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Spoilers about Mama Murphy’s chair


I got nothing. So we’re likely to devolve into nudity by 10:30 this morning unless you got something good.


Well, I did stuff, but I can’t really talk about it since it’s further on in the story. Let’s just say I’m getting ready to go into the Institute.

I’m trying to decide who to take along. No one who’s too involved, I think…not Danse or Deacon, in case they’re overcome by the urge to overreact while I’m trying to talk to people or something. And Nick and Curie seem like dangerous options just in case the Institute either a) does in fact have some way of overriding them and turning them against me or b) targets them specifically as ‘escapees’.

Maybe Piper. Cait or MacCready probably also wouldn’t have strong opinions.

I COULD also go talk to Hancock again…I know he’s supposedly a possible companion, even though he’s never offered any indication of it, and if I could get him to travel with me and potentially love me…

I’m probably overthinking it, but my character would be concerned. This is the stronghold of the people who took my son! He may be in there right now! I don’t want to make it any more dangerous than it has to be by showing up with the wrong companion.


Institute, huh? Does it feel endgamey? Are you almost there?

Probably the companion won’t matter. I mean, Danse could care about helping bratty squires. But I find that I care in that it helps my own sense of role playing. Even if they aren’t going to say something or “like” something, I’ll feel like I did something that mattered.

Take Piper or Cait.


I think I’m almost at the Institute, but Mr. O’ went to the Institute ages ago and did all kinds of Institute-y quests before the endgame, so…I don’t think I’m almost there.

I thought about taking the dog, who would be absolutely certain to express no opinion about anything, but that might be overkill on the overthinking.

And yeah, it probably won’t matter from a game standpoint, but it feels like it could, so I agree, imagining that it does is good for roleplay.

Piper would LOVE this scoop, right? It’s a reporter’s dream. I should take her.


She would that. And she’s cute.

Plus, maybe there’s a no dogs allowed policy. He might go on the floor. Not a way to make friends.

Cait won’t care either way, and she likes shooting stuff.

More…..quests….. Though I really am at a point where it’s glowing sea or bust. Unless I want to garvey it up or babysit brats, and I don’t.


I know…more quests…I kind of feel like maybe we shoulda/coulda gotten to this point earlier, and then the Institute quests would intersperse with the other quests and there would have just been a lot of “getting to know this faction” missions together. Right now it’s going to be more like “I’ve done all the things I can for all the other factions, now who the hell are you guys?”

Oh well. That’s what I get for being scared away from the Glowing Sea for so long.


Yeah, I’m getting the sense that the game kinda expected us not to wait so damn long. But then, when you have a huge open world and a long quest list, herding only gets you so far. Especially when you “herd” with nasty, nasty monsters GUARDING the place you’re expected to go.


I know, I’m not really sure what they expect us to do, in an ‘ideal’ playthrough. Ignore 300 side quests and 700 tempting locations to single-mindedly pursue the story? Or ignore the story and distractedly pursue 300 side quests?

I can’t do both!

I suppose some would counsel balance and say we should do 100 of the side quests and then pursue the story for a while and then pursue another 100 side quests, but…magpie.

Plus horrible scary things that frighten us away from the main story. (And yeah, by the time I actually got back to the Glowing Sea it was really no big deal and I could have gone there a long time ago, but the memory of being driven away in terror by high-powered bloodbugs and radscorpions…it lingered.)


Nor would the game want you to ignore the side quests, I reckon. I mean, they aren’t going to spend the time making all that content if they don’t want you to actually play it.

But it can’t be THAT bad. I saw on the internet some dude did it naked. Well, in his undies. No bra.


With the Mysterious Serum, I totally could have done the Glowing Sea in underpants. In fact, I’m tempted to go back and wander around there some more, just because I still have a ton of serum and it’s so good at taking care of continuous radiation damage. Maybe I’ll go in my underpants. Just because I can! I think I found everything there already, but one never knows.

Of course, one has also just been talking about how long it takes to get anything important done in the this game, and wandering around the Glowing Sea in one’s underpants for no reason is not going to help with that.

But no, it’s not that bad. You should feel free to go there anytime.

It WAS that bad, when I first got there! I swear it was bad! It’s just that that was about 600 hours and 250 side quests ago. We’ve both come a long way as characters since then. We’re stronger now. More experienced. Battle-hardened (more so).

Speaking of side quests, I finally found Mama Murphy’s damn chair. I made her every chair in the book weeks ago and then gave up, not thinking to look under…anywhere that was not the chairs section. Siiiiigh. But the good thing is, that’s off my list.


How do you have a ton? I have four. But I have power armor and a hazmat suit.

We have gained experience. I’m not so much as you. I think I’m 46? Which ain’t bad.

DUDE you’re JUST doing Mama Murphy’s chair? I did that LONG ago. And I put her in the corner.

But I did make a shitload of chairs first. In the middle of the road to boot. By my fountain. It’s nice.


I totally had a whole street full of chairs in Sanctuary! I finally scrapped most of them. Left a few around some patio tables, set a food and drink stand nearby. Now it’s the Wasteland’s most popular lunch spot.

I just didn’t think to look under ‘Special.’ I mean, she said she wanted a chair. I looked under ‘chairs’. I’m a simple soul. And there was nothing under ‘special’ except artillery for so long, I’d forgotten it didn’t just mean ‘artillery.’ Sigh.

I think I have 7 vials of serum left. I kept the first one I found instead of giving it back to the Cabots (I didn’t even care about it, but I couldn’t resist the chance to lie and say I hadn’t found any), and then I got about four from Lorenzo’s room in the asylum, I think? And I think Lorenzo gave me some personally after I freed him.

Anyway, spoiler, I used a total of one in the Glowing Sea, so you’re fine.

46 isn’t bad. You’ll be fine. I’m…um…62. But I definitely didn’t need to be 62 to do this.


I would scrap them, but I think everyone is used to them. They’re always sitting. They should be making gourds. Lazy asses.

Really? Not much of a glowing sea if you only need one. They’ve obviously never really been to south eastern mass.


Yeah, I didn’t get rid of all the chairs, because I saw people sitting in them. I had this irrational fear that happiness would plummet if I removed all the street seating.

They’re doing pretty well with the tables and drink stand, though. And the jukebox nearby…it’s not your disco ball fountain, but it’s a thriving meeting place.

I did put a disco ball in the boat shed at Egret Tours Marina. Place needed some pepping up.

I might have been able to use two vials of serum if I’d remembered to take it as soon as I got to the sea. I wasted a bit of time on Rad-X and RadAway before I remembered “wait, I’ve been saving this magical anti-radiation potion for 3 weeks just for this occasion!”

Thanks, Lorenzo! It worked like a charm.