so if you plant more the same person will take care of it? But then sometimes I’ve also planted food and had it not count, and had to go find someone and assign them, so there’s a limit to how much one person can handle. I don’t know what it is.

And I DON’T know what makes them happy. I’ve got one settlement in particular that is just constantly whining. They have plenty of food and water and defense and beds, I’ve given them paintings and houseplants and a store and a basketball hoop and a freaking jukebox, I set up electric lights for them, and their Happiness still keeps going down. Ungrateful jerks. At this rate, I’m not going to rush to save them next time they’re under attack!

I’d say maybe go to Goodneighbor? It does contain a major plot point regarding Shaun, which we could talk about if you did it.

I keep trying to get back to the Freedom Trail, but getting lured off in other directions by shiny things. Or whiny things.


What was particularly awkward was that I had stumbled on the first few signals LONG ago. WAY before I had Danse as a companion. Did them with Piper. So I did this one yesterday and Danse was all explaining the recon team and “I guess they died” and I was just sitting there thinking “yes, yes, YES I know! Want to see their bodies? Cuz I know where they are.”

At least Blackwall stopped talking. Danse sure loves the sound of Danse.

Huh. That’s an odd objective. Of course, I have yet to meet McCready…. are you crazy far ahead of me?

Yeah, that’s the heartrending bit I meant. It was well done. Unexpected. A nice piece of found storytelling. Not too too themey, save that it does encourage empathy with a group that it is impossible to empathize with until then.

Maybe kind of food makes a difference to what people can manage? Cuz I kinda went nuts on corn. Why I had 18 corn I don’t know, but I did, so I planted a crazy amount of corn. So maybe once you have one guy who does corn, he does all the corn. Maybe. But I like the idea of one poor SOB sitting there tending 25 corn plants, and, next to him, a dude watching one gourd grow and corn guy being all “Hey, settler, little help?” And gourd guy saying “what? Jessica said I’m on gourd duty.”

I don’t get it. And that little down arrow mocks me. “We’re getting less happy!” So I go and build and plant and defend and nope. Still down. Down down down. Pfft.

Ok. I’ve SO been meaning to go to Goodneignbor, if for no other reasons than I miss Valentine (I sent him, cuz, you know, I wasn’t going to NOT keep Piper around) and I’m getting sick of Curie asking me about becoming human and I figure the guy she needs is there.

Do the Freedom Trail! Themes! And ANOTHER companion!


OK, deal: you go to Goodneighbor and I’ll go walk the Freedom Trail. Then we’ll have stuff to compare. And yes, take Curie. Two birds, etc.

That down arrow on Happiness…it’s become a bane of my existence. “Just FYI, we’re not as happy as we were last time you checked. And we weren’t very happy then, so…” What do these people want from me? Because I can’t provide hot tubs and robot butlers: those aren’t on the list of stuff I can make. Maybe they need supply lines. I still haven’t gotten around to setting up more than one of those.

Yeah, maybe the kind of food…I could see one guy being able to handle a lot of corn. I mean, what’s a few more stalks?


What really sucks is that this is the one game that I feel I have a chance of getting a platinum, and the time, as nothing on the horizon. There’s no “Finish on hard” or anything. Buuuuut one is “Reach 100% happiness in a settlement,” and…well….I got to 80 once! Then it went back down.


Reach 100% happiness…not really happening for me. I mean, I have some high 70s, and then this one group of whiners currently dropping toward 50%. I suppose if it gets too low people start leaving or something? At this point I’m inclined to say good riddance…maybe the next group will be less demanding! I mean, as you know, stores are supposed to make them happy, and Mr. O’ said electric lights make them happy (nothing like being able to clearly see your miserable existence?), but that sure isn’t working for County Crossing.


On the bright side, it’s hard to really make them unhappy. My Oberland station, which, as you know, I abandoned to Super Mutant carnage, is still at 30%. And everyone is dead.

That’s some looking on the bright side, that.

I bet Mr. O’s got that trophy.

I still don’t have the hacking one. Or, oddly, the “Kill 300 humans.” I have the “Kill 300 creatures one.” You’d think I’d have the humans one.


Corpses don’t complain! Or need food or beds, so I guess they don’t have that much to be UNhappy about. Aside from the obvious, I mean.

Oh, you were in Malden Middle School, right? I went there recently. Somewhat disturbing, although mercifully no tiny child corpses lying around. I suppose they all escaped at some point. And then undoubtedly died somewhere else, where the sight of their bodies will not haunt us.


As we have slowed down on the t shirts, “corpses don’t complain” has to be one.

I found the middle school but didn’t go in. I was on the way to the t station to get something for Danse and was overloaded.

Dead kids, huh? Great. I haven’t been depressed enough lately.


Oh, OK. Well, good thing I didn’t say any more. But no, no (visible) dead kids, which was a relief. I was concerned that the whole thing would be unbearably heart-rending, but they kind of pulled back on that. No TLOU-style punch in the emotions.

It just led me to think “well, the kids didn’t die HERE, but given the setting they’re almost certainly dead SOMEWHERE.” So a more remote punch in the emotions.


Have you found the “separated family” distress signal? Cuz….shit.

This game, man. This game. Gotta do the occasional fetch quest to unwind.


I found that last night. Right next to a “beep beep beep” distress signal that happened to be stronger in the direction I was wandering, so I followed up on that one (spoiler alert: dead BoS guy that you probably already found before Danse told you to look for him!). With that out of the way, I’ll have to go back and pursue the separated families, although based on that description maybe I’ll just go follow the Freedom Trail for a while first.


The family kicks you in the feels. I won’t lie.

Yeah that was, what, the dude in the crater? Or something? But yeah, that was one of the ones Danse cared about that I found before.

The freedom trail is less feelsy.

Do you have the golden grasshopper bit? Cuz then two birds.


Yeah, a dude with a holotape in the ruins of a house that had evidently been the site of some sort of explosive incident. A couple of other bodies in power armor as well. People aren’t wild about the BoS.

I don’t know anything about a golden grasshopper, so one bird only.


That’s the one. That’s what sent me on the path to the satellite array.

Also, remember the rant about save points? That was right around there as well. Who are you with, Danse?

Hmm. I wonder where that was that I got that grasshopper. Not that important. Misc. objective, I think. Not themey. Just make sure you search everywhere, every place.

Not that I have to tell you to do that.


I went to the satellite array after finding some similar distress signal and BoS body. There are probably about 15 of them and we have to find them all.

I’m still with MacCready at the moment. Danse will have to appreciate my hard work after the fact. He’s lounging in one of my settlements now.