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Some more minor spoilers for building the thing…to get to the place… Also for the distress call that leads to Fallon’s Department Store, and some vague mentions of other distress call locations


Well, I WOULD have something awesome, cuz I WANTED to use the gizmo, but it didn’t go well.

So I talked to the dude, and I had to get a biometric scanner and a relay somethingorother. So I went to the relay place and a hospital. Milton. Where I got lost before. And I got lost again.

On that, when the map says [CLEARED] this is a LIE! A DAMN LIE! Bad, BAD lying map.

But get the things I did, so I went back to where I’m building it, which is Outpost Zimoja up there in the north, cuz Railroad, remember? Which is small, and cluttered. And the gizmo is big. And it took FOREVER to figure out how to fit it in. Then Jessica was all “It has to be on the same grid,” and it needed like 729 power and I haven’t been DOING that settlement, so I needed ceramic to build 927 generators, and on and on.

So how I have this massive thing, enough generators making enough noise to attract every mutant in New England, and so much wire (I was GOING to get it on the same grid) that you can’t move around, but it’s BUILT.

Didn’t have time to use it.

Though potential difference: Desdemona pulled me aside and talked to me about an agent called “Patriot” who’s been helping synths escape. I’m supposed to contact Patriot with a holotape. This ring bells?

But that’s all I got. Stupid lying map. Stupid attach wires.


[Cleared] is such a lie. Inevitably I go back to somewhere that’s reassuringly marked ‘cleared’ and it’s swarming with things that hate me. Again.

But you got the things! And built the gizmo! Your situation is a bit different, indeed: I built mine in Sanctuary Hills and just stuck it on the foundation of a house I’d scrapped long ago. Like you, I had to build about three big generators, and use miles of wire connecting everything “on the same grid,” but it’s all rather conveniently set up in an area where there wasn’t anything else going on. There are such ridiculous amounts of room in Sanctuary.

I didn’t hear anything about Patriot helping synths, but Sturges (the Minuteman scientist who helped me) did give me a holotape and say “can you use this to get some data from the Institute mainframe while you’re there,” so probably each faction had a slightly different spying-type request. Possibly all involving a holotape.

I did the thing, and then later when I talked to Elder Maxson (about what I thought was an unrelated matter), he brought it up (spies! spies everywhere!) and asked me to get the tape back from Sturges so the Brotherhood could use it instead. I was like “mehhhhh…” and haven’t done that yet. Not sure I will.

As for what I’ve done lately…remember I said I wanted to get to know Hancock, but didn’t have any real quests left and should really just pursue the main story? Well, obviously that means I went back to the Glowing Sea to poke around some more. Hancock should love the Glowing Sea! Radiation is nothing to ghouls!

He doesn’t seem to feel any particular way about it, in fact, but I found several locations I hadn’t discovered before (Sentinel Station Prescott or something? A crashed airplane, a radio tower, etc.), so that’s valuable XP and exploring time.

And he did start to tell me some of his backstory, which included the awesome lines (about how he became mayor of Goodneighbor) “we didn’t even have to fire a shot! Didn’t have to…but we sure fucking did.”

Dude. While I personally would probably have taken the opportunity to not fire a shot, I kind of like your style.

So my plan is to continue exploring the Glowing Sea until I’m sure I’m out of locations there, follow up on the distress signals, etc., and maybe that will make Hancock think I’m amazing enough to idolize, and THEN I’ll pursue the main story.


Lies lies lies. And they’re in the same place they were the last time. I’m sure that the raider I surprised in that little room over there was thinking “Wait…how did you know I was here?” And I shook my head sadly thinking “Deja Vu, dude. Deja Vu.”

About the gadget, yeah, you know where is NOT a lot of room? Zimoja. Not. A lot. At all.

But that’s ok. I don’t want that thing messing up my vibe in Sanctuary. I mean, I’ve cultivated such an atmosphere, you know? I don’t want people chilling, watching some TV (I put a TV in my bar), telling jokes with beer bot, and having Settler the barkeep have to be all “Hey, you see the game? Let’s talk about the game instead of that terribly dangerous gate to hell.”

Hmm. Interesting. Yeah, I’m supposed to put it in a terminal (any will do) and then wait to be contacted, cuz Desdemona doesn’t even know who Patriot really IS. She just knows that he’s helping and will contact them if I use this holotape.

I’ll keep you posted. I’m sure it’ll come up. If I ever get playing time.

Ok, if you find something in the Glowing Sea called “Derelict factory” or “Abandoned Factory” or something that’s, like Virgil, off the map (it’s by Virgil there) could you PLEASE tell me what exactly the fuck I’m supposed to do there? Cuz I walked around it forever before giving up.

I didn’t find a radio tower. Anything good? I did find that airplane. And the evacuation center/abandoned cottage that saved my ass. That was interesting.

Good plan, though! There might be a small, minute, wee chance that, for once, for a fleeting, rare moment, we’ll be in the same place in a story in a game.

But probably not.


“It’s as if I’ve done all this before…killed all of you already…why are you even here?”

Yeah, Zimonja is among the less roomy of the settlements, for sure. But I respect your desire to keep Sanctuary clear of complications.

And no, the Glowing Sea is just magpie-ing for me right now. Checking out the neighborhood, you know. There are three signals near the radio tower…one is a distress call, one is a mayday from the crashed plane, and one is “unintelligible signal” (so THAT sounds promising!). Some opportunities to find stuff…kill things…make Hancock love me…


Where is that? I love distress calls. Seriously. They NEED me man. Or did, 200 years ago.

Didn’t have a choice re zimoja. They told me to do it there.


Yeah, I think the Minutemen basically said to build it in Sanctuary. I wonder where the Brotherhood would have told you to put it? Maybe the Airport? The Prydwen doesn’t seem very likely. There’s a location at the airport that I still haven’t been able to get into…maybe that’s how you get there.

The radio tower is quite near the crashed plane in the Glowing Sea. A bit to the east, I think. Go to the crashed plane and scout around a bit and it’ll show up.

I actually kind of hate distress calls, because they needed me 200 years ago and now all I can do is listen to their despair and think “maybe you at least have some good loot.” I basically track them down so I can turn them off, because I find them…distressing, one might almost say.


But themes. They have themes.


They do. Crushing, miserable themes.


Like the woman in Fallon’s. Locked in there with everything anyone could possibly need. Except water. In a jewelry counter! When you have it all, big deal. I found that very effective theme wise.


Yeah, that one was tough.

And did you find the couple locked in the container in the junkyard? The idea of surviving a catastrophe only to be trapped and dying in your place of supposed safety…


Well how about the serial killer?


Pickman? Or is there another serial killer I’ve so far missed?


I think so, but don’t quote me on it.

Way back when, the first distress signal I found I think, was these people in a train car who were all “He’s right outside…” then a scream. It wasn’t about the bombs. I find it, and there’s bones all chopped up in a bin except the skull, and two caps, which I remember cuz I was like “that’s it?” Not a body with clothes per usual.


Have you been reading OTHER stuff in the police terminals? Does the “Nuka Cola Killer” ring bells? Cuz it seems like the police were investigating a serial killer who left two caps on his victims’ eyes…..

Cuz I found another victim of a distress call that was the same way…..

Wonder if it’s going someplace.


What are the odds, you get murdered by a serial killer right before the world ends? Talk about people obliviously going about their business, unaware of what’s about to happen.

“Seriously? You’re going to kill us and chop us up NOW? This is your priority?”

Yeah, I remember reading about the Nuka Cola Killer, but don’t recall having heard any distress calls about it. Interesting.