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Spoilers, I guess, about the reactions of companions to the PC’s flirtation attempts


Well, I got in an hour and a half of Grim Fandango (you’re missing out) with the kids and the Bruins won, but I got nuttin’ on Fallout.

What you got?


I got nothin.’ It’s going to be a slow day.

I”ll just throw in a random thought about romance: you mentioned that Piper gets all adorably flustered when you flirt with her (which I haven’t done yet). Well, I’ve flirted with Danse, Cait, Curie and MacCready now, and they all pretty much get cutely flustered when you flirt. It’s interesting, because none of them take it any differently.

And my sample size is incomplete, so maybe some of the ones I haven’t flirted with yet will be all suave and “you like this, eh? well [flirt back].”

But so far, it seems as if no one is expecting us to flirt with them, and they’re all sort of flattered but uncertain when we do. Are they all just bowled over with starstruck admiration and can’t believe we’re noticing them, or whatever? Even a badass like Cait?

I mean, we ARE pretty amazing. We’ve emerged from nowhere to destroy everything that stands against us (eventually, even if sometimes after multiple bloody deaths that didn’t happen from the NPC’s perspective) and found numerous settlements we may or may not bother to defend. Plus we’re the PC. But you’d think someone out there would be unimpressed with this list of accomplishments, or just not aware of it.

Hm. I did flirt with a non-companion you haven’t met yet, and SHE was pretty blase about it, so they’ve written that possibility. We just haven’t met the person who both wants to travel with us, and is ‘meh’ about us from a romantic perspective.


Hmm. Maybe it’s just a question of character. I mean, Piper hasn’t really made any friends, as she is obsessed with the paper and her sister, Cait has her backstory (do you know Cait’s backstory?) so she probably doesn’t think she CAN be loved, and Curie’s a robot, so she’s probably surprised. Danse? You’ll have to do that, cuz I don’t LIKE Danse. Screw Danse. Not literally. Eww.

But that IS interesting.

Or maybe it goes in the “there is shit afoot we know not about” pile. Maybe they KNOW your story, your husband, etc., and are surprised that you are moving on.


Hmm…yes, we can always say it’s about their character and backstory, and I suppose everyone in the Waste is going to have a tragic history that could easily make them uncertain about romance…but still, funny that they all react the same. Maybe it’s saying that (successful) flirting will always uncover a certain vulnerability in people (though, the PC certainly seems plenty calm about it). Maybe if we were UNsuccessful, they’d respond with a suave “yeah, it’s true I’m great, but no thanks,” or something. Maybe the game is saying that at heart we’re all flusterable when sincerely flattered by the attention of another person, and the fact that we can elicit that reaction is proof of our awe-inspiring charisma.


We DID jack our charisma up. Maybe there’s a middle ground, like “I dunno….I’m gonna play hard to get” from the NPCs. Maybe even a “Eww. Gross.”

I will say, and you know me well enough to know this isn’t awful internet trollage, that I wish everyone wasn’t bisexual. Not that I have a problem with that, but it undermines otherwise different, well written characters. I mean, in real life, not everyone is bisexual.

I thought bioware, who is still better than Bethesda at making characters, got it right. In DAI, some were bi, some outright gay, some straight, Vivienne just wasn’t into you no matter what. That felt more real, more normal, and, thus, more believable. It’s real diversity. By taking away an aspect of that character (their willingness to sleep with you if you were a certain gender), they GAVE depth to EVERY character. I wish Bethesda had done the same.


I’m sure there are different ‘failure’ responses to the attempts to flirt…I’m more just wondering that the successes all seem to have so much in common. Like, “this is what successful flirtation is: cute flusteredness!”