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Minor spoilers for Brotherhood ‘quartermastery’ quests and Cutler Bend and Egret Tours Marina locations


Ok, so last night, did the marina. This is the one with the old lady who thinks she’s a synth. Have you found that? Cuz that’s a good thing to talk on.

Then went to Cutler Bend to get the thingy for Danse. Glad I did, cuz the next thingy is in Vault 95, where I’m going anyway. Fought three King Mirelurks. KING? Game, bugs have queens. Not kings. And certainly not kings that do some weird sonic thing. What WAS that anyway? That sucked.

Then found the radio station that Rex went back to, and I think it was glitched cuz one dude wouldn’t talk to me and was sitting in a table. Not on, in. But I convinced the lady to go back to sanctuary, which is good cuz I need people tending my bars. And found the Live and Love that gives all my companions +10 to carry weight. Love me, love my desk fans.

Then found a robo-park with ghouls and the glowing deathclaw. It’s gonna be hard if Cait doesn’t like chems anymore, cuz I got addicted to psycho fighting that thing. I still am. Here’s hoping Vault 95 helps us all.

Then I saw that “Find Virgil” was, like, right there, so I went towards it and found out, no, no it is not right there, the EDGE is right there, Virgil is not, so I said fuck that and went back to finding Vault 95.

And then I found Vault 95. And got in after dying like nine times, and then my eyes started to hurt and I hit save.


Three king mirelurks is definitely overkill. I’ve fought one so far, and defeated it mainly by running away and hurling grenades behind me. The downside of that was that once it was finally dead, I was some distance away, and couldn’t find its body in the swamp to loot. Do they have delicious and wholesome meat on them?

Basically, I don’t know anything about anything you’re talking about right now. Old lady who thinks she’s a synth…robo-parks (unless that’s the racetrack?)…radio stations…the edge…shrug.

So this game is so large that even though I’ve played 240 hours more than you, there are still things you can stumble across that I’ve never seen. Thanks for the reassurance that I can still find things to do for the next 240 hours, game.

I didn’t do that much last night. Killed Kendra as the Shroud, which Strong actually liked, and then talked to Hancock as the Shroud and got the locations of three more people I need to kill. Killed one of them, but there was no Shroud conversation, so Strong had no opinion about it. Siiiiigh.

Oh–then I went back to Murkwater Construction and built some defenses, and then went back to RR HQ to talk to PAM and Dr. Carrington, both of whom gave me new things to do. Because I need MORE QUESTS!!!!

That was about it.


Wait, only one King Mirelurk? I thought you got Danse’s stupid Haptic drive! At Cutler Bend? Cuz there were three there. Trust me.

I got a couple by mining the hell out of their approach. Run, toss mines, repeat. Then missiles for the rest. Took me about 13 missiles cuz I’m not very good with the missile launcher, but I got him. Hid behind a tree, peeked, boom.

No loot worth a damn. Same meat as regular wimpy mirelurks. Though I did kill a legendary radstag which, inexplicably, was carrying this plasma sniper’s rifle that was ALL tricked out and does 50% bonus damage to robots, which was the only thing that got me into Vault 95 ONLY dying nine times. Fucking assaultrons.

Poor radstag. Telling his doe and yearling (yup) “Hey, we’re cool. We’re out here on this peninsula. And, really, it’s only those assaultrons who might bother us, and I worked REALLY hard figuring out how to shoot this thing with hooves so we’re safe unless a human gets lost and……shit.”

I was lost! I thought I could cross a river and I couldn’t and radstag….I’m so sorry, radstag family.

The lady’s in this marina that used to do tours between Fallon’s and Vault 95, almost to Cutler Bend. Like, 90 feet away from Cutler Bend. So close there are numbers by the square.

Robo-park was just a park with ghouls and a glowing deathclaw and, like, five protectrons I couldn’t activate.

And the edge? Dude, I thought you had BEEN to find Virgil. No Virgil yet?

Anyway, the edge of the sea is a location that’s like 90 feet away from Vault 95. Like, again, so close you see numbers. You magpie. How do you NOT find this? And I thought you found Virgil!

You said that it took you so long to get to 95 because there were a lot of magpie finds on the way, and, as these were MY magpie finds, now I’m wondering what the hell YOU found. What did I miss?

That’s why I was so confident you found these things.

Yeah, keep on trucking on the Shroud. The next bits are quick bits. And the last bit, if you got to 95 the way I think you did, shouldn’t be hard. I had to find it. Don’t think you’ll have to.

We’re gonna be playing this forever.

You know, when you told me Mr. O’ finished, I had that pang I usually get when I hear he finishes anything: “Ok, someone I know is done, I guess this is very finite and I must be closer to the end than I think. I wonder what I’ll play next.”



Dude, I got a haptic drive somewhere. For that BoS lady who hangs out in the Cambridge Police Station. I don’t remember where I got it, although I don’t think it was particularly near Vault 95, and it definitely didn’t have three king mirelurks associated with it. It’s entirely possible there’s another haptic drive somewhere out there that I don’t yet know I’m looking for (oh, joyous thought!). I didn’t get a haptic drive that Danse, specifically, said anything about–it was a Brotherhood quest more generally, and he disappointingly didn’t care about it, but it wasn’t HIS quest. Sorry if I misled you…in retrospect it was foolish to assume there was only one BoS haptic drive in the game, because duh, haptic drives are so key! Or whatever.

The things I magpied by on the way to Vault 95 were a junkyard full of super mutants that I explored, and a few other places that I don’t remember because I didn’t actually go into them on account of I was trying not to be distracted. I THINK one was a marina, but as I said, I just crept close enough to get it on the map and then scurried off. Probably some or all of them are in fact the same places you’re talking about, only you went inside.

Figures the one time I SUCCEED in not getting distracted, it comes back to bite us.

And I never said I found Virgil–we’re both still on the “find Virgil” part of the main story, is what I said. Or probably at some point I said that Mr. O’ found him, which he did.

I did go looking for him, briefly, many levels ago, but I got mercilessly destroyed by legendary bugs and deathclaws and decided to go away and come back later. Which I will do at some point, but have not even attempted so far.


Yeah, that’s the one! It was a quartermastery quest, and the first one of them that I did. Maybe it just plops things to find at random locations, but this was that quest. It was on a boat that you had to sort of go over three other boats to get to. And then she gave me some other quest that is getting something that’s somewhere but I didn’t look at where.

HA! Shit, the junkyard is the one place I DIDN’T explore. I was in the park, and I stumbled on the glowing deathclaw (from afar), so I waited to see if Cait was ready and I hear “PUNY HUMAN” and I’m all “wait, what?” and she had wandered CLOSE to that place and was mixing it up with the mutants. While the glowing deathclaw was the OTHER way. So I ran like hell, got her out of there, then engaged the deathclaw. Then forgot about the junkyard.

Man. I count on your predictability. Silly me.

Oh right, you went to find Virgil. But then, where were the bugs? Cuz I got to a location (without meeting bugs, but meeting a glowing deathclaw, my first) that said “Edge of the glowing sea,” which was under a highway. (Indeed, it’s where the “Find Virgil” square is on the map.) I took a few steps past there, the rad meter started doing its thing, I said “Wait….don’t get distracted….” went back. So where did you find legendary bugs?


Could be, that it just sort of plops objectives in random places when you take the quartermastery/settlement/dead drop/etc. missions. So probably I’ll run into three king mirelurks while I’m looking for something ELSE. Greeeeeeeeat. Especially if they only have boring mirelurk meat on them. The queen mirelurks at least have super-powered mirelurk meat! Cured 200 HP or whatever it was. I cherished those steaks for quite a while.

The legendary bugs were just roaming around in the Glowing Sea, random-encounter style. When I went looking for Virgil, I went so far as to actually get into said Glowing Sea, taking lots of Rad-X against the radiation damage, etc., and found a couple of locations there a bit to the west of Vault 95, but the murderous difficulty of the random encounters drove me back. When random blood bugs flying around a nameless, featureless pond, not even associated with loot or a mapped location, were destroying me, it seemed like a good time to come back later.

No, come to think of it I did stick around and fight those–it was the legendary radscorpion a bit later that really convinced me. When you’re tearing through your healing fighting random bugs, and haven’t even gotten to anywhere that matters, it’s not a good sign. I would probably fare better now, since that was many levels ago. I should go back.

But I can’t get distracted! I’m doing the Silver Shroud right now!


That queen mirelurk stuff is awesome. Not as awesome as scorpion omelettes, but pretty awesome.

Not only were three kings overkill, it was SUCH a surprise cuz there WAS a boss. I’m trucking there, I get “discovered,” then, a little later, Razorclaw. Bad fight. I kill THAT, I think “Ok, phew. Ok, let’s get the drive and why did the screen just go all blurry and WHATTHEFUCKISTHAT????” Then I killed the two that were there, thought “Ok, NOW phew, let’s get the drive and THEFUCKANOTHERONE?”


Ok, I get it. Random Glowing Sea encounters. But I heartily recommend finding that “edge,” because a) once you find it (it’s where the quest marker is) the active quest marker MOVES to where I hope Virgil is, which is probably far easier than just toodling around the sea looking and b) if they give you a fast travel point there that’s really nothing else, I get the sense that you’re going to need it, or at least REALLY want it to get OUT of the glowing sea.

Marker, dude.

I fought a legendary radscorpion hunter a ways back. It sucked. Badly.

But yeah, keep at it with the Silver Shroud! Good payoff. A tip: Before you get to the final room (it’s down an elevator), save.


I am going to be highly skeptical of every quartermastery mission from here on, just waiting for king mirelurks to show up. Then I’ll grumble the whole fight about how cheated I feel that king mirelurk meat isn’t anything special.


Cutler Bend, dude. Just watch out for Cutler Bend. You see that square over an old boat? Watch out.


Cutler Bend…noted. I’ll bring power armor, and stock up on mines, grenades and ammo for the gauss rifle. Or else I’ll mean to do those things, but I won’t get there for two weeks and by then I’ll forget and just amble into it all unprepared like I did Deathclaw Hospital. Sigh.

At least I know I’ll have my Wounding. Combat. Shotgun. Because I don’t leave home without it.


And find a tree. I hid behind trees. And while I have no gauss rifle, I do have some armor you don’t have yet, so I can live without power armor. Which is good, cuz I got lost and had to swim across the river (thank you mirelurk cakes!) and that shit makes you sink.

Dude, the wounding combat shotgun took out the glowing deathclaw FAST. Slow time, and boom boom boom. Was awesome.

Well, that and three different kinds of psycho. I’m addicted. Cait’ll have to share when we get to the clean room.


Hiding behind trees is good. I like hiding. Or just running around and around trees to keep them between me and something, I’m not too proud to do that (although I’m sure Strong dislikes it).

I’ve been hitting the chems quite a bit lately myself. I rarely used them in the earlier stages of the game, but lately it’s more like “hey, I could really use an edge here, all right? Don’t judge me.” Mostly Danse is the one who judges me. I’ve gotten addicted to a lot of things, but it hasn’t really been that much of a problem because I usually seem to wind up getting into a fight that gives me a good reason to take some more, even before I have to do it for withdrawal reasons. I mean, if you really do need to stay up for 20 straight days, taking more cocaine to avoid the crash after the last dose of cocaine isn’t that big a problem, right? Ha.

Plus sooner or later I need the immediate boost of a Refreshing Beverage, which wipes out all addictions, so basically, I’ve got it under control, OK? My drug use is moderate and rational and I could stop anytime I wanted, if there were a good reason to do so, which there isn’t, because it’s not a problem, because I have it under control. Shut up, Danse.

The wounding combat shotgun has saved me from so many glowing deathclaws. Take that! Even legendary things bleed and fall over!