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No real spoilers, some discussion of what companions and settlers like


I’ve solved my Preston problem. I never developed the red rocket truck stop as an actual settlement other than clearing it out, so I went down there and set it up for one person to live comfortably. Then I went to Sanctuary and sent Preston there. Then I cleared up the three settlement quests I had and returned to him. He finished all three, and gave me one more. I went and completed that one. Now here’s the trick:

I returned to the red rocket stop and turned in the quest. When he started talking, I moved a little away from him, I didn’t pay attention to what he was saying… but as soon as the Hud indicator popped up that the quest was finished and gave me my XP, I quickly opened up my pip boy, selected Sanctuary, and fast-traveled to it. Voila! No more Settlement quests.

Two things to know; later on I traveled to the Castle and immediately Radio Freedom gave me one settlement quest; so if you use this technique, you can’t listen to radio freedom, and you can’t go to the Castle. I did finish that quest and turned it in to preston, but that time I wasn’t fast enough on the pip boy fast travel; I got another quest once I spawned in Sanctuary. But I cleared that one, turned it into preston, and fast-traveled away in time to avoid another one.

The other caveat to this, is that I will still get a sanctuary is in trouble quest, and then eventually it’ll say I’ve failed it, but it’s never on my quest list.

Other settlements being attacked with still show up, and you can still help them, but there’s never any Preston involved.

Cait. Cait is great. I did go south enough to get to the vault she wants to go to and I did it around level 40? 45? So you two are probably safe to do it at whatever level you are now. I might recommend power-armoring it just in case. But it’s not as scary as you think it is. So now I’ve romanced Cait.

Piper. Eventually I dropped Valentine and traveled with her and romanced her as well. Cait even suggested a three-way at one point but Piper wasn’t into it, although I hadn’t romanced her yet.

Strong. I waited a long time before doing Trinity Towers but eventually did. Traveled with him for a bit. I don’t like him. He doesn’t stealth, which you know, and complains about everything I do unless it’s killing. I’ve got him at Sanctuary and he won’t bloody shut the eff up. I like his concept, but not so much his execution. I’m not going to romance him.

Valentine. I traveled with him for a while, and will again, but not enough to romance him and get his perk yet. I did solve one of his unsolved cases, and I’ll likely do another.

Curie. Finally found her, like, last week. Did her arc, and I think I’m very close to romancing her.

MacCready. I have a quest to go talk to him which I haven’t done yet.

D-someone (from the railroad, don’t recall his name; Deacon?) I am looking forward to taking out and about but haven’t yet.

BOS-dude who sounds like George Clooney. I haven’t taken him out and don’t really want to. Not a big fan of his.

Quests in general: I’ve got two primary quests, and the miscellaneous quests. Since I was able to get rid of the Sanctuary ones I cleared up the majority of the rest, donned my power armor and went all magpie. I’ve been returning to places that I’ve discovered but never went in, as well as places outlined, but not discovered yet. And I was in the level 40s when I started pushing into some of the south. Some places I was happy for the power armor, other places I didn’t really need it. Like you two, I was super-apprehensive about tackling the south until I was a higher level, but I needn’t have worried as much as I did.

In addition to shops making people happy (thanks for the tip; didn’t know that) another factor that influences their happiness is noise near beds. Build generators next to/above/near beds, and they get unhappy. Build them further away and their happiness goes up. I am sick of dealing with settlements so I refuse to renovate my genny setup just to make them happy. Especially since some of the people I assigned to shops and to the scavenge station have decided not to work at these places anyway. They’ll work there for a few cycles, but then I’ll return and there’ll be no one at the shop or scavenge station ever again, unless I assign a new one. Grrr.

I did the Constitution, understood that they looked up my DMV photo, and sided with the robots rather than the scavengers.

Freedom trail. I completed this in one go; I kept track of the letters along the way, but had to look up how to input the answer. I discovered many places along the trail, but ignored them and just followed it. I’m now slowly making my way back through these places and investigating them one by one until I turn my attention back to main or miscellaneous quests.

Finally found Covenant; didn’t know what you guys were on about for a while there. Sided with… not doing experiments with a high failure rate on people? Didn’t return to Covenant to see the ramifications, but I expect a bad reaction.

Found Bunker Hill. I like the lady there that sells fiberglass; I’ve had to purchase a number of shipments of it from her.

Been to the Prydwin. Impressive, but I don’t like going through two loading screens to get to her main deck. Grr.

I’ve created a kind of scrap loop that, combined with the cap collector perk has allowed me to accumulate about 40,000 caps. I’ve marked certain ingredients for highlighting in the world, and I only collect those when I’m out and about. When I return to sanctuary I dump all of it in the workbench. Then I sleep to get the well rested and lover’s embrace xp boosts, then I go to the one shop that will stay staffed (or trashcan Carla if she’s there), I’ll change clothes, and then I’ll sell any mines and grenade types I don’t use, and I’ll trade those for the junk with the highlights. To ensure I’m always making money on the deal (even if only by a little bit) I’ll also sometimes sell my surplus medx, radx, radaway, and stimpacks (these are the only ‘drugs’ I carry with me). I don’t even pick up weapons and armour in the field anymore (unless it’s power armor, a weapon I don’t have yet, or a drop from a legendary.) Then I’ll upgrade any Weapons I’ve gotten from legendaries, upgrade any armor from a legendary. Then I’ll go pick tatos and make vegetable starch until I’m out of tatos, and then I’m onto my next adventure. It’s a nice money/XP loop.

I’m level 65, 40,000 caps, and I just bought a house in Diamond City.


That’s kinda awesome about Preston. It’s like avoiding someone at a party. Make sure he’s happy near the snacks, then bolt.

Maybe I’ll send him to Oberland Station. Mwahaha. See how you like settlements now, Preston.

I still have to go back to the Castle to do Old Guns. That’s on there. But it’s not so bad, because that’s all Preston is talking about. Let him obsess about that for a while. But I’m not done with all that just yet.

Cait is pretty awesome. Something else about Cait? She looks damn good in the Grognak armor. DAMN good.

I had romanced Piper when Cait suggested the three-way. She won’t do it. Prude.

I agree about Strong. I think he’s there so that the people who choose to play this game as complete psychopaths have a friend. I mean, if you’re just going to go all kill everything, and you know some Fallout players do, you’re going to alienate pretty much everyone very quickly. Except Strong. I bet he’s all set with a killy killy cannibal.

I’m with Nick now. I like him. Learning much.

Curie’s cute, too. So many cuties.

I don’t know anything about MacCready yet, other than he’s annoying. Snarky for the sake of it. Maybe he’ll grow on me.

I’m going to take Deacon to Deathclaw hospital and see what happens.

BoS-dude who? No se.

As for tackling the south: good advice except, see, you’re better at games than I am. I was feeling things were getting easy, and, well, this week’s blog (which’ll hit next week or so) pretty much undermines that. I’m dying. A lot. Like, a lot. Last night was a complete shit show. Sigh.

People leaving their assignments at settlements? WHAT? How the hell are we supposed to figure THAT out? Dude.

I just don’t like settlements. And before Femmy gets all “But some people like Minecraft” I point out, again, that for people who like Minecraft, there is a game called Minecraft. Why do we need it in Fallout?

I liked that Covenant bit. Interesting. And I like it when interesting just happens without a quest pointing you to it.

Two load screens on the Prydwen: That is annoying. I KNEW there was something that pissed me off there. Leave it to the dev to articulate it.


I haven’t traveled with Strong recently either. I’m curious about his search for the Milk of Human Kindness, and interested to see where that goes, but he hates everything I do because I’m not constantly diving face first into combat, so I’m not sure I’m ever going to get him to like me enough to even tell me the next part of his quest. (Plus, he can’t even carry more loot than everyone else, which, given my desk fan obsession, would be enough to make me overlook all sorts of flaws and just keep him around as a pack mule.)

I bet it’s true, he’d be totally down with a kill-everyone-everywhere cannibal PC. Maybe at some point I’ll pick him up and go looking for radroaches to melee attack, or something, in hopes of earning enough approval to just get on with his story. And then dump him somewhere and never go back.

BoS dude…I assume you mean Danse. I haven’t traveled with him lately, even doing a bunch of Brotherhood missions he probably would have approved of. So many companions, so little time!


I do see the point for Strong and I agree it probably aligns with a subset of player behavior. Honestly I wouldn’t be half so annoyed by him if he didn’t talk so much.

BOS dude = Danse, thanks for the name reminder.

Settlements: I don’t know how we were supposed to figure out noise complaints; I got informed by a co-worker and he probably found it on the internet. I still do think they have a role in the game, again I like the concept and think it fits the game well, it’s just the implementation that pushes me away.

Video Game Skill: Well, ah… ok, um…. Hmmm. To your point, there was a time when I was better at games than you, and I am playing on PC which makes FPS aiming much easier (do you two do FO4 in 3rd or 1st person?), but in the interim, I would have expected that since you two have been playing more games more often than back in the day that your skillsets would have experienced a sharp increase while mine perhaps has mostly leveled off? I’m surprised, to be honest, because I always find more stimpacks than I can use (I sell bunches occasionally), but you indicate that you’re struggling to maintain them in your inventory. I wonder what the actual difference is. To be fair, I’ve maxed out the damage reduction perk; maybe that accounts for some of it? And all my armor and power armor is fully maxed as are all my weapons? Maybe that has something to do with it too? I also travel with about 4 different weapons at any given time, and my ‘panic’ weapon is a laser gatling gun. What are your ‘panic’ weapons? And my power armor torso is a medic one that auto-stimpacks me below a certain health?

As an aside; I was wandering through somewhere, saw a glowing radstag, and then heard the ominous ‘beep…beep…beep…’ of a super mutant suicider. Who made straight for the glowing radstag, and then blew it the eff up. Lol. Nice choice suicider.


Settlements…as I said to Femmy, if this is something like Mass Effect where if you didn’t prepare bad things happen, then bad things are just gonna happen. Upgrading the Normandy’s cannons was easy. This is not worth it. I shall shed no tears if Garvey gets it.

You being better at games: I was thinking on this, and I think “skill” now has morphed. There was a time your hands were just better than mine. Faster on the buttons. Now, ok, I may have caught up….buuuuuuut….where you are better, and always will be, is seeing how the game works and making it work for you more quickly. For example: I know, cuz I’ve heard, that there’s a way to take cover and aim from cover. This would probably be handy, as I bet levels were designed assuming players would use at least some degree of cover. I even see places where I could take cover, and where the game probably expects me to take cover. But damned if I can figure out how. You probably figured that out in twelve nanoseconds, and instinctively see where the cover is, where the enemies are likely to be, etc. So while you’re hopping from place to place, seeing enemies before they’re there, reading the game like a comic book, I’m fumbling through going “Ok, how do I….where’s that….hey who’s shooting….what the….and I’m dead.”

So even if I can play the keys on the piano just as well as you, you know far more music theory than I do, so you’re gonna learn the songs quicker.

Man, even your suiciders help. I had two incidents: One: heard the beep. Saw the guy. Took the guy out. Realized all too late that the beeping doesn’t always make it clear there are more than one.

Two: Had something similar to you. Was in one of those fights where the Brotherhood is there, too. Had a suicider running at me, then he decided to run past me to take out the knight guy. I was happy. Three steps by me, a vertibird shoots him. He blows up. As do I.