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Minor spoilers for Cabot missions


I got nothin’. Watched disappointing TV. Should have killed raiders.


I killed raiders! In the freaking Corvega plant. Again. Stupid ‘settlement in trouble’ missions.

Although I suppose it’s arguably true to post-apocalyptic life…settlements WILL keep having raider troubles, and the Corvega plant is a nice, solid place for raiders to hole up. Nevertheless, one gets tired of going back there. I’m now on the ‘speak to Preston Garvey’ stage of the quest, and it’s going to be a long damn time before I do.

I did find a Hot Rodder magazine I somehow missed the first three or four times I went through there, so there’s that. I don’t care that much about power armor paint, but it’s better than a facial tattoo (one of which I also found somewhere yesterday, and which I guarantee I will never use).


I can’t tell if I admire your persistence, pity your boredom or both. Probably both. Gotta give up sometime.

I do not talk to Preston. He even tries to interrupt my quality time with Piper. Silly.

Anyway, it’s not a nice solid place to hole up. Every raider that has has died at the end of our guns. Holing up there is pretty much a guarantee they will be slaughtered. They should just learn already. Try somewhere else. Like Nahant. No one goes there.

I think that’s where I got the flames. I like the flames. But yeah, the tattoos? Forget it. I’m not one for facial tats in any game, really. Distracting. Geralt’s scar was bad enough.


Dude, I just can’t stand to fail, and the settlement quests will fail on you if you wait too long (at least some of them will). I wanted to get it out of the way so I could go back to avoiding Garvey.

So much of this game is spent avoiding Garvey, isn’t it?

Also, I was JUST in Nahant, providing for a new settlement and thinking about civilizing ghouls, and I totally killed some raiders there. NO PLACE IS SAFE from me.

Except the glowing sea, so far. I got Cait’s “take me to Vault 95” quest, but…it’s way down there. Last time I went down there I was murdered by superpowered bloodbugs.

I suppose I could wear power armor this time.


Sometimes, when one has a quest list so long, and so repetitive, one must fail. There is no shame in it.

I gotta send Garvey somewhere. Especially when I’m trying to have quality time with two women. Or three.

Ah, Cait! Isn’t she an interesting character? Wanting to change. So often, NPCs DON’T change. They have their niche, and that’s that. It’s rare you get not one but TWO NPCs for whom change is important. Even bioware doesn’t do that all that much.

You could wear power armor. But, you know, story missions expose a flaw in the game: We’re encouraged to wear power armor, but then we have a voiced protagonist who we have become attached to, and putting her (and the NPC she’s with) in a mask and making her voice weird cuts into the drama of the story. We’d never have a movie where we couldn’t see people’s faces during important scenes. It’s silly to have to choose.


I did like that Cait said “I’ve even been doing it behind your back.” Um…most of the time I’m nowhere near you, I just leave you in random settlements, so that wouldn’t be particularly hard. Also, I’m not your parent, so do whatever the heck you want.

Not that I won’t support you in NOT doing that if you don’t want to, but…I’ve been hitting the chems a bit myself lately, dealing with some of these MULTIPLE GLOWING DEATHCLAW battles, so no judgement here.

I don’t know if you even CAN send Garvey anywhere else. I’m afraid to talk to him to find out, in case he gives me 10 new missions. You try it.

I romanced Piper in power armor. It was a sweet moment, a woman baring her heart to an insect-eyed metal suit.

Wait, wait…it’s coming clear now…dude–in this game I AM the moody love interest in the exoskeleton!


Holy shit….you are! The circle is closed! That’s…..I didn’t even notice……

I gotta go lie down.

I liked that “behind your back” bit. It underscored the idea that NPCs are not there to show all their cards up front and be niche: I’m the snarky dwarf! I’m the gruff warrior! I’m the sexy sorceress (ok, that one’s ok)! There’s something else to them. It’s why the end of DAI was such a shock. We’re trained to think NPCs be NPCs. There’s nothing they ain’t doing that you don’t know about. Even Vivienne’s lack of interest for you was laid out early.

This game is playing with that. We didn’t know about Cait. Who the fuck knows what Deacon even is? Even Valentine doesn’t know who HE is. And we have the specter of any one of them turning into a synth at the drop of a hat. No other game I’ve played messes with your perception of NPCs like that. Bravo, game.

I’ve been back to that railroad doc so many times to cure addictions. He didn’t like me in the first place. This can’t help.


I’m an angsty wandering weirdo in an exoskeleton, with a tragic past. No wonder they all get flustered when I flirt.

I do like the sense that the companions have their own lives and aren’t necessarily going to tell you all about them the first chance they get. Why would they? You’re just some wandering weirdo in an exoskeleton they happened to hook up with for their own purposes.


My God…..you have become your own love interest!

Now you know how I feel about Evelyn.

Ok, so I played and I fear I screwed up. Got the serum from the creamery, took it back to Cabot, and, instead of him saying “Ok, go to the asylum that has the charisma bobblehead in it” the quest ended, I got some OTHER quest about his sister that sent me back to good neighbor, and now to the back bay, and NOT AT ALL to the asylum with the charisma bobblehead. What did I do?


Oh, sorry, I forgot about the sister quest! No, you’re doing it right (or at least the way I did it). It IS a 10-step process…you have to find the sister, and then when you go back he trusts you enough to tell you about the asylum and ask you to go there.

Sorry, man. I totally forgot about that whole “find the sister” interlude. But if it’s any consolation, it does take you to the Hatch Shell–I mean, the Charles View Amphitheater–to meet…some mildly interesting people. And then once you find the sister, I swear it’s all asylum, all the way.


Ok, phew. I don’t mind finding a sister. I was worried I skipped the good part. You know, with the bobblehead.

I should have known that a bobblehad wasn’t at the end of a “kill a few raiders” quest. Always more in depth.

Three thoughts:

1) I actually think you underhyped the wounding combat shotgun. Wow.

2) This patch makes the game much prettier. Wow on the draw distances.

3) I was walking in the general direction of sister and found a couple of interesting places, notably “Vault Tec Regional HQ” and some thing like Hallucinogen Inc. Did you explore there or is that better down later?


OMG, isn’t the wounding combat shotgun the best thing in the entire world? You just fire and watch the health bar shrink. It’s so beautiful. I like to shoot and then back away, and watch them go “glgh” and keel over as they’re chasing after me. The WCS has saved my butt in so many battles with legendary enemies, because ha, even legendary things bleed! I don’t think it will ever not be my favorite weapon.

Vault-Tec Regional HQ sounds only vaguely familiar, but I did a quest at Hullucinogen…some guy in Goodneighbor will send you there. He wants you to look for a specific thing, and I’m not sure if it was one of those things that you just don’t find if you’re not on a quest, or if one of those things that you can pick up and then when he says “I want this thing” just hand it to him and get the XP. I probably wouldn’t go in yet, just in case, because you know if you have to go back it will be full of enemies again.

The bobblehead will come! You’re on the right track.

By the way, did you actually give Cabot the serum? I lied and said I couldn’t find any, and that the raiders must have used it all. I didn’t especially care about keeping it, but…it was a persuade check! I HAD to lie!


Dude it happened IN VATS! I went to shoot a guy twice, and I shot, and as I was reloading, boom. Out of vats. Done. Saved the AP and all.


Good point that I might have to come back later. Vault Tec is vaguely tempting though. Just because. Hmm.

Shit! Magpie! I’ll never finish!

I did give him the serum, mostly cuz I was with Curie, and she’s so damn honest. I mean, did you look at its stats? -36000 rads? 36000! Hmm. Wonder what it is.


Oh, yeah, honest Curie. That’s fair. I was with Piper, and she didn’t care about the lying. Cait probably would have liked it. “Yeah, stick it to the man!”

I haven’t used it yet, but when I need some serious radiation-cure, it’s there. That never hurts to have around. Especially since at some point I’ll venture back into the Glowing Sea. (Note: I will never actually venture back into the Glowing Sea. I will be distracted by other things FOREVER.)

Speaking of the man…Cabot House. Astonishingly well preserved, isn’t it? I imagine my character feels this weird sense of familiarity/disorientation, going into a pre-war house that’s not mostly destroyed.

“Oh yeah, THAT’s what wall paper is supposed to look like!”


There’s certainly some weird there, for sure. Maybe they need to take that shit to keep from being ghouls or something. But you know, right?

I don’t even think you can take 36000 rads without dying. I mean, Rad away gets you like, what 50, 75? I think you can’t take more rads than hit points, and you don’t have 36000 hit points. Glowing sea or no, that’s something not meant for us.

Even Curie commented on the architecture.


I know stuff…but it’s still pretty weird. We’ll talk later.

I don’t remember, does the serum have a time component? Maybe it could stave off radiation for a period of time, up to 36000? Because otherwise, yeah, you could never survive enough radiation damage to need that much removed. Refreshing Beverage is only -5000!

OK, I looked at the wiki. It removes 10 rads/second for 3600 seconds (or 1 hour). So that could definitely be useful in the Glowing Sea, or anywhere else you’re consistently taking a lot of radiation damage.

Ugh, I was in this location last night where I was taking +25. I got to half my health bar in red in the time it took to quickly loot a room and run out, and the little dude on the Pip-Boy turned into a haggard-looking skull face. Refreshing Beverage cleared it right up, though.

Piper made a comment about how the house was even older than I was, or something along those lines. Definitely noticing the unusual quality of the place.