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Spoilers on the identity of some Institute informants, and the nature of Mayor McDonough


I got nothing. I played a bunch of Broken Age with the boys (great game, good themes) and then my hands were tired.

You’d like Broken Age. And not only can you run, you can double click at the end of the screen and just go without actually having to walk there.

Your kind of game.


I got stuff, but mostly can’t talk about it. I did poke around the Institute some more. Found the list of informants you mentioned. Trashcan Carla? Now I don’t feel so bad about having robbed you. Ha. And Doc Weathers…and pretty much every caravan person you could meet…I mean, whatever, I guess you can’t blame them for needing caps, and everyone’s afraid of synths so they’re basically just performing a public service by turning them in.

Also very interesting about Mayor McDonough. So he IS a synth! He has a backstory with Hancock that makes this particularly notable, although of course it’s not as if I have the option to TALK to Hancock about it. “Hey, I just learned something about…never mind, you wouldn’t be interested.”

Too bad I repeatedly failed to remember to download Broken Age when it was free. It does sound like my kind of game.


Yeah! Trashcan Carla! She’s been sitting eyeing Curie all this time! That Bitch! I wanted to kick her out! But no. This is Bethesda.

So “can’t talk” means story. Getting close? Cuz I had this feeling last night while I was playing Broken Age: I was happy to be playing something that wasn’t fallout. Not that I don’t love Fallout, I do, but I am starting to want to play something else here. Soonish. You know, there’s been a lot of this. And now it’s spring, leaves are coming out, things feel fresh and new, I have Uncharted……


I feel like…yeah…things could come to a head here soonish and the story could actually end. Maybe. Within the next several hundred hours.

With or without me walking into the sunset with synth-Shaun and my five lovers.


Sigh. Gotta admit my heart sank a little, a small little little, when there were all those people to meet at the Institute.

It’s still fun, it’s still themey, it’s still good, but it’s getting on time, here.


We probably should have made it to the Institute a while ago, when things were still fresh and new.


Yeah. All the same, at least we have a plan for the next thing. Uncharted! April’s free games suck so that’s good.