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Minor spoilers for the Cabot/Asylum storyline, Nick Valentine’s story, and the Lynn Woods location


Cleared out deathclaw hospital, which was satisfying. Deacon told me some stuff. He’s interesting. Found the CIT ruins, and I think I’m missing something cuz I didn’t really find anything at all. Went back got Curie, schlepped out to Lynn Woods, died some, turned on a siren that’s really loud and I can’t figure out what it does, found the asylum and instead of cool asylum stuff I’m off to a fucking CREAMERY which is less cool and I should have gone to the castle.

But guess what I found?


And you’re right. It’s pure awesome.


YYYYYYYEEEEEEEEESSSSSSS wounding combat shotgun!!!!!

Man, I love that thing. If I didn’t sometimes run out of shells, I would probably never use anything else. Well, I guess I’d keep one rifle around for distance.

You talked to Cabot, right? The creamery is all part of Cabot (cheese, I tell you!), and does actually tie together. It will get more interesting as you go.

I never figured out what the Lynn Woods siren was for either, unless perhaps it summoned the TWO GLOWING DEATHCLAWS I had to fight there. Possibly an alarm, but it didn’t much help all those dead settlers. “Hey everyone, look out, there are glowing deathclaws coming and we’re all going to die!”

Good, good, thanks for the update. Also, where were Garvey and Radio Freedom when this was going down?

“All’s quiet in the Commonwealth, just the way we like it! (Except for Lynn Woods which is being torn to pieces by deathclaws, but I never liked those people since they sneered at my disco fountain, so screw ’em.)”

As I said yesterday, I took Nick to collect the last holotape, and then we went to look for Eddie Winter, and now Nick ‘idolizes’ me. Gee, thanks, man, but I’m really just a humble wanderer trying to do a little good in this messed up world. Feel a little awkward about the idolizing. But it’s his highest possible esteem since there’s no romance option, so I got a perk from it, which I will of course take.


Rifle is still kinda key. And I have this pride thing about going through a whole level with nothing but the 10mm (I named mine Dirty Harry). But yeah, it’s living up to your hype. Pretty damn awesome. Though my old shotgun was pretty awesome as well, so I gave it to Curie, and now we’re going to bicker over who gets the shells.

Speaking of Curie, in the fight against the legendary raider who dropped said shotgun, she kept deciding it was a good idea to go nuts with her fists, which, really, is not a good idea. Then she’d default back to her default gun. I mean, ok, if she runs out of ammo for the gun I told her to use, I can see defaulting to a GUN, but Curie, babe, don’t try to beat up the legendary raider.

Yeah, talked to Cabot, who told me to go meet a guard captain up by the asylum. So I figured the quest was AT the asylum, which sounded kinda cool in a batman kind of way. So I met said captain, who told me NOT to go in the asylum and to go to a creamery. Which, watch, will have eight magpie targets on the way.

Glowing? Dude. I went down to Lynn Woods and there was one regular deathclaw (which is how I know the wounding shotgun rocks) but that was it. And he was kinda helpful. Killed five raiders for me.

I still haven’t met a glowing deathclaw, and that’s ok.

The Minutemen do have a pretty broad view of “all quiet.” I mean, everyone else is all “Phew. We survived another day in this place that’s constantly trying to kill us” and they’re all “it’s all good.” They’re like a bad traffic report. Maybe it’s a nod to all those times when you’re sitting in 27 miles of traffic on 93 and the radio is all “No real delays today…..”


I hate it when they decide to use fists. I mean…good, that’s spunky and shows you’re committed to the fight and all, but…if you don’t even have a melee weapon you should really be backing off a bit.

Oh, on another matter, do you have a ‘clear Croup Manor’ quest on your list? I just did that and it adds an interesting data point to our discussion about civilizing feral ghouls. So whenever you get there, we can revisit that.

The creamery is actually not as distracting as I was afraid it would be. It’s basically go there, do the thing, go back and talk to Cabot again, and then do…the other thing, the one that actually gets you into the asylum. It’s not a 10-step process, at least. Watch for the bobblehead!


She even DOES have a melee weapon! A big blue baseball bat! Use THAT dammit! Better than nothing! Maybe she doesn’t know what it is. She’s new to humanity.

Croup Manor? Never heard of it. Where’d you get it?

Bobblehead! Hooray!

At this point, it’s not even about bonuses. Though charisma is nice. It’s about keeping the platinum dream alive.


Baseball bat? That’s great! Use that! Not fists! You have tiny human fists now, not the buzzsaw arm you may be thinking of!

It’s her old programming kicking in.

Speaking of Curie, I was going to go to the cannery, but…I can’t find her. I can’t find Cait either. I’m wandering from settlement to settlement ringing the bell saying “has anyone seen Curie?”

Sigh. Maybe I’ll just take Codsworth. He’s a robot.

I don’t remember where I heard about Croup Manor, but it’s out by Nahant, so you’ll get close to it at some point if you follow up on Nick’s holotapes. Nothing major, just an interesting bit of side story.


I know! She looks kind of pathetic with the fists. And she was trying to beat up a raider with a cage on his head. I mean, that’s moxie, but still.

Ok, what is it with you and the cuties? Seriously? How the hell do you lose cuties?

Lose Danse. Lose Garvey. Shit, lose the dog. Don’t lose cuties.

I wonder how Codsworth would take the cannery. Does he have a quest? Cuz I haven’t traveled with him at all. He sure likes it when I tinker in Sanctuary, though.

Ah, man. I don’t want to go to Nahant. Purely for metagaming reasons. I hear “Go to Nahant” and I have this visceral reaction to potential traffic. I mean, you’re from this side of Boston. Say “Go to Nahant” out loud and try to keep your brain from going “NO!”