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Spoilers for the end of the Silver Shroud storyline, and about Strong’s likes/quests


Finished Vault 95, got Cait to love me, found a bobblehead. That was good stuff. Actual set piece plot in a Bethesda game!

Then went back to talk to Cabot about the artifact. You aren’t missing much. He gave me this gamma gun with the artifact attached as a mod (so I guess I can remove it and put it on something else?) and he’s all “It’s not lethal,” to which I say “so this helps…how?” and that’s not been a question I can yet answer. I tried it, and it shoots out wavy things like the king mirelurks that don’t seen to do anything. Odd.

But the science shit got Curie to love me!

So here’s how I’m playing it: Piper was a fling because I was wounded cuz head husband. Cait, I think, is for real. That whole “we’re both screwed up” was the most believable romance thing ever in games. She’s a great character. We’ll talk more on her later. Curie I didn’t say I loved. I was nice, and kind, and maybe led her along, and she’s all “Love love love!” and I’m all “Yeah…..ok…..”

Then what, then I got something for the BoS, and got another thing to get for the BoS, did some settlements, magpied a bit, did something that I’m forgetting, then cleared out University Point for the RR, and got a quest involving Dr. Amari and hit save. You done that? With the girl? And the data?

And I got Deacon to talk more.

So as I don’t know exactly where we overlap, I’ll talk on something I do know you did: the Curie love bit. And I’ll glom onto one line of dialog, as I do.

So we’ve talked on us/them. And we’ve talked on how the synths are considered to be these unfeeling things. Inhuman. And when they are human, we, and even they, are scared of losing it and turning violent (MAN I wish you had talked to the old woman at the marina). YET, when Curie’s being all gushy, she says something about the amazing feelings of love and says “I became a SYNTH to feel this way” (emphasis added). Not “I became HUMAN,” I became a SYNTH. It’s the first time in the game that we see people associating synthness with love and feeling and good things. Even the synths we know don’t really….like synthness.

It’s also interesting because when she was a robot she kept saying “Have you found someone who can make me HUMAN?” and then, even after becoming a synth, and KNOWING she was a synth, she talked about all these “HUMAN functions,” like breathing.

So what to make? Is it cuz she’s been out there and seen the evils of humanity? Figured the synths ARE the better ones?

What did you do?


I found Curie and got her to love me. Strong idolizes me. I ran some errands for the Railroad and some settlements.

I didn’t finish the Silver Shroud because every time I step off that second elevator I “failed to save Kent Connolly.” How do I not fail to save him? It’s not timing, because I gave up and went away and did a bunch of other stuff and still haven’t failed…it’s just as soon as that elevator door opens he’s screwed, apparently. Can’t find another way around…

Anyway, I mostly did settlement and Railroad missions, as noted. Got some love, though.

I told Curie I loved her…I figure I love everyone, damn it. I have love to share! Each of these companions I love for different reasons and in different ways. Even Strong.

As for the synth aspect…just did a thing for Dr. Amari about synths. Not sure about Curie’s phrasing, too deep for me at this point (home with sick kid). Maybe if I have a nap later.


So where did you leave poor Curie? Be happy she loves you after all that abandonment. And how did you get likes from Strong? Do I want to know?

I saved Kent. It’s very, very good to save Kent. Wanna know how?


It was weird with Strong…He never seemed to specifically like anything, but I guess just traveling around with him and NOT doing things he disliked eventually did the trick. So I really didn’t do anything except wander around killing things, as one does, and then suddenly it was like “Strong idolizes you.” OK…the disappointing thing is, apparently there’s no specific quest for the milk of human kindness, because he didn’t say anything about it. Just “Strong learns much from human, will follow human forever.” Sigh. I wanted a milk of human kindness story!

I found Curie at Graygarden, where I went looking for her about three times before…from now on, she’s going to the lighthouse. It’s compact.


She’s staying in Concord for now. I have so many things I need people doing! Gourds! Restaurants! Clinics! I have her in the clinic.

Maybe the game just gave up. “Fuck, you’re NEVER going to get that perk on your own….here.”



Yeah, it took pity on me.

Lighthouse…I took it from the Children of Atom because Garvey said it would make a good settlement. Which it does, more than some of his finds. Although they’re all better than Murkwater, so I can’t hassle him too much.

Also, yes, what is up with saving Kent? I want to save Kent!


Ok, Kent.

First, get charismatic.
Second, DO NOT have a gun out when you get off the elevator. Kent is being held hostage. If you have a gun out, they’ll kill him right off and start shooting you. This is where I learned that one should go into any final room guns down.

If you go in guns down, you can talk. There’ll be dialog, and, eventually, you’ll have a choice of a couple of persuasion attempts. You want to pick the one “Kill me first” or whatever, which’ll cause you to say that the cruelest thing to do to Kent is to make him watch his hero (you) die. They’ll agree, and a massive firefight will ensue. Then it’s ok to draw your weapon, but keep an eye on where Kent is so you don’t kill him yourself with a grenade or something (I did that, too).

This took me about 17 tries to get right.

But the loot is SO worth it.


I tried that! I got off the elevator with no guns, not even sneaking, but there’s really no one to talk to, just a gunner and a turret that immediately started to shoot at me, and three seconds after the elevator opens I still got the “failed” notice. I can’t even get to where Kent IS before I’ve failed.

Then I tried sneaking past the turret/gunner combo with a stealth boy, but no luck. I can hear them start to yell and throw bombs while the elevator is still going up, and it’s like that’s the point of no return. But how do I get to where Kent is without getting on the elevator?

The internet suggests that if you’re not wearing the Shroud gear when you first go into the building, you might be out of luck…so I tried that, starting from a previous save, but same deal. I dunno, I think I might have glitched it somehow.