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Very minor spoilers for the Cabot/asylum quest


Didn’t do all that much. Grim Fandango, mostly. Went a little magpie. Told McCready to tend bar, moved some beds, seemed to help. Got yet another settlement quest from Preston. I continue to try, try so hard, to get up to that mental hospital. Found a place called the Slog with a very kindly ghoul who’s trying to build a giddy up buttercup toy, and I agreed to help him, cuz, c’mon. And then I found a cannery which was making people sick and the guy told me not to go in the basement. That can’t be good. Somehow I have a feeling this is Strong’s kind of place. But I reloaded and went back and ditched Nick and got Curie cuz there was a person there in a Vault 81 jumpsuit, but when I redid it with Curie she didn’t care. Great. I’ll hang out with her anyway. She’s cute. And she likes me. Gets all flustered.

One of those sessions where you really just set up your next session. Cuz you really need more to do. Right?

Have you actually done the mental hospital?


I am in the mental hospital right now!

Took your advice, went and talked to Cabot, did an initial fetch quest for him at the hospital where I didn’t actually go in (“uh…hi mercenary guards…sorry about killing you all a couple of days ago when I showed up here with no authorization, no hard feelings right? Gimme the thing I came to get!”), did another fetch quest for him, and am now in the middle of the big quest where I actually get into the hospital.

And guess what I found there? The Charisma bobblehead! I’ve been waiting for that one! CRANKING IT UP TO 11, BABY!!!!!

I literally could not be any more charming than I am now. So suck it, all you zero-personality losers. (That may sound rude, but it comes across as winning banter in-game because I am Just. That. Charismatic.)

I also talked to the ghoul who wants the Giddyup Buttercup. I found so many pieces of that toy earlier in the game, but never saved any of them. Good thing he knows where the factory is.

Oh, and I went and talked to the Vault-Tec rep in the Hotel Rexford. Felt pretty bad for him, although…he’s all “no one wants a guy with 200 years of Vault-Tec experience!” and I’m thinking “you COULD also have maybe worked on gaining some non-Vault-Tec experience in the last 200 years…?” But whatever. His “I had to get to the future the hard way” line was kind of moving. And then I told him to go to Sanctuary, and his sad little “you promise you’ll visit?” was so pathetic. Poor lonely ghoul.

I actually went right to Sanctuary myself after that, but he wasn’t there yet. But I’ll totally visit him, if I can find him, because I feel sorry for him.

So yeah, that was my surprisingly productive hour and a half last night.


Charisma! So much more useful than the explosive zone I found the other day. Can you get past eleven with clothes and chems? Cuz that would rock.

Suck it losers? You sound like Trump. So charismatic.

I did notice from prior finds that those toy parts are very very heavy. Fair warning.

I found that particular character rather upsetting. Wait until his “they said I’d get a set of steak knives….” Vault Tec used everyone. Bad. Dudes.


Oh man…a set of streak knives? You’re breaking my heart. I hope there’s a quest later to get the guy his steak knives.

Although to be fair to Vault-Tec, it’s possible they WOULD have given him the steak knives if not for that whole atomic annihilation thing. It’s hard to completely blame them for not being able to follow through on their retirement plan commitments under the circumstances.


You can totally get past 11 with chems and clothes! I could theoretically get to 18 or something, depending on what drug I take and whether drugs and alcohol stack (do they? I don’t know).

I think at that point you should be allowed to start making persuade checks on deathclaws and stuff (“come on, you don’t really want to attack me! You want to attack those raiders over there!”), but alas, I don’t think they’ve included that mechanic. (Although there is some sort of animal charming perk…I should look into that.)


See how you interpret it. I see the Vault-Tec rep as a tragic manifestation of “us.” Here’s a guy who dutifully did what he thought he was supposed to do to be part of Americana: put on the suit, do the boring job, get his meager due. That’s the deal, right? That’s the deal “we” make to a lot of people. And he did his part, only to get nothing. Here he is, 200 years later, still a little confused as to where his meager share of the pie went.

Talk to him later. We’ll talk more then.

Seriously? You can get that high? Awesome.

Have you found a drug called day tripper? Plus three to both charisma and luck.

If anyone can romance a deathclaw, it’s you. I mean, they kind of look like Garrus…..


I have some Day Tripper! I’m saving it for that moment when I really, really, really need to make a charisma check. If that stacks with a bottle of wine, I’m golden.

Deathclaws DO look a little like Garrus…I dunno, though. They’re not very…communicative. I like at least a bit of chit-chat, you know?

Poor, poor Vault-Tec guy. You know, you could also consider him a remnant of the American Dream, and kind of a bridge from FO3. I mean, as you say, he was doing his part, expecting his reward, and he probably had his little house and what-not before the war, so in some sense it was working out for him. And then it didn’t.


That and I have one dose of X-Cel, which raised EVERYTHING by 2. Talk about stacking. One dose. That’s all I’ve seen. THAT’S something for a rainy day.

Vault-Tec Dude would have been at home in FO3, for sure. Though as for the themes of this game, what it means to be American, talk to him. We’ll talk. He’s not done talking yet.


I found that one dose as well. Definitely hanging onto it for…some disaster situation.

I will talk to the Vault-Tec dude. After I get out of the mental hospital.


Who do you suggest taking there? What’s the best fit?


I brought Piper, because I’ve basically not traveled with her until the past couple of days and am making up for lost time, and I wore my power armor. She’s done fine, although she hasn’t expressed any particular interest in the place, and I haven’t really needed the power armor so far, although we haven’t reached the big finale battle I suspect is coming.

There haven’t been a lot of locks to pick or things to hack, so no real chance to appeal to anyone there.

Cait would probably also be fine with it, but really, anyone would probably do fine. It’s been pretty straight-up combat so far.


Ah, Piper. Sigh.

There is ALWAYS a big finale battle, isn’t there?

I really gotta take whoever’s got the damn fat man. I have misplaced the fat man. I hate misplacing the fat man.


I don’t know who has the Fat Man either! I should have brought it. It’s just me in my power armor, clutching a bull barrel pistol because I’m out of shotgun shells, wandering around a ruined asylum with Piper and Jack Cabot.

We’re so doomed.


What did I tell you about shotgun shells? I SO conserve my shotgun shells after the clusterfuck that was the forged.

I THINK Curie has one of my miniguns. I’ll check tonight.


I took that ammo-finding perk and I was so set with every conceivable type of ammunition for ages, but then I just got REALLY into the wounding shotgun, and now I do tend to burn through that.

I just love the wounding shotgun so much! It’s not even that it objectively does particularly amazing amounts of damage, but there’s just such a sense of satisfaction that comes from shooting something, ducking back around a corner, and watching its hit points steadily drop without you having to do anything else.

That’s the problem with Piper…since I hadn’t ever traveled with her, I never gave her anything useful to carry. No miniguns or nothin’. Although that’s also the upside, because it means she can carry more stuff now.


I have the same relationship with Molotov cocktails.

A wonderful upside of the Forged was that TWICE I hit VATS right when some dude was chucking a molotov, I shot the molotov and it went off ON the guy. That was so wonderfully satisfying. Forge this, asshole.

Give Piper something cute.

But on stuff, I was reminded with the Forged to pick up something named cuz you’ll need it later. There was that thing in that last room. And this makes me nervous cuz I picked up something called “Happy Birthday Sweet Roll” that went to that close up “yes” screen so it’s important. Why am I nervous? Cuz it’s also in Aid, and I’ve come THIS close to eating it by accident about 68 times. If I do that and then find the quest the whole “Yeah….uh…..it was delicious…..sorry” conversation will be awkward.


I do like a Molotov.

I…did not find a special sweet roll. Great. I’m going to have to go back to the iron works at some point. Siiiiiiigh.

Although if it shows up in Aid, it might really not be anything. Usually they’re good about putting quest items aside for you.


Nah, the sweet roll wasn’t there. It was in some marina or something with two dead guys. The furnace room had some coil mechanical doohicky thingy with a long name. Even more important.