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No particular spoilers, except possibly for Deacon’s dialogue


I was in my power armor. I WAS IN MY POWER ARMOR ready to go to the glowing sea. Let me repeat: I WAS IN MY POWER ARMOR!

And Nick picks then, THEN, to give me his quest.



Ha! Classic.


I’m not playing much, but I am wandering around with Deacon and he’s funny. In battle when he gets hurt he audibly says things like “Ouch, ouch, outchie!”, and “Hold on, Stop for a minute” like he’s a 5 year old playing a game or something. MacReady I did enjoy wandering around with, but (without confirming it on the internets) I’m pretty sure he’s Nolan North so I just kept hearing Drake’s voice come out of him (Nathan Drake from Naughty Dog’s Uncharted series).

After Deacon I’ll either take Danse or Codsworth out. But I’m running out of things to do since I’ve revealed every (I think) location. Maybe I’ll re-engage Preston to get some settlement quests. Ha! And yes, you can just walk up to him and send him somewhere; that’s how I sequestered him at the Red Rocket with Strong. I turned off my settlement beacon at Sanctuary, sent a few folks to live at Logan, and now I can assign any companion to Sanctuary whenever I swap to a new one. If Sanctuary’s full I don’t think you can send them there.


I found Deacon! I had sent him to Greentop Nursery or some random place. I don’t know why I always do that–I can never remember where they are later.

He is funny. I like his remark that we should do a crossover promotion with a morgue. Also, “you know, running away is always an option…”

And he likes hacking and lock-picking, so he’s my kind of guy. Hopefully he will like me enough to idolize me sooner than Danse, who repeatedly loves my tinkering with power armor, but refuses to talk about anything serious. I’m afraid maybe you have to commit to the Brotherhood over the Institute or something like that, before his esteem will get high enough for a perk? I just want everyone to love me, is that so hard????

Ha–I only ever played one Uncharted, on the Vita, so I didn’t connect Nathan Drake with MacCready, though they are similar. The internet says Matthew Mercer plays MacCready (Robert Joseph MacCready, apparently).

Speaking of “running away is always an option,” does any enemy ever run away? There’s a load-screen tip that says “want to stop an enemy from fleeing? Cripple the legs” and I always think “you mean, ‘want to stop an enemy from charging you?’ because no one ever flees!”

Well, maybe radstags. But crippling their legs is just cruel. Let the poor things go, man.


You just love them exoskeletons. You have such a type.

You did have some Nolan North experience, as he was David (the cannibal) in TLOU. He’s probably been to busy with UC4 to do much else.

And YEAH! No one runs! No one! Ever! Even when they should!

There you go with the radstags, you hippie vegetarian.