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Minor spoilers I guess, regarding synth behavior and one particular attack on a settlement


Other than Nick’s bad timing, I got nothing.

Still. Much gathering. I want to get to know Nick’s story. The glowing sea can wait. I suppose the only reason to go to Nahant is that your only other choice is a radioactive mess of a place.

Right now I’m in Natick. Only slightly better than Nahant.


I got stuff.

I went to the Glowing Sea! Mysterious Serum KICKS ASS in the Glowing Sea. I was just strolling along, not even in power armor, taking ungodly rads that would heal up in minutes…use it.

Virgil is not what I was expecting.


Not what you expected, huh? Well, I’ll never get there. No, really.

I do want to finish going down this rabbit hole of Nick’s. I have, what, six to go, and three, I think, are places I’ve been (not sure how missed them the first time), so it shouldn’t take more than a couple days (HAHAHA).

Will ask: feeling like you’re ANYWHERE close to the end now that you’ve found Virgil?


Well, I feel I’m closer to getting to the Institute, which is obviously going to be a big step. However, I get the sense from Mr. O’ that there are a bunch of Institute-related missions after that, so…probably not that close to the actual end.

Get Nick’s holotapes! Win Nick’s esteem!


So I just played a bunch. And I got holotapes! And then I ….. got distracted. Cuz there was that settlement quest right there in Quincy (poor, poor Quincy. Nick all “Quincy wasn’t exactly a tourist attraction BEFORE the war…” Jeez, Bethesda, what did Quincy do to you?), so I took it, and then it led me to the place with the toy parts, so I did that, and that was really hard, and then Nahant had sentry bots and they were really hard, and then there was that location over there…..

But I got to Nahant. Why does Nahant get such a good rap and Quincy gets screwed?

So I have, like, nine of ten. I think. And the dude got his toy parts.

I’m still on the other side of the map from the glowing sea.

“I’m closer to the Institute…” Jesus. This is quite a big game, isn’t it?


Quincy did to Bethesda what Quincy does to us all…exist too far out on the Red Line, so getting there saps us of the will to live. As for Nahant, Croup Manor is out there, and it’s got an interesting point about our ‘civilizing feral ghouls’ discussion! You’ve got to get to Croup Manor!

Wasn’t that toy factory brutal? And it’s right next to this Gunner encampment, so a couple of times I’d try to retreat from the toy factory and would run into the Gunners. That whole area out there is tough.

I was glad to give that ghoul his Buttercup, though. Plus I carried away about a million Buttercup pieces, which gave me lots of valuable gears and what-not for later.

Nine out of ten is good. Find the last one, and Nick’s final mission/idolization cannot be far behind.


I’m AT Croup Manor right now. Standing in front of a master locked door. There’s themes? Cuz, really, all I’ve done thus far is shoot ghouls. So it’s worth magpieing down to this basement?

Dude, that toy factory sucked. Thank GOD for this gauss rifle I got. Picking dudes off. Big Mack? Fuck that dude. Thanks to him I am OUT of shotgun shells. You know how lost I feel knowing I don’t have the WCS ready for those situations? I’m LOST man! Lost!

Oh right! Gears! Shit. I knew those Buttercup parts were good for something. They’re SO fucking heavy, though.

I don’t know where the last tape is! East Boston?

Did you meet the guy selling “credit cards?” with the think Boston accent? Who calls you a retahd?



Yes, go to the basement! It’s not hard, and it’s themey. Worth the time, especially since you’re already there.

Big Mack was the worst. And yeah, I met that credit card dude. I declined.

Another example of “bad idea/bad presentation”? Or maybe “OK idea (under the right circumstances)/bad presentation”? I mean, I’ve no doubt it was a scam, but hey, it COULD be plausible. But the fact that the guy turns around and insults you with his Boston accent is enough to turn one off the idea. Screw you, jerk!

If he’d been a better salesman, he could be at least as successful as the Pillars of the Community dude.

Oh! Unrelated to anything, I have to share the latest weirdness re: synths. I’m not sure if this is random or tied to the story (it happened before I actually went to the Glowing Sea, so was not a direct response to that).

So I got a “Greygarden is under attack” message. Hurried off to Greygarden, and found that a bunch of settlers were shooting at ANOTHER SETTLER. Reloaded a couple of times to see if I could get into the middle of it and say “hey, guys, what’s going on here?” or something, but they kept killing him, so finally I figured it was his time to die. Checked the body for useful items, as one does, and he had a synth component on him. So presumably he was a synth, the others found out, and they attacked him for it…OR he came in and attacked someone and they all fought back, but I missed that part. He was a new guy, wearing half a suit of power armor that he didn’t get from me, so he could have attacked. I don’t know. It’s not as if anyone would SAY anything about it to me, that would be too helpful.

Anyway, I was like fine, whatever. Then I checked around the rest of the settlement, and what should I see on the road below (you remember Greygarden is on kind of a cliff that goes down to the road) but a line of synths marching by! I didn’t attack them, because maybe they were minding their own business and anyway my settlements don’t attack random passers-by on the road (because we’re so highly moral, you know), but I kind of crept after them, and what should they do but loop around when they got to a road and come up to attack Greygarden.

So much for “synths never attack our settlements.”

We fought them off, no big deal, but I find this odd, especially with the recent “synths attacking Sandy Coves while I was checking out Gladys’ room” incident. Like, am I suddenly on the Institute’s radar to an extent I never was before? Or is the Institute just by chance getting more aggressive about attacking random places than it has been?

Also, Sandy Coves was staffed by robots, and Greygarden–although it currently has a number of human settlers–is famously the “farm run by robots.” Is that related?

I have no answers, but I wonder.


Oh WEIRD. Like, roboty synths? I assume the “settler” was a human like synth.

Yeah, it would seem that the robot thing is what is tripping them. Which is really weird. What did robots do to them? They ARE robots, right? I think so, anyway. I have this rifle that does more damage to robots, and I think it does more to synths….

Very odd. Something to keep an eye on, for sure.

Ok, I’ll go to the Croup Manor basement. I just had to stop cuz Baby McP woke up. And I didn’t want to get distracted from the thing I was doing for another themeless XP thing. But if there’s themes, I’m in.

Watch: the credit card thing wasn’t a scam. We’re just jaded.

Does the rest of the world think we Bostonians are like that? Yeesh.

Retahds, all.


Yeah, the settler (who was captioned ‘Settler’ after his death, even once I found the component, which was disturbing) was human-like, and the attacking synths were the robotlike ones. Gen 1s?

It was a weird interlude. I’m keeping my eyes open for future synth weirdness.


Planting paranoia! Nicely done, game. Nicely done.