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Some spoilers for Brotherhood fetch quests and the multipart “distress signals/dogtags” story


I played some, and the highlight was agreeing with Garvey.

Why? Cuz I did Old Guns. Did you do Old Guns? Cuz at the end of Old Guns, when I was looking at the reward of Old Guns, I got a little “Preston Loved that,” and I was thinking “Ya know Preston? I kinda love that, too.”

You done that?

So then I spent forever trying to find the parts to build artillery in sanctuary, assigned Garvey to it so he’s happy and goes away, built a medic, got that over 80 percent, then decided to try to move Danse’s story so I babysat this annoying kid and killed fish packing plant ghouls and wound up with nothing but xp. Not even a like. Sheesh.

But he did share his hugging scribe Hayden story.

He can’t be that emotionally distant if he cares that much about his hair.

I think these “talk to squire” bits are the BoS’s answer to settlements.


Old Guns was the artillery one, right… It was pretty fun, although I’ve yet to set it up on any other settlements, or actually use it in a fight.

I romanced Cait and MacCready the last couple of days, and then tried to get Danse and Garvey to love me too, but they just keep holding out. Sigh.

And yeah, I tried taking Danse along on a “babysit the scribe” mission too, and just as you say, got nothing. Come on, dude. You could at least KIND OF like the fact that I didn’t let your colleague get killed. Which was actually stupidly hard, because you can’t tell the scribe what to do and he/she is always running facefirst into combat like a ninny…my last scribe got killed about 6 times, forcing me to repeatedly reload the damn fight. And then you can’t even just say “OK, back to the airport with you, bye”…you have to escort them all the way back to the Prydwen and back to Teagan’s office (which at least is close to the door, for a small mercy).

And Danse doesn’t care about any of it! Nor was he impressed when I handed over a ton of technical documents and viable blood samples. I can’t find anything he DOES like except modifying or putting on power armor (or modifying regular armor, he liked that too), and he only likes that about once every hour. And heaven forbid you pop a bit of Med-X in a fight. No sir, Mr. Clean-Cut Paladin doesn’t approve of chems.

I got the hugging story as well, a while ago, but haven’t been able to make further progress with him. It’s going to take a while to build up a reservoir of affection if all I’ve got is tinkering with and putting on armor.


Oh, shit that IS good to know. I did a babysit the KID mission, and the kid was indestructible, cuz he’s a kid, so really it was a “Kill the ghouls and hear the kid go wow!” mission. Kinda pointless. I found the magazine there long ago.

And yeah, for a dude who is all “BoS forever!” you’d THINK that me being all “Good job, soldier!” to a kid and being a role model and shit would make a mark, but no. Nothing. Couldn’t care less.

He does like the armor. And the tinkering. Have you done the end of the trail of dogtags and distress calls yet? Cuz he LOVED the way I ended that. That got a love. Much love.

And I did get him all flustered yesterday. But that didn’t get a like, either. Nor a perk.

Maybe I’ll go back and try to fix him up with Hayden.

But I think I’m getting to the point where if I want anything more than settlements and babysitting I better start trucking southward. Sure seems there’s stuff there to do, right? There’s still more stuff in this game?

Though you’re WAY ahead of me now, aren’t you?


Oh, you babysat a literal kid? Interesting…I haven’t had that one yet. Just some youthful-seeming scribes in limited armor who like to dive into combat. That’s a repeating mission from Teagan…who gave you the actual kid?

Also, good tip so I know not to bother bringing Danse when I do it.

I did the end of the distress signals, but I kind of stumbled across it, and Danse wasn’t with me, damn it. Missed out on an opportunity to get some love.

I’m not actually ahead of you at all on the main story…I think we both need to go to the Glowing Sea to find Virgil, right? I may have done a few more random side things, but nothing important. And Mr. O’s still playing (and not just settlements) after having been to the Glowing Sea weeks ago, so yeah, I think there’s still more story ahead.


Mr. O’ will play until he has gotten every settlement.

I clicked the kid by mistake! I was trying to talk to the scribe and the rug rat squire got in between so that quest popped. He was annoying.

So you met the old guy. We must talk on him vs Ironsides.

This game will never end, will it?


Huh…I don’t think I’ve even seen a kid. Except Piper’s sister, and a couple at settlements. I’ll keep an eye out.

This game will definitely never end.


I got the kid thing from the black captain on the flight deck. He was a whiny little redhead with a buzz cut. Looked like bobby from king if the hill.

Like I said, just xp. Not even good loot. Feel free to avoid.


I have talked to that guy. Didn’t he give us the missing rations quest? Haven’t seen a whiny redheaded kid, though. Well, if I see him, I see him. I won’t go out of my way.


That’s the guy. After I finished the rations bit, he was all “You’re such a good role model! Go mentor kids” or some shit, and, of course, I said yes. The kid LITERALLY got between me and the squire all PAY ATTENTION TO ME! I swear I saw the squire sigh.

So what did you make of the old dude who was still fighting a war that ended long ago? And Danse’s happiness (he LOVED it) when I told him to rejoin the fight?


Maybe they really DIDN’T want that rations theft solved. I finished it and he just said something like “nicely done.” Didn’t want me near the kids. Didn’t say I was a good role model (that I recall, anyway…I suppose I might have been in such a hurry to get out and back to my adventures that I cut him short or something).

Interesting that you get “good role model! Teach our children!” for letting a thief get away with theft and lying about it, and I get a curt nod for actually bringing the thief to justice (or at least convincing him to turn himself in). Perhaps these BoS folks are not as hidebound and Lawful as we think.

Old dude fighting an old war…another way to look at how we relate to history?

We came directly from the past, most people don’t really seem to care about the past (or get it hilariously wrong, like the Diamond City guy’s take on baseball), and the ones who care the most, like Ironsides and this old guy, are kind of stuck in the past, unable to move on with their lives in the world as it exists today because they’re still clinging to what they knew to be true years (or centuries) ago.

In this guy’s case, we were sort of able to bring him out of the past, if only by offering a modern version of the battle he’s been fighting all these years: an adjustment to his old reality, rather than a whole new reality (like if we’d convinced him to go farm gourds at one of our settlements instead…which I would totally have done if that had been an option). Perhaps this is recognition that a human is more malleable than a robot, and perhaps also a nod to the fact that the longer you cling to something, the harder it is to let go.


Yeah, the kid quest popped right after I reported on the rations quest. Well, he asked “Are you interested?” like they do, and if you said “Yeah, sure, I’d rather do this than settlements” it popped.

Hmm. Never thought of that as related to how you completed the rations quest. I got the scribe quest, too. I think that dude with the technical documents is shifty. I need his money, though, cuz you know what’s expensive? Shops, clinics, restaurants, etc. And they make people happy. Key.

Nicely done expounding on the old dudes and wars!

Danse sure did love it. As did the brotherhood in general. I felt bad for the guy. Part of me wanted to just send him to Sanctuary. Let him get on with things. Like gourds.


That dude pays well for technical documents. And settlement upgrades do cost money. Think of it as sticking it to the Brotherhood: taking their money (in exchange for pretty much zero effort since you were going to be looking in all those file cabinets anyway and the documents don’t weigh anything) and using it to improve the lives of the Commonwealth folk of whom they seem so dismissive.

The same with the ‘viable blood samples.’

The scribe missions are OK money, but annoying because they require actual effort–sometimes more in making sure the scribe comes out alive than in actual combat, but some of them are pretty tough. I was in a location with a scribe just the other day (thinking Danse might like it, which he did not), and she died so much that as soon as we got the information she needed, even though half the building was unlooted and there were rooms full of Gunners we hadn’t killed, I said “OK, we’re getting out of here: I’ll come back another time and finish exploring, because you getting yourself killed is already on my last nerve.”

I met the old dude on the Prydwen later, all shaven and cleaned up. He seemed to be doing OK…maybe not filled with the inner peace of the gourd farmer, but with a purpose at least. (Although judging by our settlements, gourd farmers don’t actually have a lot of inner peace anyway.)