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No spoilers except I guess for what Codsworth likes


I haven’t been playing much FO4. Usually I come home, do a chore (sometimes), walk the dog, and then settle in to Star Wars Battlefront or Halo 5 with my neighbor friend while Ms. Buttons reads. Although I think she and I are both intrigued to play the new XCom 2 (which I think you would really like, Mr McP; Lady O’; I don’t know – maybe) so maybe we’ll pick that up soon and we’ll play it together. Ms. B does the base-building and I do the shooty bits.

Finally went through MacCready’s story and got his perk. So, I’ve gotta get Codsworth’s, Deacon’s, and Danse’s and then I can focus on the endgame. I suppose. I took MacCready with me to the Glowing Sea and then did Hunter/Hunted with him and that’s where I am on the main story.


Really? X-Com? I’ve heard good things, but, I must admit, figured it wasn’t for me a bit too early. I will take a closer look.

You’re ahead of me, man. Haven’t been to the sea yet and all I know about MacCready is he’s tending my bar in Sanctuary. Frankly, now that I have two bars and a restaurant in Sanctuary, I’m getting kinda pissed that my Fallout Concord has more to do in it than the Concord near which I live. MAN could this town use a good bar. And a beer bot.

Though I will throw out there that I started Broken Age, which I got for free on PS+, the point n click by the dudes who did Grim Fandango, and it’s fascinating. I recommend. And they move a lot faster than Manny, Femmy.


I’m working on Danse right now, but no matter how much I tinker with and put on power armor (both of which he likes), he doesn’t seem to feel like talking. Just “I’m happy to be serving with you,” or whatever.

And I would start trying with Deacon, but I can’t even find him. I have a serious problem with losing companions. Codsworth, on the other hand, I do have his perk…just travel around with him for a while and don’t steal anything and he’ll be all over you.

I missed getting Broken Age on PS+ if it was in February. Sigh. I never remember to look at those options. Not that I have time to play them anyway.