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Minor spoilers for the nearing-the-end storyline where you build the thing to get to the place


Well, through bad choices and accidents, we are playing something differently.

So because I didn’t want to commit to a specific faction re that machine, I was doing the Randolph Safehouse bits, Dunwich, etc., I mentioned that. So I finished that last night, then got “report to Desdemona.” So off I went to Desdemona, who wouldn’t talk about that, because she just wanted to talk about the machine. I TRIED not to talk about the machine. I did. I kept ending the conversation, trying again to talk about Randolph, but no, and then I finally hit the triangle question prompt which was “Virgil’s plans?” and then that was it. Completed: Talk to the Railroad. And THEN she was all “Oh, and thanks for Randolph, here’s 200 caps.”

So anyway, guess the Railroad’s building my machine. We’ll see if that matters. I haven’t done it yet.

In my fear of commitment, I went to see Elder Maxson seeing if he would be all “Hey…I heard you accidentally did that thing with the RR, want to reconsider?” but no. Indeed, he wouldn’t talk, and I got a prompt that said, rather cryptically, “Return to the Brotherhood after you have used the signaling device.”

Um, ok, I will.


Yay for difference! Even if we only do it by accident. We’ll see if anything significant happens as a result.

And hey, better the Railroad than the Brotherhood. Plus, if you wanted maybe you could switch to their side after you use the signalling device…since you’re supposed to return then.

I didn’t end up doing much yesterday. Helped a settlement and took care of a couple of Quartermastery/Clean up the Commonwealth missions for those BoS people in the Cambridge Police Station, just for the sake of traveling around with Hancock and hoping to find out what he likes, but…meh. He expressed no opinion about anything. At least he didn’t object when I picked locks. Strong’s disapproval was SUCH a cramp in my style.


But you’ve done it, right? Built the thing? Or are we at the same place?


Oh yeah, I built the thing. Then I went to the Institute and did a thing there. I’m maybe one and a half or two steps ahead of you right now. But still not committing to a side.


And, thus, still not at the end. And you still have 92 quests, don’t you?


Actually, no–I was trying to find non-main quests to do with Hancock, and I really don’t have any left except the repeating help-settlement/escort-squire stuff. I’m kind of at a point where I should really be following up on the main story, I just don’t want to make choices. Don’t make me pick sides, damn it! It’s contrary to my long-term goal of making everyone love me!


Wow. That would suggest a light at the end of the tunnel……

I bet Hancock likes drinking and chems. Do a few huffs of jet with him around.


I did some chems–no reaction. Maybe he’s over it all now.

Haven’t tried drinking, though.


Maybe he just knows it’s too damn crowded in your heart. And your town.

Oh, this is the next best thing to modding and LOOK:

Sexy Codsworth!



Hancock has had time to hear about my many other loves…assuming his spies are as efficient as everyone else’s in this game.


That and how everyone in Sanctuary was all “SHE’S MINE!!!!” before they even introduced themselves. Except Garvey. He just sulked.

Why the hate on sexy Codsworth? He’s ALL exoskeleton!


I loved him the way he was. He didn’t need creepy legs added on. You don’t have to change for me, Codsworth! I accept you the way General Atomics and RobCo made you!

You know I’m telling the truth, because you KNOW I would have romanced Curie in her robot form if I’d had the chance.


Hey Curie got the chance to get sexy. Why deny poor Codsworth?

You probably do wish Curie would go back to being a robot, don’t you?


I want her to be what she wants to be. She’s happy now, so she’s perfect. I guess if Codsworth WANTED legs, I would support him, but he’s never suggested that so I don’t support other people imposing their own leg-having physical ideals upon him.

Maybe he liked hovering, damn it!