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Minor, vague spoilers for Hunter/Hunted


So I killed the courser in Hunter/Hunted, helped the synth, and then visited Virgil again (more on that in a bit), and then decided I needed advice (more on that in a bit) so I “traveled with MacCready” and killed mutants and got killed a lot at this place called Gunner’s Plaza that I feel I may have to shoot up later, and found a thingy for Hayden and killed some ghouls for the asshole BoS guy who I am SO not doing anything else for and then MacCready talked about his kid so off to med tek research, which was easy to navigate as I had been there before. That’s where I am now.

I wish there was a dialog option for “oh so YOU’RE the one with that password? Shit, you COULD have told me!”

So I suppose you know the advice: the three “optional” talk to BoS, RR, Minutemen. Does one close the others off? What did you do?

I just locked up, man. Choices! Fucking RPGs.


Yeah, MacCready and Med-Tek and that damn password. “You didn’t think to mention that while we were killing everything all through here the LAST time we were in this place?”

No. He did not.

I’ve had to go to Gunner’s Plaza twice for ‘escort the scribe’ missions (“so the first scribe didn’t get all the information off that computer? No? Siiiiiigh…”), but otherwise I don’t think it’s been required for anything. Perhaps later. I’m told there’s a lot of game left.

That choice…yeah, you can only talk to one of the groups about it and build the machine with them. However, picking one to work with on this project does not mean the other ones will refuse to work with you on other things. I’m still in good standing with all three, even though I built the machine with the Minutemen. I’m sure there’s a later point where you’ll have to make some choice that will close out options to work with some of them, but this is not that point.

I decided to build it with the Minutemen because they seemed the least committed to an agenda regarding the Institute, and therefore the least likely to react badly or pressure me into some specific course of action. I mean, no one LIKES the Institute, but the Railroad and the BoS have very specific antipathies towards it, and I didn’t want to give the impression of committing to one of them, by asking for their help (not that I couldn’t have changed my mind later, I’m sure). I’m still trying to walk the middle ground as much as possible, and the Minutemen seemed the closest to that.

Also, ALL the choices are ‘optional,’ so I think you CAN just build the machine by yourself and not talk to any of them about it, although I didn’t think of that myself.


At least I wasn’t with MacCready the first time at Med-Tek. I was with Piper. Though it does make me wonder what they’re all talking about when they’re all drinking at Sanctuary. You think it would come up. Couple dirty wastelanders, Piper prying as she does, MacCready MIGHT bring up the place, his son, you know, and Piper COULD mention “Hey, my babycakes and I were there a ways back…..”

Who knows. Maybe they’re all just spending their time avoiding Strong. Or maybe the fact that half of them are named “Settler” makes it hard. Maybe it was something like “I hear Settler is screwing Settler.” “Settler is my husband!” “No, not THAT Settler, SETTLER!” but by then it’s too late. Doesn’t lead to chatting.

Of COURSE there’s a lot of game left. Though now I have Uncharted, and it’s sitting there, all shrink wrapped, and there’s nothing like a shrink wrapped game to make you impatient.

Ok, good, though, glad this isn’t the point of no return. I was worried it was THAT point, and I wanted to consult. So when the hell is THAT point? So many quests….

Eventually we gotta say fuck it and go forward. We have to. There’s no way we can do everything. There just isn’t.


Settler is nothing but trouble. Not THAT Settler, that one’s great, that Settler with the…never mind, they’re all trouble.

I don’t know when the final choice point is. I’m staring at another possible one right now (so rather than decide, I went off to finish the Big Dig and recruit Hancock), but even that is probably not the big one. If for no other reason that this game will never end.


Settlers are all trouble. And they chew through ammo.

Which is why I’ve outfitted as many as I can with melee weapons. Bunch of gourd farmers carrying nothing but long johns, maybe one metal right arm, and a furious power fist. Who WOULDN’T want to settle there?

Someone has Pickman’s blade in Sanctuary. I’m sure the ones with the power fists all laugh at him, and then he goes back to his bed, under his cat pictures and says “Soon…..soon they will know…..”

OK: just did MacCready’s bit. Saved a kid. Mad me feel good. Still no MacCready perk.

Then did the Randolph safehouse 3 which sent me to……Dunwich Borers!

Which killed me so damn many times. Even in my NEW upgraded shroud armor (poor Kent in your world).

Until I realized I have a…..wait for it…..QUICKDRAW FAT MAN!

Death from above.

But I’m back underground. Again.


Quickdraw fat man! SWEEEEEEEEET. But yeah, Dunwich Borers is a beast. Why is everyone so dedicated to protecting that damn place? I blame unholy powers.

I’m trying to play, but after cleaning (you’re right, that’s a fool’s game) I fell asleep for like three hours, which cuts into my time.

I’m trying to find non-choicey things to do with Hancock, just so I can bum around and get to know him a little without committing to anything, but…I’ve kind of done everything.

Except the swan, apparently.


Dude there were like 200 raiders, TWO in power armor.

The Quickdraw can launch TWO mini nukes in one full AP round. That makes baddies go. Away.

But I don’t need more quests. Enjoy Good Neighbor, Hancock. It’s all you. I have no reason to go back now that Kent’s out of upgrades.

I think Kent’s just a perv, cuz each time he upgrades, I take the old set off. Perv.


Hey, Kent’s got to get some enjoyment out of life somehow.