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No particular spoilers for anything significant


I got a nice solid chunk in this weekend and I’m sick with a stomach something today so got some more in…

Romanced Curie, took her around a little more and then swapped back to Cait. Found another set of X-01 Power Armor so I put her in that, brought it back to Sanctuary, spruced it up, and now she and I are wandering the south in our Power Armors. I’m going to spend some more time with her noodling around and then I’ll pick up Valentine and try to get his perk. Looking forward to putting Valentine in some Power Armor; or Power Valentine.

Skill/Combat: I’d heard about the cover thing, I haven’t accidently found it, don’t know how to use it, and don’t use it. Fallout’s just not that kind of game; in FO3, NV, and 4, armor is pretty much your cover. The only thing I do try to do is use corners and half-height objects as occlusion cover since combat in these games is more about staying still than bunny-hoping around. That said, I submit to your theory; I’m doing better not because of the twitch reflexes so much, but more because I’m gaming the game faster. Which explains why once I did get the shroud armor and fully upgraded it, it was still lower than my hobbled-together armour was, and is now pretty much half what my normal non-power armor is. Sorry.

The first areas I spent my perks in were armorer, gun nut, hacker, safecracker, and local leader. So I’ve had most of those topped-off for the majority of the game.

I’m sorry the Queen was such a bear for you Mr McP, but you’re both missing the best reward from taking the Castle. Go back – there’s a woman you’ll want to speak to. Once you finish what she wants (which isn’t much), you get the reward. Do it – trust me.

Really enjoyed the cryomine story.

Alright; back to the wasteland…


I’m close with Curie! I like Curie. I ain’t romancing Garvey or Danse. Perks be damned.

Cover…yeah, that’s it. Gaming the game. Which I also thinks goes to how we approach games. I mean, look at me and Femmy. We’re all up in themes, and when we do talk on gameplay it’s either “Man, that menu…man….” or “there IS a sprint button you doofus.” You say stuff like “I’ve already found every primary seller and solved the game’s economy.” That’s something not a lot of non developer players say. Now, I’m not certain, but I imagine that there are development meetings about how game economies are gonna work, where the primary sellers are going to be, what they’re going to have, etc. I imagine a great deal of time and energy goes into this, and someone who understands that time and work can see through the game and appreciate (or criticize) the time and work that went into it. Folks like Femmy and me? Over our heads, except when it doesn’t work or something.

Back to my brother and music. He once talked to me at great length about how the drum track on a song I like was half assed because they “obviously” only used six mics instead of the 18 that he likes to use, and is the industry standard. I was like “there are drums?”

Which is not a criticism of how he listens to music, or how you play games. But it’s different. You have an instinctual drive to see the working bits of the game, the bits that you know dudes are busting ass on (I remember a story you told of a metaphorical guy staying late to make a flag wave. You appreciate that guy and his flag). Once you see the working bits, you can game the game much faster.

Also, I don’t really WANT to game a game. For me, a game is about world, story and feeling, and how it conveys those. I joke with Femmy about never having any money, but I don’t really care. Ditto trophies. I approach choices either in character, or with the thought of what’s gonna reveal more story faster, not what’s going to make me richer, or my gun better, or this stat better or whatever. Indeed, I’m kinda glad that I never have stimpacks. Makes things make more realistic sense in game. I got nothing against folks who DO want those things (unlike D&D, I don’t have to play with them), but that’s not me.

Ah, man! That’s Old Guns I’m missing at the Castle, isn’t it? Just last night I was all “Should I do that or the asylum?” and picked the asylum. Dammit.

I still haven’t figured out mines. I tried a cryomine last night with deathclaw that was IN A HALLWAY. Plopped it, taunted the thing, ran away all “This is gonna be good this is gonna be good” and I swear the thing danced right over it and nothing. When I WANT them to go off they don’t go off. Stupid mines.


I just finished Nick’s story last night and got his perk! He idolizes me now, and I figure being idolized by a deteriorating humanoid robot detective must be a little odd for someone who just staggered out of a cryopod into an unfamiliar wasteland a couple of months ago, but hey…I’ll handle it well, because I’m good with people, because I have ALL THE CHARISMA.

I did Old Guns, but I’ve really never used…the things. It just doesn’t occur to me. Missing out?

I know I should get some gun nut and armorer skills, because I really can’t/haven’t improved any of my gear beyond the minimum you can do with no special perks, and I’m sure I’m missing out on damage and damage protection. But I’m so busy collecting sneak and VATS and loot-carrying skills!

We all have our priorities. “Sure, you may kill me because my armor is crap, but at least I’ll die with 72 desk fans in my deep pockets.” (Oh right, I took ONE level of the armorer one specifically to get deep pockets.)

I know, I’m just trying to fill the emptiness in my life left by my kidnapped son and murdered spouse…but what better to fill that emptiness than desk fans? I mean, really?

That and the idolization of robot detectives. Whatever gets you through the night, I say.


Frankly, I’d love being idolized by a deteriorating humanoid robot in any circumstance.

That and desk fans are handy for building settlement defenses. Cuz I don’t want anyone fucking up my disco fountain.

Piper gets me through the night just fine.