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Spoilers for the end of the Silver Shroud storyline, and for an encounter at the Sandy Coves Convalescent Home


I’ll go…I did play, but pretty much just bounced around exploring locations I hadn’t visited. Looked at Dunwich Borers (interesting little side adventure), the fish packing plant, etc.

Weird occurrence: one place I went in, talked to some friendly robots, and was poking around collecting loot as one does, when downstairs I heard Institute Synth voices and laser fire. I ran down, and the place was being attacked by synths, who’d shot the friendly robots. I killed them all, obviously, but am curious whether those synths were specifically looking for me, or just randomly attacking robots, or what was going on there. It feels like something with some significance, although it probably isn’t really.

Anyway, the only major thing I did was finish the Silver Shroud story. I couldn’t save Kent. Went into the building all in my Shroud gear, with Piper, but once again, he was dead as soon as I got off the elevator–and not the elevator that actually led to the room he and Sinjin were in, the elevator BEFORE that, which led to a hallway with a turret and a couple of raiders and was nowhere near Kent. I think I must have broken that quest somehow, because if they’re killing him when I get off the elevator on a completely different floor of the building, I’m not sure what I could have done to save him. I mean, I was nowhere close to the place where I could even have talked to Sinjin about it (which is annoying because you KNOW I would have made that persuade check, whatever it was).

Since this was about the 10th time I’d tried this with the exact same result, I gave up and just went full speed ahead to avenge Kent’s death. Came out of the final elevator hurling grenades and blasting the Wounding Combat Shotgun. Screw you, Sinjin! I feel bad about Kent, and the loss of his upgrades to the Shroud armor (which I will never wear again, because without upgrades it’s not as good as my other armor–although I do currently have the hat on), but…I dunno. I apparently sealed his fate long ago, in some way I still don’t understand.

Sorry, man. If it’s any consolation, I didn’t strip your body! Although I did empty your pockets, because not taking caps from a corpse is contrary to my most closely held principles. I can’t honor you by denying my own nature.

Then I talked to Hancock again as the Shroud, and got that line off my quest list. Accomplishment!


Man, we’re never gonna finish. I gotta go to Dunwich.

Weird. What place was this synth attack? One I’ve done? I dunno. It may well be significant.

The only thing I can think of with Kent is that you didn’t go right away. I went right away. I figured, in that tape, it DID say “Come right away” or something, so I took it literally. I just hauled ass down there straight from Good Neighbor. I mean, as far as I can tell, that’s the only variable between you and me.

Which, while I mourn for your Kent, and mourn that you don’t have this awesome armor, does present something else: If we get ANOTHER quest where someone is all “Don’t keep me waiting or I’ll kill so and so,” we best go. Someone takes a hostage, haul ass. Maybe they put this quest in to put that in our heads, so when REALLY matters (like a companion gets taken) we know “Ok, best get a move on.”


I SWEAR I’m going to try to get to the Glowing Sea next. Honest! Although I still haven’t made it to the cannery…

These synths showed up in Sandy Coves Convalescent Home–I don’t know if you’ve been there or not. It’s in Salem, over near the Witch Museum. Which I also have not been to; I went there, but couldn’t get in the front door and got distracted poking around the rest of Salem while I meant to be looking for a back door.

Yeah, maybe I should have run straight to the hospital…I dunno. I don’t have a save from that far back that I could try at this point, even if I wanted to overwrite everything I’ve done in the meantime (which I don’t), so we shall never know. Sorry, Kent. I tried.

On the plus side, going back there three different times, I accumulated quite a bit of Nuka Cola Quantum.


Don’t do it. Don’t make promises we both know you’re not going to keep. I have come to terms with the fact I will probably never know what happened to Shaun, and that I may never play another game ever again ever.

AHHHH! See? I forgot all about Salem! And it’s on my map! And I was close once! Sigh. MORE magpie shit.

Yeah, don’t overwrite. You did your best for Kent. And by your best I mean you completely ignored the demands of the sadistic raiders that took him hostage so you could go collect desk fans and Nuka Cola.

Which is what matters, isn’t it?


Mr. O’ was just shaking his head, like “you’re 59th level and you haven’t been to the Glowing Sea yet?”

Dude. I get distracted, OK? And let’s not forget that I’m the one who made Preston Garvey run out of settlements that need help: I’m doing important work here.

“Sorry you’re dead, Kent, but on the plus side I myself am slightly less likely to die at some future point because I have a lot of this glowing soda, so in the end, isn’t this a win for humanity?”


You’ve seen more than Mr. O’. You’ve looted more than Mr. O’. You’ve hacked more terminals than Mr. O’. If he wants to just plow through, only getting 9 days worth of entertainment for his sixty bucks, that’s his loss.

Of course it’s a win for humanity. Not like Kent’s human. He probably would have gone feral any minute.


Yeah! His loss. He could have stretched it to at least 13 days if he’d really cared.


Your need to know all got him that hacking trophy. Your dedication. He owes you big time.

Dude wait. 59?!?!?

The fuck. I’m 42.


I’ve done a LOOOOOOOOOOT of crafting in the 4 extra days I’ve played, having 7 to your measly 3 [established in lengthy discussion left unpublished as likely to be of limited interest].

That and, you know, killing things. And running out of Settlement-in-Trouble missions. XP adds up. In fact, I should be ashamed I’m not at 84, since I’ve got more than twice as much time in as you.



You know somewhere some weirdo has made it to level 59 doing nothing but crafting.


I salute that weirdo. His or her settlements are the most beautifully developed in the world.


That weirdo probably installed nude mods first. PC gamers, man. Cooking infinite mutt chops in the buff. See what you missed being all console?



Quitting until nudity is enabled on all platforms.


I know. I mean, even the Commodore 64 had strip poker. You must google it. It was amongst the least erotic attempts at erotica in the history of earth, which is saying something.


I have wasted my life.

Although I’ve saved a lot of money on gaming computers.