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Spoilers for Dunwich Borers location


Ok, I missed something.

Inspired by you, I grabbed MacCready and went to check out Dunwich Borers. There was much killing, and much going underground, and some good creepy visions of the past. I found the holotape of the dude, found the awesome tales and the bobblehead (Which makes it all worthwhile), found the last bit (or what I feel is the last bit) with the vision of people praying and the named ghouls, and the big pit of water. Even MacCready commented on the water pit. So I figured BOSS! or SOMETHING! and I got ready to fight. Nothing. Tried to find another way out. Nothing. Even swam into the pit to see if there was something there. Nothing. Ran out of the corridor to see if something would attack. Nothing.

The fuck am I missing?


I think that was it. I mean, that was all I found, and all Mr. O’ found. Just this creepy thing that is left unexplained, in a Lovecraftian fashion. Well, OK, when you swam into the pit, did you find the little tunnel off to the side, with the…thing, and the loot? Because THAT was all I found: no fight, just a creepy location and a bit of loot. But if you just dived into the pit and then came up, you might have missed that.

You got the stealth bobblehead, though, and that’s really the best loot one could ask.

I did get attacked plenty on the way back out, too. No BOSS, but more ghoul-fighting.

I was intrigued by the creepy glimpses of the past. I mean…weird things are going on. Why am I getting visions of the past? That’s genuinely weird, and presumably supernatural or something. So it was an interesting bit of “hey, this is outside the bounds of the normal wasteland experience!” And then it was left mostly unexplained, in a creepy, Lovecraftian fashion.

So guess what I didn’t do?

Go to the Glowing Sea. Sigh.

But guess what I did do?

Went to the cannery with Curie! Although I’m not sure what I was supposed to get from her presence, specifically, since she didn’t seem to have much of an opinion about any of it. Heeding your advice, I made sure to go through the last door without my gun in hand, but the guy just yelled “I told you not to go in the basement! Well, as long as you know my little secret…” and started shooting at me, and all the robots turned hostile, so we wound up having to kill everyone, as I expect you did.

And I totally forgive the guy for padding the meat he gets from traders with molerats, there’s nothing wrong with that: molerats is good eatin.’ Ghoul, on the other hand, is a step too far. I joked about wanting to scrap ghoul bodies, but not eat them. That’s just gross, and apparently unhealthy as well based on the reports of people getting sick.

Ew, man. Just ew.


No. And I was looking for a tunnel with a thing and loot. I’ll check again. It’s at the very bottom of the pit?

The visions-of-the-past thing was weird. And sort of played into my idea of “there’s things to which we are not privy.” I mean, we’ve talked about the possibility that all this is a dream, or a fake memory…..

I’ve decided there is no glowing sea. It’s a lie. There’s nothing but side quests.

Ah, man! That’s exactly what happened to me: instant shoot out. Ah well. Guess I didn’t miss anything.

Moral of the story: If someone comes in who is SO into loot they are laden with desk fans and anti freeze bottles, do NOT tell them NOT to go someplace, cuz that guarantees they will.

Did you get the bobblehead, though?

And see? Themes! Another little twist on “who is us?” I mean, like usual, our blog post fits so well with what we’re on about today. We talked about the BoS dude who is clinging to the fact that ghouls are people. Well, here we’re sort of saying the same thing. Mole rats are obviously “animal,” “other,” tasty. But ghouls, despite the fact they ACT just like mole rats in that they wake up and try to kill you, aren’t. Why? Cuz they’re shaped like us? And it isn’t cuz some are glowing or something, cuz mole rats are like that, too, and you can eat the glowing ones.

I agree, ew, but why?

Speaking of which…..

I’ve had “mole rat disease” showing up on my effects screen for weeks on end and there doesn’t seem to be anything I can do about it. Thoughts? It’s lowering my HP by 10.


No, it’s not all the way at the bottom, it kind of branches off about halfway down. Hard to see in the murk. Check the walls as you go down. (Tip: if you jump into the pit in power armor, you will not be able to get out again without leaving the armor behind. I had to reload after discovering this.)

I did get the bobblehead at the cannery. And the Junktown Jerky Vendor magazine. Thanks, cannery guy! Seriously, though, never tell the wandering Loot-Master NOT to go somewhere.

I think for purposes of eating, ghouls are ‘us’ the same way corpses are. If I were the type to take the cannibalism perk, then sure, there’s nothing particularly ‘wrong’ with eating ghouls since I already eat human flesh (except that they’re 200-year-old desiccated human flesh, but hey…).

Since I don’t eat regular human corpses, I also don’t want to eat (recently) walking human corpses…I don’t think this makes ghouls ‘us,’ but it does recognize that they used to be, and maybe are still close enough to be off limits. I would feel about the same if it had turned out he was canning super mutants: they’re also not ‘us,’ but they were, and they’re still close enough that it feels uncomfortable. (Similarly, in real life, I have a kind of automatic aversion to the thought of eating monkeys or apes, which are equally not ‘us,’ but look a bit like us.)

So the answer to “why ew?” is “because eating corpses.”

I think I have mole rat disease too. According to the wiki, you get that in Vault 81, and that’s what the kid had, so you could either give him the one dose of the cure that you had, or use it yourself (in which case, the kid died). I also recall a “let’s split it” dialogue option, but apparently if you try that, the doctor says it doesn’t work that way. In any case, apparently the disease is permanent. The price we pay to be good!

People on forums are pretty annoyed that the game didn’t do a better job of actually telling you you had the disease when you got it (I never knew until now, because I rarely check my stats screen), but…I would probably have given the syringe to the kid anyway. Because of being so good. Apparently if you cure yourself instead, everyone blames you for the kid’s death, and they don’t welcome you and give you your own room and all that. Honestly, I can take -10 HP in exchange for a nice home base, even if I never go there.


Ok. I went and did that tunnel just now. Nice knife. I also found Bedlam’s terminal on the way out. “I’m safe in the light” over and over. Nice touch. Very creepy. Then it took me forever to find the damn way out. But I did.

I also recall, and I wikied this after, that there’s something similar in FO3. You find the corporate office of Dunwich Borers, and they’re trying to contact some riff on Yog Soggoth. So either a continuing tribute to Lovecraft or more Zetan/alien/conspiracy fodder for future games.


I also recall, and I wikied this after, that there’s something similar in FO3. You find the corporate office of Dunwich Borers, and they’re trying to contact some riff on Yog Soggoth. So either a continuing tribute to Lovecraft or more Zetan/alien/conspiracy fodder for future games.

You’d think they’d figure out that the best way to kill us would be to fill a room full of bottlecap mines and put a sign on the door saying “Whatever you do, do NOT go in here to find our stash.” We’d sucker for that eleven times out of ten.

Re: eating ghouls…Fair points, all. Still, an interesting counterpoint to the BoS bit. Feeding them might be bad, so is eating them. Hmm.

Ah! THAT was the consequence! Molerat disease! I get it. I forgotten all about that, this being an enormous fucking game. Nice that there was a consequence. Makes sense. 10 HP is a small price to pay. No regrets.

Vault 85 is where my bobblehead stand is, so there’s that. Of course, I found you can build one anywhere you want, but still.


Yeah, that’s a pretty sweet knife. I ditched Pickman’s Blade and now I’m carrying this one. Bleeding AND poison? Look out, anyone I stab! Which is almost no one because I don’t do melee, but I like to keep one melee weapon around just in case, and now it’s this one. I used it on some mirelurk hatchlings, just as a test. Annihilation.

Interesting that this, too, is a continuation from previous games. So we have the post-apocalypse, lightly seasoned with aliens AND the supernatural.

Seriously: fill a room with mines, and then put, like, three locks on it and a big “DO NOT ENTER” warning sign. We wouldn’t be able to get in there fast enough. Although I walk right over mines now, on account of I’m super stealthy, so maybe make it a good old fashioned spiked pit trap.

Bottlecap mines, though…was in a place last night facing a red-skull Chameleon Deathclaw. After it killed me a couple of times, I just threw bottlecap mines everywhere and bolted, and it came out after me and set off four or five at once. Beautiful. Wiped out half its hit points in one go, and then I blasted it with the Wounding. Combat. Shotgun. while Curie poked it with a revolutionary sword. Boom. The bottlecap mines were key.


My knife is my moleratbegoneinator. Why waste bullets?

Dunwich…yeah, check it: http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Dunwich_Building

I knew it sounded familiar.

And here’s a thing, bear with me: Both these games had “collect every bobblehead” trophies, and, as you see there, THAT building in FO3 had a bobblehead, too. Which means the devs are MAKING you go to these locations if you want to platinum the game. Interesting.

And read the entry about the monster. It has to do with presenting Kvithin or whatever, which is the name of the knife we found. Or at least its tooth.

Wait, what? You walk OVER mines? Dude. I do not.

Bottlecap mines do fuck shit up, they do. I haven’t figured out how to make them. In FO3, you could, if you had the parts.

Red Skull Chameleon Deathclaw? You make this up.


I have ALL THE STEALTH PERKS, and one of the higher ones is that you don’t set off mines while sneaking (and when am I not sneaking in potentially dangerous situations? Always Be Sneakin’). It is THE BEST. I casually saunter over mines, and when I see them, rather than trying to disarm quickly or run for it, I just calmly pick them up and keep them for myself.

Even better than the best, it seems to carry over to my companions, who also have not been setting off mines lately. A whole category of dangerous item has been wiped from my “issues of concern” list. Get the stealth perks, dude. It’s worth it.

I think I’ve built one bottlecap mine. I CAN do it, it’s on my crafting list, but I never seem to have all the parts.

Ooh, also worth it is the Explosives perk that gives you a visible arc on thrown weapons, so you can see where your grenade is going. I think it’s the second one. Love it.

I’m kind of running out of perks that sound tempting lately…which ones do you like? Last time I leveled up, I just added a point to luck, which is useful but not exciting.

Interesting background with the Dunwich Building. So there was the same ‘flashback to the past’ effect there. Hm. I think it was a different monster, though…isn’t our knife Kremvh’s Tooth? While this one is Krivbeknih. There was a vast array of Lovecraft monsters, so it’s certainly not out of place to have a couple of different names here.


Dude, I picked perks all wrong. Everything you have sounds awesome. Every time I go in there, I’m all “Man…I dunno. I’ll pick this thing that lets me build mods” and it doesn’t do anything. It’s like going to a restaurant and ordering soup cuz you didn’t see the next page of the menu that had all the good stuff.

I also make the terrible mistake of picking frustrated. I got pissed one day cuz I kept not having enough action points, so in a fit of pique put like four perks into that, and then regretted it cuz it doesn’t help all that much. It’s like shopping hungry. You spend all that money on chips and then you’re sick of chips in half a bag.

Re: Dunwich, yeah, interesting to pick that effect twice. And to lead us there.

See, behold the use of trophies to herd. It’s a subtle thing, but there’s no way its an accident.

There was a bobble associated with the Cabot quest, too.


I did actually put a bunch into action points as well. Action Girl and stuff…not the ones that have to do with sprinting, because I basically never sprint (if ONLY there were a way to sprint!!!!–hahahaha), but anything that might improve VATS, because I use VATS all the time. (Haven’t bothered with VANS, although I’ve been curious once or twice–but I always feel that being guided straight to the place I need to go would be a bit handholdy, and for the most part it’s not that big a deal to just find it on my own. Although every once in a while…)

But I do recommend the stealth and explosive expert trees, from which I have derived much benefit.

We will do a lot for bobbleheads, so using them to gently steer us around is a good idea. Although when you think about it, because there’s no map of bobblehead locations, it’s a technique that really only works on people who wiki the location of bobbleheads, because everyone else was either going to go there anyway, or wasn’t and still won’t because they don’t have any way of knowing there’s a bobblehead there.

So it’s steering a certain subset of players.


I sprint by accident all the damn time. It just stems from my PC “use the left stick to go” playing style. You get hyped up, you push too hard, sprint.

That perk with the arc on grenades sounds magnificent. I STILL miss 75% of the time with those.

True, it is a subset that will be steered by bobbleheads. But then, you get a certain sense of where they’re at. I mean, I was happy to find that one in the mine, but not all that surprised one was there. Ditto for the one in that armory that was part of the “follow the signal” bit. I mean, you find a big fucking place, you think “Good stuff here.” I mean, we aren’t gonna look in a coffee shop or something.


Explosives expert! I think the arc is only the second level on that one. The first is “your explosives do more damage,” which is fine but not thrilling, but it’s totally worth it to get to the second one. Pairing the arc with the recon rifle, to mark targets and then hurl things over barriers at them, is very nice indeed.

True, you do usually look for the bobbleheads in large locations. Interesting, though, that in the case of the cannery (which was a large location, all those underground spaces), the bobblehead is actually not even hidden in a tunnel or something, it’s just there in the guy’s office. I found it before I even went into the basement. If that was all I’d been there for, I could have just bailed on the whole quest. So in that case, it wasn’t steering me towards anything much, I guess.


Did you notice in that location there was a terminal that alluded to the bobblehead? It said something like “I’ve found something that is really helping me with prices” or something. It’s the first indication that these things help other people. I think it even hinted that it was in his office.

I have three perks saved up. I keep thinking I’ll need them for something specific. I’ll go with explosives.


Dooooo iiiiiiiit. Explosives. The arc will not let you down.

Oh yeah…I do vaguely recall that on his terminal, but didn’t connect it with the bobblehead. Interesting. Because it’s true, we have’t really seen any sign before that these things are of any interest to anyone else, other than as desktop decorations.

I mean, they are worth a fair amount of money (not that we ever sell them), so I suppose someone wants them, but someone wanting them for the perk…I just assumed that was a PC-only thing. Hm.


That is, so far, the only sign I’ve seen that they matter to anyone in any fallout game. Weird.

Trying to kill dudes in the mine, I kept trying to just barely toss things over the rail, and I didn’t hold the thing long enough and kept going “HIYAAAA” with my gun to the rail. Embarrassing.

TAKE THAT RAIL! You get ’em MacCready.


I hate you, rail! Nice shot, MacCready.

The arc will save you from this problem! Although not from the problem of trying to throw a grenade when you don’t have any left. Take that, air! I have always hated you!


Oh I do that ALL the time. Lose count.

A neat trick in that mine was shoot ghouls in the legs until they fall down, then sit back and let MacCready do the honors. Why get dirty?


Shooting ghouls in the leg is the best. That and shooting suiciders in the arm from a safe distance.

I don’t know if this would work anywhere else, or was a total fluke, but a neat trick from the cannery was to throw fragmentation grenades into the water as the ghouls splashed towards me…for some reason, it seemed to paralyze them (maybe did extra limb damage somehow?), and then Curie and I picked them off from the bank. If I ever find ghouls in water again, I’ll try it.


Dude that’s a great one!

It’s also lovely that the legendaries stay crippled even after they mutate. Mutate away, ghoul. I ain’t getting near you.


YES! I love the immobile legendaries. “I’ll just stand over here and use up some of my less popular ammunition while you do your thing…”