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Spoilers about whether or not you can get married in a church; also very minor spoilers for the Big Dig quest


So I took Cait to church, and the dude was all talking about the robot wedding but didn’t give me a chance to marry Cait. Should’ve known. Straight marriage is FINE even if it’s a robot/human thing, but gay? What do you expect from someone who looks and sounds like Ben Carson?

But Cait did say “Is this a church? Wow.” and smiled at me, so maybe something was edited there. It sure FEELS like you should be able to get married. Ah, well. Probably WAS a feature. DLC!

So then I decided to grab MacCready (as I have “Continue Traveling with MacCready” as a quest) and hunt trophies. Got the “put a grenade in someone’s pocket” one, felt guilty, reloaded, kept the trophy. Then saw one was “Kill five giant creatures” and, while I don’t know what a giant creature is, I figured the Swan must be one, so I went and killed the swan. It’s either not a giant creature or I still haven’t killed five cuz no trophy. And I was tired, and JUST when I thought I would have no themes I searched the swan’s hut and BOOM so I hit save, content I’d have a place to start.

So we talked about embracing/resisting the “otherness” when we’re faced with it, a la Vault Tec Rep, Hancock, Winter, Virgil, etc. So here’s the swan. Did you read the swan’s notes? Someone did something to him, and, at first, he wasn’t happy/confused (“what did they do to me?”), but his LAST note was “I AM SWANN!!!!!” Acceptance. Even pride. And then he took chunks of the boats and made himself into something, made himself into the swan.

But here’s the great part: did you catch the dude’s name? Before he became SWANN? “Edgar Swann.” He already WAS Swann.


Brings into focus that mutants and ghouls WERE human, that synths are made to BE human…..etc. etc. etc.

We can start there. Not bad for a say spent trophy mucking.

Also finished first half of Broken Age. Great, great game.


Dude, I’ve never even SEEN the Swan. I skulked by the pond without disturbing it last time I was around there, about 30 levels ago, and haven’t had occasion to go back. I think I heard about it somewhere, maybe a load screen, or maybe just you and Mr. O’ saying it was tough. I’ll go there sometime! I swear!

So…uh…yeah, about all that themeage. Good points! I heartily agree! I can add nothing!

My thing that I did that will provide no discussion points because you haven’t done it, is I went and got Mel out of jail so I could follow up on the Big Dig. Which I am currently in the middle of. And once I’m done I’ll go see if Hancock will travel with me (maybe we’ll go check out the Swan!).

Oh–and I went to talk to Preston, and it turns out I didn’t make up the note about him idolizing me, I just hadn’t gotten the perk yet because I had to talk to him first. Which I was hesitating to do because I was afraid he’d give me another settlement quest, which of course he did, but he also told me how important I was to him, and how me showing up and helping people had given him a reason to live, and moving personal stuff like that. See, I AM making a difference in the Waste!

Also, ROMANCE! Interestingly, when I raised the possibility of romance he was about the least flustered of anyone we’ve ever romanced. I mean, he seemed a bit taken aback, but more like “oh, I didn’t realize you felt the same way!” He also said he thought I was still in love with my husband, which is interesting because no one else has ever mentioned that (possibly because I pretty much never mention it myself). Then I could have said “you’re right, I am still in love with him,” or “I love you,” or “let’s try it.” I went with “I’m willing to give it a try if you are,” because going right for “I love you” when he JUST reminded me about the husband who was murdered in front of me 6 months ago seemed a bit dismissive.

But anyway, I’m one step closer to EVERYONE MUST LOVE ME. Thanks for the tip, man!

Then I went and grabbed MacCready, who I figured would be more chill about a jailbreak than Garvey, and as I said, we’re doing that whole thing now.

Sucks that you didn’t get a nice wedding with Cait, but you can imagine you pledged your love to each other in a sweet moment there. Screw society’s conventions! YOU know you’re together.


Crap. Thought you had done that.

It’s a lot less scary with a Wounding Combat Shotgun. But even with that, it’s a toughie, I won’t lie. I also needed three bottlecap mines.

Does getting Mel out close doors in DC? Is it a good idea?

Garvey romance: Let’s try it. Ha. SUCH a ringing endorsement.

I STILL think they were going to have a wedding scene and didn’t. I mean, they had a marriage bit in Skyrim. Indeed, it was one of the better bits of Skyrim, with all the other NPCs there, etc. One would think that with a) a chapel that b) had a wedding and a c) pastor that keeps commenting on same and d) WEDDING RINGS in your damn inventory that this was a feature they were planning on having, a la Skyrim. But no. Seemed edited, it does.

But yeah, we know. Just don’t tell Piper. Or Curie.


No worries about the Swan. I know it’s there…the Swan Pond is on my map, so I did wander past it. I’ll go back! I will! With some mines and a wounding combat shotgun.

I think that getting Mel out of jail COULD have closed doors in DC, if I’d gotten into a gunfight about it. Which I thought I was going to have to do, but actually didn’t. So as far as I know, I’m still OK there for now. Of course, we haven’t actually broken into the stronghold or whatever, so once we do that, doors may close. I think I’ve done the major stuff there, so I’m prepared to lose access to Diamond City, although of course I hope it doesn’t happen.

It really does seem like they were setting things up for a wedding. Odd that it wasn’t actually an option.


But my grungy love nest is in DC! Nothing says honeymoon like a windowless warehouse.


Yeah, it would suck to lose access to Home Plate. Not that I ever go there, but I like the idea of having it. Somehow my room in Vault 85, my bunk on the Prydwen, and all the beds in all the settlements that I could lie down on just don’t have the same sense of being MINE.

But I could get another companion out of this! Another person to looooooooooooove meeeeeeeeee!!!!

You can see how I can’t let that chance slip away.


A druggie ghoul?

Dude, that’s worse than Garvey.


I’m sure he has noble qualities. You have to look BEYOND the drugged and deteriorated exterior, to the gentle (“I’ll shoot you on the street in a second”) heart beneath.

I seek the good in everyone. So I can force it to love me.


If that’s not a t shirt, what is?