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Etremely minor spoilers for Mass Pike Interchange location


Ok, I did play, but remember that “We seem to say ‘I played but accomplished nothing?'”


Grabbed Cait, started trucking towards Vault 95. And you’re right: there’s stuff in between. One was up on the highway, so I went up there, only to find she didn’t get on the elevator. After a few tries, we got up, together, and found this gunner camp. (Highlight: I crippled an assaultron’s legs, and it still pulled itself along on its arms after me. Creepy as hell.) Cleared it out, got the magazine, and then could NOT get Cait down. It had all these tires and barriers you had to hop over, and she just forgot how to hop. I even tried the command “go” thing, and she was all “No way I can get there.” WHAT? Hop, dammit!

So after inching back to the elevator, trucked down to some coast guard place lousy with mutants. Cleared it, and then heard this helicopter sound that was really loud, that seemed to be from the roof, and tried to find it, and couldn’t. But it wasted time!

Then back south, only to notice that I’m closer to some place that has something I need for DANSE. But before that, a marina, which I am standing outside of now.

So, for my hour or so, two magazines, three or four likes from Cait, three locations discovered.

Not much to talk about there, I’m afraid.

I tried. I did. What you got?


I also played but accomplished pretty much nothing. Once more, I tried and failed to get a single ‘like’ from Strong. I was out there smashing blood bugs with a freaking board, and he just hacked at them with Grognak’s axe and said nothing. No approval. Meanwhile I left FOUR locks unpicked that I will have to go back to later, because I don’t think our relationship will survive much more disapproval, especially with absolutely nothing to balance it out.

I charged at some raiders! Strong MUST like charging into combat! But no. (Possibly because I was promptly shot to death, and didn’t bother to try again, but I mean, if he’d liked it when I tried, I could have done it again with more Med-X.)

Maybe he just automatically doesn’t like anyone whose charisma is too high, finding them glib and untrustworthy (who, me?). In which case I’m totally screwed.

Anyway, after wandering around whacking blood bugs with a board, which was stupidly dangerous and ineffective because they’re hard to hit with a board (although hacking a mirelurk with the Assassin’s Tire Iron was actually quite satisfying), I decided to take him along on that Railroad mission that involves “clearing out a construction site and using the workshop.”

FYI: Mirelurks. Significant mirelurks. Gauss-rifle-and-plasma-mine level mirelurks.

We took care of that business, no sign of any opinion from Strong (at least it’s not bad, I suppose), and then I wandered off to Kill Kendra, which is the Silver Shroud mission I’ve been putting off for ages. Got to the building where Kendra appears to be, then had to call it a night.

Freaking Strong, man. What does he WANT, anyway?

I also put three locations on the map, so that’s something.

A Gunner camp on an elevated road? I think I was there. For…other reasons. Were there named guys there, or just generic gunners?


Grognak’s Axe? Where did you get that?

I’ve given up on Strong.

I think I have an idea, that I’m probably not going to do: Cannibalism. I bet he’d LOVE chowing down on a raider with us. I think I’ll let you figure that out.

Ah, shit, I HATE hard mirelurks. That Legendary Mirelurk Hunter I did a ways back was god awful.

How do you get more of those RR missions? I did the one where I had to go up to signpost Zinoga or some shit, up north, which was easy since I had cleared it already, and then not much of anything. Will Deacon go all Garvey? I set up some defenses there, used the workshop, there’s a little lantern next to it now (there’s no one actually THERE but there’s a lantern) and then nada.

Dude you haven’t finished the Shroud quests yet? Dude. Get on that shit. You have a ways to go on that shit.

It’s a good quest.

Strong just wants someone to love. Some milk. A fellow cannibal.

This location was lots of generic gunners, then, in the back, a sleeping (how do you sleep through THAT?) dude that said “Gunner Commander” or something, but he woke right up and attacked and that was that. He didn’t have a name.

Should I have had MacCready? I should have had MacCready.


I’ve had Grognak’s Axe since forever…I think I got it in the same comic book store where I got the outfit. It’s a pretty good axe. Seemed like a good fit for Strong.

Ugh…he probably WOULD like cannibalism, but…nah. I’m willing to try stupid forms of attack like charging raiders and swatting blood bugs with boards, but I’m not desperate enough for his approval (or the HP restoration) to eat corpses.

Yeah, I did Outpost Zimonja or whatever…set up a beacon there, lured in some settlers, made them some beds and stores, etc. etc. They’re not doing too badly at the moment. It’s not Deacon who hands out those missions, though, it’s that lab coat dude back at RR HQ. Go back and talk to him and he’ll probably give you more to do. The one I’m on (still on, because even though I killed everything, I still have to ‘set up defenses’ and I didn’t have the materials I needed to build turrets right then) is Murkwater Construction.

I know, I know, Kendra has been waiting impatiently for me to kill her. But there’s so much stuff in that general area, I kept getting sidetracked when I’d try to find her, and then I got into other things, and the Silver Shroud dropped toward the bottom of the quest list…I’m on it now. I swear. I figure Strong will either like or HATE me dressing up and killing someone. He liked me intimidating some guy once, and one of the Shroud missions had some persuade checks…I’m willing to try anything at this point. Except cannibalism.

“I’ll try anything except cannibalism” is my new motto.

Let’s just say MacCready has an interest in those gunners on the elevated road. However, given that there were no named guys to confront, I think it’s safe to say that there will be more of them when you get to the point that he tells you he wants to go there. So you had a fight that was perhaps unnecessary at this time, but not one that will break any future quests. And honestly, we do that all the time, stumbling into locations that we’re going to have to come back to later.


Yeah, no cannibalism. Gross and I figure NO ONE else would like it. Curie sure as hell wouldn’t.

Oh, that Railroad guy. I dunno. I can’t be bothered just to pop in from time to time and ask if he has random quests. He could at least Garvey it up for me.

Let them fight over who gets the workshop. Ha.

Good ending to the Shroud quest. And a reward I’m still using.

Speaking of cool stuff, do you have a gun that tags dudes yet? My sweet new super recon rifle “tags.” This is awesome.

“I’ll try anything except cannibalism”: T SHIRT!

Though I’d be kinda scared of someone wearing that.

Hmm. This was “Mass Pike Interchange” or something. So Waltham! I should’ve taken McCready.

Well, I’m gonna go back and get Danse so I can get the haptic drive. But I’ll probably do this marina first. For some reason. Cuz it’s there. Which is why I do so much.


“Because it’s there” is why I do probably 80% of the stuff in games.

I have that recon rifle that tags people! I’ve had it for a while. It’s definitely super handy for keeping track of people when they or I duck out of sight. “I see you, coming around this corner…”

I took Danse to get the haptic drive. He didn’t care. You’d think he’d care since it’s for his beloved Brotherhood, but he didn’t. Too busy thinking lovingly of his power armor, probably. His fantasies all involve polishing it to a high gloss…then stomping around in it shooting ghouls and getting dirty…then polishing it back to a high gloss…

And speaking of not caring, I bet it wouldn’t have done any good to have taken MacCready to the Interchange, because until he tells you he wants to go there, nothing is going to happen. He’d just be shooting dudes and keeping his mouth shut. At least that’s how it was with Med-Tek. We were all through that place, looting high and low, and not a peep out of him until two days later when he’s like “I now trust you enough to tell you I need something in Med-Tek Research.” Just as well he wasn’t with you, really. You would only have been annoyed about it later.


“Because it’s there” and “Because I want to hit on this hot NPC….”

Dude yesterday was one of those hazy days when the sun is all glarey and there was a mutant WAAAY up there. So hard to see. That diamond from the recon rifle saved my ass.

“I can’t see you mutant but BAM!” Wonderful.

Danse didn’t care about the drive? Shit. Fuck you, brotherhood.

Ah, man I HATE when they don’t tell you something until after you’ve already been somewhere and left.

I have a feeling that’s gonna happen with Valentine. I mean, I forgive the whole “Danse not mentioning the signals” cuz I wasn’t with him when I found the signals. But when I first was getting to know Nick, I had found a terminal that talked of the pre war Nick. So I stood, like RIGHT next to Nick and played the holotapes I had, kinda looking at him, thinking “Hmm? Hmm? Ring bells?” and nothing.

Watch. He’s gonna think those are the most fascinating, life changing things ever soon, won’t he?


Oh yeah, Valentine will be interested in the tapes. But he only cares about the full collection! Nine out of ten is yawn-worthy.

I did kind of wonder about his lack of a reaction to that information on the terminal about himself (or his foundational memories, anyway), but I guess we can’t expect a hard boiled synth detective to get all emotional.

“Yeah, whatever, I knew that. Now you know that. Let’s go find some more tapes.”


We shall see. I got the location of the Natick PD yesterday. Nicer than Nahant. Nice mall.

Why didn’t they just keep the files in one place?


Be careful in Natick. There’s a ton of distracting stuff out that way. It took me ages to get to the PD because I kept getting distracted.


Well, duh. Just on the way to the mall there’s Target, Shopper’s World, the movies, Jordan’s Furniture, Bed Bath and Beyond, Friday’s AND an Olive Garden!

What do you expect?


I was wildly optimistic about the time it would take, that’s for sure. Plus everything kept killing me. (As Jordan’s Furniture and the Olive Garden so often will.) That was a while ago, so you’re probably at a higher level than I was then and it won’t be so bad.

I think I’m 53 right now?


Damn. I’m 40. Pace yourself.

I did get closer to Vault 95 than I thought I would. But then, I’m turning back and doing something else, so big deal.

I sorta want to wait on helping Cait anyway. She’s a good drinking buddy. But I guess she won’t really dig you until you help, right?