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Extremely minor spoilers for the cannery location.


Finished the cannery. Wasn’t as bad as I thought. And there was a bobblehead in it for me.

I did notice something about how quests work. I had, as a quest thing at the end, “Confront so and so.” Not Kill, confront. So I get to that bit, and there’s a green square over him for a little bit, until he can see me, then BOOM red, fighty fighty. Now, here’s the thing: I had my gun out. Because, you know, one does. I get the sense that had I NOT had the gun out, there might have been a chance that things would have gone differently. I sorta think I should get in the habit of putting that pistol down, as the song says.

If you get to the cannery, at least let the guy see you gun down and see if I’m right. You can always draw it if it goes south. Not that hard a fight.

I’d redo it, but I think I overwrote the quicksave. And Curie liked it, so there’s that. But then I inadvertently stole something, and she disliked it. I’ll never get her in my wigwam.


The cannery is still on my list. I need to get out in that direction, and down toward Quincy, to get the last two Eddie Winter tapes for Nick, but I keep getting seriously beaten up every time I try to venture toward either of them. I died…probably at least 15 times fighting one legendary raider at University Point last night. (Then I realized Mr. O’ changed the setting to Very Hard at some point, and if you change it on one game it changes settings for all characters/games in progress, which might have something to do with it. But I left it there, because by then I was DETERMINED.)

I did finish up with the Cabots, which kind of makes me want some cheese, before setting out on this death-riddled adventure on the south shore. Some weird, slightly interesting stuff there, although nothing that seems to impact on the larger plot in a significant way.


Ooo! Not nice! I tell you, check the damn options. Check them!

I may go back and try to answer my own question. I may have an autosave remaining, and I’m curious. That and I can skip the stealing Curie didn’t like. I didn’t really need that can.

Where’s University Point? What’s that about?

I don’t need very hard. Down to five stimpacks. Seriously. Five. And yes, yes I was eating food. Also out of purified water and mutt chops. The cannery had some bad shit BEFORE the boss bit. That was the hard bit.

Legendary Putrid Glowing One. Nuff said.

I gotta get on the Cabots. I can’t decide if I want to keep on trekking up to the asylum, which’ll never happen cuz I keep going magpie and losing all my ammo, or if I want to either a) clean out deathclaw hospital and get to know Deacon or b) do what looks like a straightforward BoS quest with rations going missing. I’m sorta curious as to what would happen if I took someone ELSE on a BoS quest. Might be interesting. Curie, maybe.


I took Piper on that BoS ‘missing rations’ quest. Thought she might enjoy an inside view of the Brotherhood, being a reporter and all, but she didn’t seem to have any particular reaction to them. It was kind of an interesting little side quest, though. Pretty straightforward, and a bit themey. Danse might have appreciated it more than Piper, but she was fine with it. Curie would probably be fine with it too.

University Point is someplace I’m supposed to ‘clear out’ for the Brotherhood (one of the quests that irritable dude in the Cambridge Police Station gives you), but more important to me at the moment is that it’s in the general direction of the Quincy Police Station, where I need to go find an Eddie Winter tape.

I figured, hey, I’ll just head down that way, check a couple of things off my list…get killed 15 times by a raider…then run into the synths next door…good plan! I love how this is working out! I ended last night wandering around University Point thinking “there’s no one else here to kill, why haven’t I gotten a ‘report back to the irritable dude’ message for this quest?” Probably there’s a door I have to go through to find the last remaining raiders to clear out or whatever. I may not bother…might just keep heading down towards the police station. I AM trying to help Nick with his issue here.


Curie it is. I like Curie. She’s cute.

Speaking of which:

As for the old question re “what happens if you fail a flirt check,” I failed one with Danse. I don’t know if I told you. I just can’t help my slutty self. But I was like “I more than respect you….I like you…” and he was polite, sure, but mostly “I respect you. And I’m glad to call you friend.” Ouch. Friendzoned. He’s all yours.

At least he wasn’t all Eww.

Oh that irritable dude. I kinda forgot about that dude. I can’t even remember if I have something to give him or not. Silly dude.

Truly, the magpie urge is strong. As is the “There must be loot here” urge. I did that yesterday, and it was dumb. I FOUND the bobblehead, I FOUND the magazine, but I STILL kept nosing around. I KNEW I had the good stuff, but no, no. Had to find the tough, stimpack ammo eating bits.

It’s fucking Pavlovian, it is.


Ouch, failed flirtation! I can’t help myself either. I flirt with everyone every chance I get, because…XP! Plus, you know, um…I just want to be liked and stuff. I guess. Whatever. XP!

I haven’t failed one yet, but then, I haven’t had any lately either. Oh, wait, except Piper. I talked to her about her sister the other night and flirted. Cutely flustered, like you said. I will totally flirt with Strong if I ever get the chance, because him cutely flustered would be…something.


See, I also like flirting cuz, again, I like my character. I’D flirt with my character. This is two games in a row I’ve played as a woman where I dig myself.

Ah, Piper.


Just skipping over the Witcher there, eh?

Or have you been playing some other game in the interim that you can’t talk about? STOP HOLDING OUT ON ME DAMN IT.


Sorry, the last two games I chose to play as a woman. There.

The game I’m playing that I can’t talk about is Grim Fandango, cuz you just won’t play it.


Ah, yes. Chose to play as. Fine.

You can talk about it up to…the point where he’s trying to get on the ship, I think is where I abandoned it. And I’ve been kind of busy ever since.


I see Mr. O’ got the 100% happiness trophy.

I looked. 1.6% of all FO4 players have it.

I’m not sure if he should be proud or not.


Oh, yeah, he just got that the other day! And guess how?

He doesn’t even know. He was like “nobody was above 80, and then all of a sudden something made someone really happy for about thirty seconds, and now no one’s above 80 again.”

So that’s no help AT ALL.

Still, 1.6%…that’s a highly selective group, all right.


Statues. I got that picket fences that let me make statues? So I plopped this HUGE fountain and a massive gold lion right in the middle of the street in Sanctuary, and the arrow is pointing up. For real.

Everyone loves a bigassed fountain.


Aaaaaahhhhh, I knew it!!!!!!!!! I must have statues!!!!!!! Damn it, now I have to drop everything and go look for that issue of Picket Fences.

Houseplants…fah. You’ve done nothing for me. I need a massive gold lion.


Dude it’s fucking massive. And I put a golden minuteman right by the ghoul’s bar. What’s not to love?


Nothing. There is absolutely nothing about that scenario that is not worthy of applause.

Oh, yeah, I talked to the Vault-Tec rep again, and sent him off to one of my other settlements that doesn’t have very many people, thinking “he may as well boost the numbers somewhere.” Now I have to go find him and assign him to the bar.

And put a golden Minuteman right next to said bar. Maybe some patio tables.



I’ll send you a screenshot.

But it makes sense. I mean, if you’re seeing a generator from your bed, then what better to block it than the ass of a big ol’ gold lion?

Now I just have to find a way to light it up with a disco ball and the trophy will be mine!