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Significant spoilers for the end of the Cabot House/Asylum storyline


I finished up with Cabot House/Asylum/Bobblehead (still only nine). That was….different. So what did you do? Cuz I cheated. I was all “Dudes….uh….need more info!” So I did it one way, then didn’t like it, and metagamed, and did it the other way.

So you start on that.

Then I realized I had a level of medic, and that means you can build a clinic in Sancturary that makes people happy, so I got that arrow upwards, and that’s it.

Off to Old Guns next, methinks.


Ah yes, the end of the Cabot quest.

Well, I got to the “free or kill Lorenzo” choice and was like “hm, I guess I don’t really KNOW that Lorenzo is the monster his family has painted him as, and they HAVE basically been living off his stolen blood for 400 years while keeping him locked in a tiny room, so maybe I should let him go and give him a chance to argue for himself.”

So I did, which Piper disliked. Then when he got out he didn’t really argue for himself, just said “thanks for helping, now let’s go kill my family.” And I said to myself “hey, I never agreed to kill your family! I just wanted your side of the story!” but he said “see you back at Cabot House to kill everyone!” and disappeared.

So I looted a bit and then went back and decided to side with the family instead of Lorenzo (which Piper liked), so I killed him. It was less difficult than I had feared, and I didn’t really see any sign of the super powers Jack said he had –telekinesis, etc. — but I think going this way might have exposed a bug, because then Jack said “I’m going to study the artifact, come back in a couple of weeks,” and then later I got a pop-up objective to ‘talk to Jack Cabot about the artifact,’ but when I go to his house he won’t actually talk to me, which the internet says is a glitch that can happen.

Maybe they’ll fix it one of these days.

So my question was, did the artifact even GIVE Lorenzo all these special powers? I mean, it did apparently do something, since his family was able to stay youthful on his blood for 400 years, and there’s the serum (I got several vials from the asylum, which will be good for the Glowing Sea later). But the telekinesis I don’t know, I really didn’t see it, although that might be because I basically just hid behind a door and popped out to blast him a few times with the Wounding. Combat. Shotgun. and he went down pretty quick. Maybe he didn’t have a chance to put it into action. Did YOU see telekinesis?


Ah, see, I did that first, too. At first, Curie liked it, until the whole “Let’s go kill everyone,” which she disliked. But aside from trying to woo Curie, I felt the same way. I was like “Dude, I saved you because I saved you, I did NOT sign up for mass murder.”

So I reloaded and killed him, which Curie disliked, but then I picked up the surgical mag which she did like, and was nice to Jack about his loss, which she also liked. Jack mentioned something about Lorenzo’s crimes, he was a killer, etc., which made me think I did right. I might have doubted it had I not done it the first way first, but still.

I, too, have the “come back in a week” bit. Nice to know the game reminds you, cuz I would SO forget.

I hope it ain’t glitched. I hate glitchy quests.

I didn’t see telekinesis, but I didn’t actually fight him. I turned on some switches which zapped his cell with “zeta radiation,” (don’t worry! It can’t harm you!) and he died. No fight needed. But you’re right, now that I think about it. There was no actual evidence that the thing did anything at all.

The serum is….something, though, that it is. But then, it might not be all mystical alien etc. We know that, in this world, radiation can make you live a long time, and the serum certainly has something to do with radiation.

But then it COULD be mystical alien….

If my quest ain’t bugged, I’ll let you know.

I’m also hoping that’ll give us something on the themes, cuz…..this is out there, man. Even I can’t fit it in the themes.

Oh–and right around the time you drop down through a hole in a cell down to the level where the dude is, I had this weird thing happen where the camera wobbled all around and the controller shook. It had “telepathy attack!” written all over it. I even twirled around for a while looking for a baddie but nothing, and no one else seemed to notice or comment. Did that happen to you?


People seemed to feel that the glitch happens specifically if you free Lorenzo, but then kill him instead of ‘continuing’ to side with him against his family (in quotes, because I never meant to pick a side there!–I just wanted more information!). You’ll probably be fine. Tell me if anything cool happens, so I can seethe with jealousy.

I did get the magazine, so all’s well there. I think I can’t really complain about the loot in that storyline, unless Jack Cabot agrees to talk to you and gives you something really amazing that I can’t have because of a glitch. But whatever–I’ve done too many other things to go back now, that’s for sure.

I didn’t notice a potential telepathy attack such as you describe. That’s weird. And doesn’t REALLY fit the story as Jack told it, since the chamber was supposed to keep Lorenzo from being able to use the super powers we’re not really sure he even had… This is definitely an odd little side story.


Ah, man. I hate it when you seethe.

Watch: the prize will be ANOTHER bobblehead! Ha.

No, the bump I felt really doesn’t fit the story. And it wasn’t just a fall/move the stick some weird way thing cuz the controller certainly shook and there was a buzz kind of thing. It was odd, but it did happen.

Yikes now I sound like a UFO nut ball.


That would be kind of awesome, if the game started inserting random inexplicable things into different people’s experience…get us all arguing about “I don’t know what you’re talking about, Garvey never turned green and grew tentacles for 2 seconds!” — “yes he did, I SWEAR!!!!”

The aliens are among us…messing with us…

Maybe it was just meant to be a “look out, the prison room up ahead is about to blow!” warning or something? I mean, the room was full of juiced up raiders, maybe one of them just ran into the wall or something.

If he gives you another bobblehead, it will be EPIC JEALOUS SEETHING TIME.


Dude, some day a game is going to do just that.

Don’t be that game, Buttons.

I don’t know, though. It was odd. I haven’t encountered anything like it in this game before. I’m utterly sure it happened. And then it was nothing.

I’m sure the prize will be just a desk fan.

But in loot, I forgot to mention: New second favorite thing (it isn’t as good as the wounding combat shotgun, but): Exploding sub machine gun. Every single bullet explodes on impact.

It’s glorious.


Exploding bullets do sound cool, I grant you that. Not as awesome as wounding, but cool. I haven’t found that gun, but I’ll keep an eye out.

Lately I tend to fall back on the “infinite potential” (which doesn’t do a ton of damage, but fires really fast and never needs to be reloaded), or my Gauss rifle if I have ammo for it.


Ah, the gauss rifle. Overpowering Fallout games since 1996. Haven’t found one yet. But they do rule.

Had this line of raiders on a cat walk last night, and exploding bulleted them! Did I hit them? Who knows! Plus, I’ve never used that kind of ammo (45?) so I have over 1000 rounds. It’s cool seeing just 999 that never changes.

I took it off a legendary raider at the asylum. Random loot drops, dude.


Yeah, I just got this Gauss rifle recently. It does a lot of damage, but somehow still not as satisfying as the wounding combat shotgun. Plus reloading is a frequent and lengthy process. Good for distances, though.

I had SO MANY fusion cells, it was like that for a while with infinite potential, but eventually I did manage to burn through them all and had to stop using it. When you get about 8 shots out of your action points and never have to reload, it can go kind of fast. Still, there’s also a certain satisfaction in using up something you hadn’t had much use for. Makes me feel frugal.

“Everyone said I should get rid of those cells because I never use them, but I showed them! There IS a reason to never throw anything away!”

With many thanks and showers of blessings upon the programmers who ensure that ammunition is weightless. Man, THAT would be a nightmare.

“Well, I needed some desk fans to make turrets, but I had to drop all my ammo to carry them, so I was killed by a radroach on the way back…”


The wounding shotgun is pretty great. Really great.

I’m saving fusion cores because the Glowing Sea has me nervy. I have, what, 21? Though I think I used one cuz I found this random armor on the way to the asylum (why did I have to follow the dude? Especially the dude who kept getting stuck?) so I put Curie in it just so someone could take it back to Sanctuary. Starting to look like Button’s one, it is.

Oh, dude. Yes. I think in 3 missiles and mini nukes had weight. I remember something sucking.

I want to be able to beat the shit out of something with a fan. Tell me you wouldn’t love that.

Almost as cool as a hot French robot making cute comments while beating shit with a baseball bat wearing power armor. NEW SENTENCE!


Oh, yeah, fusion cores I’m hanging onto, although I burned a few wearing power armor to a couple of fights. I have a lot, though.

But fusion cells, whatever, I throw them around like nothing. Until I run out, and they are in fact nothing.