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Spoilers for the “fetch me my grandfather’s sword” quest


Well, that certainly sucked.

So decided to magpie it back from Milton. Died a lot. Found a radio tower. Decided to follow some signals. Went back to where I died a lot. Found another signal. Found a junkyard with a few super mutants and, ok, maybe more than a few, ok, a lot, and what’s that a super mutant OVERLORD and we’re dead.

Said fuck it and fast traveled and finished the quest.

So decided to take Nick up to the mental hospital, cuz that sounded creepy and Nick looks kinda creepy so I fast traveled to the satellite array and trucked north. This took me to some dude’s farm, and he wanted me to find his son and get his sword back from these dudes called the “Forged.” Ok, said I, sure. Sounds like a plan.

Have you met the forged?

Long story short:

They’re dead now, but not before killing the shit out of me.

I’m out of shotgun shells.

I’m out of ammo for the laser rifle.

I’m out of ammo for Kellogg’s pistol.

I’m down to eight, yes, eight stimpacks.

I’m addicted to Med-X and Buffout and I have no addictol.

But I have the guy’s fucking sword, so that’s something.

I am nowhere close to where I was going.


Yeah, I’ve met the Forged. They do suck. I went there after that guy’s sword and eventually retrieved it (killed the head Forged guy, left the wayward son alive, freed the one remaining settler), but you’re right, there was a lot of dying in the process.

Oh, and then just recently when I wanted to go explore the north? I decided to fast travel to that junkyard specifically because it said ‘cleared.’ Showed up there and was immediately under heavy fire from MORE FORGED, because of course they came back. “Did we say ‘cleared’? Well, we meant ‘re-infested.'”

Said hell with it and ran off because I’m not wasting my time killing those people if there’s not a quest in it, and thus made my way to the Asylum, etc., as detailed in previous missives, and continued to die a lot. I did take some of their ‘cage armor’ back to the settlement when I returned the guy’s sword, and equipped the settlers with it. I like armor that comes in one piece. That’s about the only positive thing I have to say about the Forged.

We could briefly re-discuss our recent¬†ethical question, because I thought it was interesting that the head Forged guy didn’t immediately attack you: it looked as if we COULD have made friends with him at that point and perhaps had Forged allies in future (or at least been able to fast travel to that spot without getting instantly attacked).

But no, even though he wasn’t actively attacking ME, he was pretty obviously terrible, what with the whole “casually beheading a settler as I walked into the room” thing, so I didn’t even let him finish talking, I just started shooting at him first chance I got, even though he was green in VATS.

Picking on people who aren’t picking on you = bad and I will oppose you. My moral code is simple, yet functional. (Maybe that’s even part of why I sided with the robots on the Constitution: they weren’t actively attacking the scavengers, just defending themselves, and the scavengers WERE planning to attack the robots…)

I didn’t play last night, so we can talk about what you did, and your many addictions, and your alarming lack of resources.

On which, dude, I have literally 308 Stimpaks in my inventory right now, even though I’ve started giving them to companions to revive them mid-battle. I don’t even understand how you tear through them so fast. Do you NEVER eat food? Also, sidenote, Nuka Cola Quantum replenishes action points (very handy!), and Refreshing Beverage is super, super awesome. It will even cure addictions! I have about 20 of them, because it’s so awesome that I hardly ever actually use it because it’s always overkill. “Well, I’m not addicted to anything right now, and I don’t need that much radiation removed…maybe I’ll just eat 10 Noodle Cups instead.”


Ah, man. I wasn’t able to save the kid or the settlers. Total carnage.

Which is a theme. I just played some, cuz I didn’t want to leave it at that terrible state. So I explored some, and found a bobblehead and a magazine and something else that’s going to be important, I think. Then I fell into lava and died. Then I finally managed to get out, talked to the dude, and decided to go to DC to get over my addictions and buy stuff/sell off stuff. So off I go. Buy addictol, sell stuff, buy stuff, all that razzmajazz, then I decide to go buy Home Plate cuz why not? So I go up to the mayor, misstep off the elevator and fall to my death. Yup. Died TWICE without a single fight. And had to redo ALL the selling/buying etc.

And to top it off, Home Plate is a dump. But I did add a disco ball. Piper’s place is nicer.

Oh man I HATE when they respawn. I want to go keep trucking back to that hospital, but I ain’t doing it if there’s more forged. Fuck those guys.

Fuck. Those. Guys.

I talked to the head Forged, and he just turned over the talk to the kid, who was debating whether to kill a settler. I tried to talk him out of it, it didn’t work, he killed a guy, turned on me, carnage. Ah, well. At least there was a bobblehead.

I’m up to seven. I checked.

I don’t eat much food cuz I’m usually trying not to die in combat, like being on fire cuz forged. Also, I noticed that food takes up a lot of weight, so I’m cautious about carrying it. I don’t even pick up regular nuka cola anymore (a pound each!), though cherry and quantum are great. I’ve never heard of “refreshing beverage.” What IS that? I need that! I seriously used 30, 35 stimpacks yesterday in the forged bit.

What is interesting, regarding resources, is shops. One interesting bit about me having to buy/sell twice is that the first time I went to arturo he had, like 33 shotgun shells, and the second time he had 58. Nothing else changed. So it’s random. Interesting.

I had to sell the four flamers I had. Those are heavy.

And another annoying thing about addiction? It can hurt your strength, which, of course, hurts your carrying capacity. So all of a sudden, boom. Encumbered. Fuckers.


Ah man, you couldn’t talk the kid out of killing the settler? Tough break. But yeah, total carnage would be the only option after that. Can’t blame you. I talked the kid out of it, and then the conversation went back to what’s-his-face the leader, who started saying something else, I think maybe trying to convince ME to kill the settler, but I just started shooting at him at that point. The kid ran off and I killed everyone else and through sheer luck the tied-up settler hadn’t been knocked into the lava, so I let him go, found the kid, and convinced him to go back to his parents and apologize or whatever.

Then we went back to the farm and the dad was all “you’re dead to me!” and the kid said “I made a terrible mistake,” and the mom stepped in and said “both of you shut up, you’re family and we’re together” or the like, so I left them all on the farm (which is now one of my settlements) tending corn and what not. A glorious victory for family values! Or something.

True, Home Plate is kind of a dump, but nothing a few disco balls won’t cure! That so sucks about falling to your death from the elevator, though. Re-doing a ton of buying and selling is just annoying. (Even if you get more shotgun shells the second time!) And who thinks to save afterwards if you’re just wandering around town using elevators?

Flamers ARE too damn heavy. So many exciting weapons I never use because I don’t want to carry them around. I do still pick up Nuka Cola, because healing and caps!–but I try to drink it fairly quickly because as you say, at a pound each the bottles add up. I had about 30 of them at one point, and then realized how much they were weighing me down and it was all Nuka Cola every time I got hurt, until they were gone. That’s what Rad-Away is for! Naturally I also have about 80 of those, too, so the radiation hit is not a huge concern for me.

You can make Refreshing Beverage at a chem station. It has quite a few components, so you may not have had them all together at the same time…a blood pack, antiseptic, Rad-Away, a Stimpak…but if you ever see it on your list, make it! It cures a lot of hit points and a ton of radiation and all addictions, all at once.


It was so weird. I had a persuasion check, failed it, but the dude was all “No….no….I have to….” and then I got a red check to try again, and I got the success sign, but he STILL went “I….I have to….” and boom. Didn’t I succeed, game?

I got him asking, I said “does it matter?” he said no, and I got “Talk to Preston!” Boo. I overheard them arguing, but at that point, my work was done.

Indeed, who saves in town? I mean, no combat, no risk, right? And I didn’t even get the random autosave cuz I used the pip boy. I still can’t figure out why it does the autosave sometimes but not always.

I do have quite a bit of radaway, that I do. And Rad-X. That doesn’t seem to be a problem. Stimpacks are a problem.

Flamers, I gotta say, are kinda disappointing. I’ve tried them a couple times, and each time I felt like “How do you like me NOW?” only to be completely underwhelmed at how they did. Maybe that’s a holdover for the olden fallouts. In those, the flamer made you death incarnate. Not so much here.

I can’t make Refreshing Beverage! The only beverage I have access to is the dirty wastelander. It must be something that you need the recipe for. Dammit. Only one of those I found was the donuts.


Ugh. If you succeed, you should succeed! Be consistent, game! For me he was just like “no, you’re right, I can’t do it,” and that was it. Nothing weird.

I think there’s a setting for how often it saves when you use the Pip-Boy? I feel like I changed it to the least possible amount (because I want to save ALL THE TIME), but even that’s only after 5 minutes or something. And I don’t even know exactly what that means, but maybe “if it’s been 5 minutes since you last used the Pip-Boy, autosave after using the Pip-Boy” or something. Which only helps every 5 minutes, obviously.

I have no idea where I got the recipe to Refreshing Beverage. I think I’ve had it pretty much forever, to the point where I didn’t even know it was a recipe, so it must have been early on. Just go back to everywhere you’ve ever been…it’ll turn up. Plus, maybe you’ll find a bobblehead! Ha.


Very strange. Maybe I made the kid feel extra guilty or something.

Ha ha. At least this bobblehead was pretty obvious. And the magazine I found was one of those picket fences ones, so now I can make statues. Maybe my people need statues.


I want statues! Damn it! I missed a magazine that would have let me make statues? Siiiiiiiiiigh. No wonder my settlers are unhappy.

“She never misses a single desk fan, but does she bother to locate the one thing that would let her beautify this dump? No.”

I did get the house plants one, but that was SO last month. Everyone is over house plants now.

“All these do is aggravate my allergies, and this Minutemen flag is ugly, and I am really about done with the kitten pictures. Really, the ONLY thing that would perk this place up is a nice statue, but noooooo, she can’t be bothered to find the magazine about it.”


Unfortunately, as this game has no nudity, all reproductions of great Italian art will be marred by sensible lingerie, which should hurt happiness in general.

I want a statue of my FO3 character. He saved the Capital wasteland. He deserves it. If my FO1 character got a huge golden statute in FO2 (true) it’s only fair.

I don’t have houseplants! I’d forget to water them anyway.


It’s certainly true that MY happiness is strongly and negatively impacted by lingerie on great art. Although if you could dress up classical statues in the gear you find, and put, say, a clean black suit, pompadour wig and battered fedora on Michelangelo’s David, that would make me very happy indeed.

Another thing that would make me happy? Being able to bring mannequins back to my settlements, dress them up and put weapons in their hands, and have that improve the Defense for the settlement. Because you know that would creep out potential attackers.

Or I suppose more practically, even having it improve the Defense to give SETTLERS better gear, but it doesn’t seem to matter.

I asked Kelly to water my houseplants. She commutes in from ME2 specifically to take care of them. I mean, she was already feeding my fish, so it’s no big deal.

Now I want fish tanks at settlements.


I kinda like the idea of banishing Preston for being annoying. Maybe dress him up first. Just to make sure no one else gets roped into his thing. There he’d be….sitting alone in a truck stop in vacation wear… people come up and before he can say “A settle…” off they’d go.

Dude that would rock. I want a line of mannequins and cymbal monkeys atop a guard post. NO ONE would fuck with that.

Dude that is the most extreme of callbacks. Bravo.

There’s gotta be something like that…. though you know dogmeat would fuck it up. Did you notice the doghouse at Home Plate? Nice touch. I could see just sitting up there….with Dogmeat…. maybe I can make it a home. There’s even a grill. Very domestic.