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Minor spoilers on companion preferences, songs, and trophy tracks


I was gonna ask: How do you get through to McCready? I know NOTHING about McCready.

Also, as I was singing “Maybe” to Baby McP last night, as I do, it occurred to me that the last three AAA games I’ve played have had at least one song that was a) written for the game and was b) SUNG by a voiced character in game (this would be the snow song and the tavern songs in DAI, Pricilla’s song in TW3, and Magnolia’s stuff in FO4). This is more than soundtrack, or even the shanties in AC4 (Looooowlands, lowlands away!) because those weren’t part of a character. That used to be rare (See DAO), but now three in a row.

Which made me think: Magnolia kind of bugs me. Don’t get me wrong, her stuff is catchy. But it seems…forced. Self aware. Like, “Well, they’re doing it, so should we.” The snow song and the Kingfisher song were both SOOO good in terms of plot and mood. They weren’t just there to be there. It seems FO was like “Hey, we’ll do you a couple better and write MORE songs,” which missed the point.

I mean, we could go off on Fallout’s music, and how it relates to music in games in general, because you have such a choice. I wish we could have stats on how people listen to FO. Do most people listen to DC radio? Classical? The soundtrack?

What about you?

Me, I’m DC unless it’s a creepy bit, then I turn off the radio. But here’s a thing: I wish I could turn the music fully off sometimes. It’s weird it defaults to “soundtrack.” The creepy bits I think would benefit from silence. Silence is underused in games.

Silence is underused in this house as well.

We’ll start there. Yes, it’s sound, so it’ll be a short day. I’ll play tonight, I promise.


I got almost nothing…I played for a bit, but accomplished pretty much zero. I took Strong to Vault 81 to see if I could find Curie and/or punch some molerats to death, but there were no molerats and no Curie to be seen, so it was a total waste of a trip. And I still have no freaking clue where Curie is.

Then I decided to just wander around a bit looking for things to get into melee combat with, in hopes of impressing Strong, but marching boldly around not sneaking and then killing two wild dogs with Pickman’s Blade, and two feral ghouls with an Assassin’s Tire Iron, earned me precisely nothing.

Does he sneer at edged weapons? (The tire iron has a blade on it.) Maybe I need to literally just whack things with a board to get some approval? I’m like you with MacCready…completely striking out here.

As for MacCready, I think he likes sniping? And possibly killing Gunners. Try to find some Gunners and shoot at them from far away. I don’t know, though, I don’t remember earning mad love from him for any specific actions, I pretty much just wandered around with him for a while doing my thing, and eventually he decided to talk. My main impression of him was always that he doesn’t have strong opinions about much, but he liked me OK in the end, and since we tend to play exactly the same way, he’ll probably do the same for you after a while.

As for the sound, hm. I agree that the Magnolia songs are a bit self-conscious, although in my case it’s more the way they specifically reference game locations like Goodneighbor and Diamond City. Which is perhaps plausible, though, since if you’re sitting around writing songs in the post apocalypse, why wouldn’t you write them about the major settings local to you? People in the pre-apocalypse write songs about New York and Chicago and so forth.

I guess I don’t mind them, and I kind of like the fact that they exist, from a believability standpoint (is it more likely that someone would write a song about Diamond City, or that the only popular music that existed in the world was 300+ years old?). And I don’t find them more contrived than the tavern songs in DAI, which were also pretty self-referential.

There were also snatches of ballads about the Dragonborn and stuff in Skyrim, so Bethesda (among others) has been toying with this concept for a while.


Dude, I don’t know how you do it. Be careful with your companions! Where’s the last place you saw her?

I do think it’s funny how often we say “I played but accomplished nothing.”

I’ve given up on Strong. Especially as he already pretty much despises me from watching me mod weapons. So many dislikes. One of these days I’m going to get into power armor and he’s gonna up and leave. Maybe THAT’ll get me to 100% happiness.

Ok, I’ll wander with MacCready. But Cait first. I think I’ll grab her and drift down towards Vault 95.

Yeah, DAI was self-referential too, but “Sera was Never” was so awesome that I can’t criticize.

I wonder if we’ll see more game songs.

I missed that there were any in Skyrim. But then, I spent most of my Skyrim time being pissed off……

Holy crap I just looked at the cast and found that Magnolia is played by Lynda Carter who played fucking WONDER WOMAN in the 70s show!

All of a sudden those songs are pure awesome.


Lynda Carter!? Nice! You’re right, those songs are the best thing in the world now.

Vault 95 itself wasn’t that bad. There were some locations along the way/in the area that I sort of magpied close enough to to get on my map and then scurried away from, the better to stay focused, and some of them might be nasty, but get to the actual vault and you should be OK. I mean, fighting, but not overwhelmingly difficult fighting. You can do it. Cait is a lot easier to get ‘likes’ from than MacCready, that’s for sure.

Potential side discussion: are the women easier to win over than the men? We both found Piper and Cait a lot easier to charm than anyone else. No doubt partly because we’re playing the same lock-picking, terminal-hacking sort of character, and they both like that, but those are not exactly specialized weirdo skills that only we would take.

I suppose Danse’s fondness for tinkering and power armor probably make him a similarly easy catch for someone who wears their armor a lot.


Dude you can flirt up Wonder Woman. Cool.

Even if she is…um….old.

Well, of course there’s gonna be fighting at Vault 95. There is always fighting.

You think women are easier than men? I’m not sure. Curie wasn’t easy. I think, for me, I just…um…enjoy traveling with them more. But Valentine was easy to get likes, as is Danse. I mean, we met the womenfolk earlier, too, so more time to woo. Garvey’s easy, too, if you actually WANT to do what he wants you to do.

Shit, Danse is into me just for being nearby in Sanctuary when I mod stuff. That and I’m smokin’ hot.


Danse doesn’t care about your hotness. He’s interested in WAY-outer beauty. That is, the beauty of your power armor. The inner-outer beauty of your physical body is meaningless. As for the inner-inner beauty of your winning personality, he likes that if it means you agree to join the Brotherhood. Otherwise, meh.

It is nice that he likes just being near the tinkering, and you don’t actually have to be traveling with him. Although as I complained recently, he likes and he likes but still won’t get into any details. Siiiiiiigh.

Yeah, I don’t know if it’s actually true that women are easier, or not. Haven’t played as enough characters specializing in enough things that different characters might like to really say. Just wondering.


Danse certainly liked it when I was all “would you be there to hug me?”

I’m such a slut.


True, he did like that, but that was MONTHS ago. What has he done for me lately? In terms of persuasion checks, I mean. I’m needy. I require regular affirmation of my overwhelming charm.


Are you wearing Agatha’s dress? Doll it up, man!


Agatha’s dress looks GREAT inside power armor.

I actually haven’t even changed into my charisma outfit in ages…could probably sell it, but I keep thinking “What if someday I meet the MOST DIFFICULT PERSUASION CHECK OF THEM ALL and need the bonuses? WHAT IF???????”


NO WAY I sell the dress.

Cait often comes out of Power Armor naked. Woot.

What? Must get hot in there.


Um…probably? I dunno, I never bother to put companions in power armor. Except Danse, who I would never attempt to take it off of. I can barely remember to wear it myself, let alone dressing others.


Dude, do it. Because if THEY’RE in it and you aren’t, the baddies attack THEM. Excellent for deathclaws. They chase your pal, you lob grenades that don’t really hurt your pal, boom.


Good point…

Oh, speaking of nothing, Mr. O’ finished the game last night. Got the platinum trophy, too. I’m so proud of that one “RobCo’s Worst Nightmare” hacking award I contributed to the effort.

I PLAYED A ROLE, damn it.


So it DOES have an end! Are we close? At all?


I don’t know. He’s played a lot more than me. He talked about having to choose between factions, and having one of them get all mad at him, and visiting some place I’ve never been, and some companion I’ve never met called Diamond, so he’s done quite a bit that I, at least, have not yet done.

But then, he’s also spent a lot more time on settlements. So we could be kind of close, or we could be 700 hours away.


I certainly don’t feel very close to done. And, if trophies are to be believed, I, and by extension we, still have a WHOLE lot of story missions and faction quests (at least with the BoS and the Railroad) to go.


I can’t judge from trophies because I never look at them, but yeah, I don’t feel particularly close to done either. I don’t know, maybe everything will fall into place once we find Virgil in the Glowing Sea, but there’s a lot of unresolved stuff with Shaun and the Institute that it seems as if a good deal of story will be required to address.

Oh, and he did say that there are some exclusive trophies where you have to follow one track or the other (BoS and Railroad, I assume?), so in order to platinum he had to reload an old save and intentionally do the other thing after finishing the first time. So beware. I know you’re not into that.


Plus, I still have about three weeks of magpie on my way to Vault 95, let alone the glowing sea.

And 27 settlements. Ha.


So many settlements…mine have not been complaining that much lately, actually. Maybe that adjustment to the happiness calculation helped! Because I certainly haven’t been paying them more attention than usual, especially as I get more and more of them to have to pay attention to.